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  • Paraluman - j.k
    10.4K 840 4

    Jennie just wanted to graduate peacefully from Kampion University - but when in her first day someone already claimed her as their 'girlfriend', it felt she couldn't escape it even if she tried. [G!P Reader x Jennie]

  • Sanctuary | Jenlisa
    30.3K 1.3K 4

    [COMPLETE] They met each other when they were young and had a bond that lasted for a lifetime and beyond. But promises and soft kisses under the moonlight weren't enough to prove and fight for their love. It took a lifetime for Jennie Kim and Lalisa Manoban to finally figure it out. A JENLISA ORIGINAL AU

    Completed   Mature
  • Amidst the Misery
    24.7K 689 13

    my love, i have never gotten over the consequence of you, i don't think i ever will - Jennie and Lisa. Inevitable and inseparable. Until they weren't. After four painful years and an ocean apart, Jennie gets a second chance at a first love with Lisa. OR exes reuniting after some time and distance and extreme pining. O...

  • Flower GirlㅣJENLISA
    11.7K 847 17

    butterfly effect [𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯] -small gesture or action in the present that can generate significant results in the future Jennie finds out that a single bad decision at a young age is able to so easily ruin her life for years on end in worse ways than she can even begin to imagine. She has never thought that somethin...

  • Rea/Dreams/lity
    6.4K 240 7

    Collection of Jenlisa One Shot stories.

  • Queen B
    426K 21.2K 55

    Transferring to Belvoire University, Thailand native student Lisa Manoban looks forward to being able to have a new start at the exclusive University. But arriving, she soon realizes that not all is what it seems. Defined by family backgrounds, the campus is ruled by a system in which the rich students rule while the...

  • uncover
    9.5K 142 3

    jenlisa one shots. title from "uncover" by irene & seulgi