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  • fairytale | yoongi
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    you lied. weren't we supposed to have a happy ending together?

  • Fanfic Yandere Namjoon Gang LeaderXjin
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    Jin-what do you whant and what are you doing ? Namjoon -what do I whant i whant you and im claiming what's mine princess Namjoon look at me with insanity in his eyeshe start getting closer and closer I was so scare that I didn't move An inch our faces were so close and the unbelivable happen he kiss me it was soft bu...

  • Yandere!BTS X Reader
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    ⚠ WARNING ⚠ This book contains explicit, gore, mature and triggering scenes. Do not read if sensitive or minor. Ah, who the hell am I to judge? I'm 17 and I come up with messed up stuff. No, but seriously,read at your own risk. Special thanks to @softuwuhours__ for the cover

  • Texts (Namjin)
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    RapMonster: ;) PrincessJin: who the fuck? RapMonster: I the fuck

    Completed   Mature
  • Blogger \namjin/
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    Jin is a blogger. He created his own website and runs it daily. He posts about pretty much everything, food, puppies in teacups, Kim Namjoon, etc. Who is Kim Namjoon, you ask? Kim Namjoon is one of Korea's top producers and rappers. Jin is his #1 fanboy. He writes appreciation posts about him, keeps updates with what...

  • The Line Up
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    Come here, and vote on which book I should continue/write next! Fae Harem Hitman Arranged Test Me Seven Save Me Hybrid: Jungkook Bias Intern Sticks and Stones Siren Catch Me if you Can Teach Him The Boyfriend Hotline Gay•ish Butter Me Up

  • I'm Not Your Slave || Park Jimin FF [completed]
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    Park Jimin FF || Short Story Freaky BTS SMUT~

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS BoyxBoy Oneshots
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    I wrote these all like a year ish ago and just found them. Some aren't too good but at the time I never thought of publishing them. Anyway, enjoy. (Please message me if I have used any of your prompts or something because I wrote these a while ago under the impression I'd bever post them so I may have stolen some prom...

  • BTS Dark One-Shots {On Hold for Requests}
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    Letters were carved within her skin. Blood bubbled out, trailing red tears along her skin. She was in shock. Too much shock to comprehend. Her skin stung like a million ants had bitten her. He entered the room, his eyes full of something. Lust? Anger? Madness? She wasn't quite sure. "No . . ." she murmured, watching...

  • bipolar一 j.hoseok
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    like turning off the light° @taehyungs- 2016

  • Sadist•JJK•
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    What would you do if your love of life says. . . . . . "I love you but I love hurting you more" ~~~~ 'Dear diary, 12 December 2016 It hurts....' ~~~~ Most chapters will be in a form of a Diary Entry. Some chapters are EXTREMELY short while others are comparatively long. ~~~~ A Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction🧡 ~~~~ Started...

    Completed   Mature
  • Terrorists - BTS (Purge AU)
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    What happens on March 21, 7 o'clock P.M, to March 22, 7 o'clock A.M? All crime is legal. Every medical and protection services go out for 12 hours. No rules... "'Careful,' he said in a low voice in my ear, causing me to shiver. 'Don't anger the beast.'" ~~~~~ PG-13 No smut. That's not how I roll. A Par...

  • KookHope BTS Choose Me
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    Jungkook, a singer from a famous group called BTS. Hoseok, a waiter who works in a cafe is a fanboy of BTS, especially he adores Taehyung. What will happen if these two boys meet?

  • demons | seokjin |
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    " they came out to play. " cover photo not mine. creds to owner. [√] completed.

  • sugamon - voice。
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    au! suga and jimin as mute brothers. just a reason for me to write sugamon fluff ig- leave a comment on what you think!!

  • Mpreg With BTS
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    Mpregs with BTS featuring Yoonmin, Taekook/Vkook, Namjin, VHope, Yoonseok, Vmin, and Jikook. I'm so so so so so so so sorry that I missed Vmin but it's added now. If you don't know what a Mpreg is I would suggest to look it up before you read this. Update May 16, 2018 This book is on a temporary pause it'll be back so...

  • Baby ; bts x k.nj
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    He's just our baby, a complete mess♡ ♡161211 All Rights reserved for @-babycak shitty fanfic

  • "Bathrobe" -jikook✔️
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    "Why are you standing in front of my house at 2 in the morning wearing a bathrobe..?" "To seduce you" -complete

    Completed   Mature
  • Together with KIDS?! (mpreg)
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    Namjoon is the Principal of the school and has a 17 year old daughter. Jin is a teacher and has a mute 5 year old son.

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    "We both had the test going and it's positive. He's pregnant and I'm the daddy."

  • Girl to a boy ( jimin x BTS )
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    sssoooo I have no idea how this story is gonna go either but it's something like this - park Jimin is a girl ( I know it's confusing but just imagine our chimchim being a girl at first k ) who is just fed up of her life , but one day, she wakes up to have changed into a boy and in a totally different place , her...

  • Untitled
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    A collection of bottom Yoongi smuts. Please leave comments so I know if you're enjoying them! Also please point out mistakes if you find any, Im awful at editing lol.

  • Bangtan One Shots
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    A bunch of BTS one shots. There will be gay. I guess smut too? YOu could request straight, but I forgot how to right straight. Requests, yeah. Read if you want, they might suck though

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    A bunch of fluffy YOONMIN stories [Book Cover made by @Taeclipse- 😘]

  • Yoonmin and Taekook One-shots
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    A special book that doesn't just have Yoonmin oneshots but also Taekook. Their my two favorite ships and I don't see that many Taekook stories so yay ships! Enjoy!

  • My Omega, Your Alpha [|Yoonmin|]
    261K 10.7K 38

    When a young werewolf, Son to the Alpha of a supreme pack presents as an Omega, and is hated by his own father he runs away. He finds a new life somewhere else. Will he choose to stay there?

  • 21st century boys
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    Y O O N S E O K. "i'd show you a beast, but he's trapped in my pants."

  • BTS × BTS One Shot
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    Whatever BTS ship you have you can check this book for a one shot of it. Ex: Vmin, Jikook etc. Some might contain smut some may not.