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  • I like my sister best friend ( a lesbian story)
    87.8K 1K 4

    Amorie started school with her sister in the middle of the year. She has no friends, partly because she's a lesbian.  she has had a couple girlfriends here and there but nothing serious, that was until she met her sisters best friend sarah.

  • Holding Onto You (boyxboy)
    2.3M 89.4K 44

    "So you're blind?" "Yes" "Well just so you know, I'm hot." Hunter has been blind since he was two and has been home schooled all his life. He has grown into a very optimistic blind 17-year-old boy and hates violence for a very good reason. It's his final school year and he wants to go to the school his twin sister He...

  • Lay Me Down (Short Story)
    16.7K 1K 1

    Sam had expected to wake up alone, but he didn't. (LGBT themes).

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing The Scars From The Past (BoyxBoy)
    691K 20K 13

    Lucas is a lonely boy.. bullied in school, deserted by his best friend & his father pretends he is dead. Will he able to heal the scars from the past when suddenly his best friend wants to talk to him again? Or will he find love and acceptance from everyone?

  • I Bet I Can Make Him Smile (Boyxboy)
    534K 21.1K 52

    *BEING REWRITTEN! BETTER VERSION IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING IN MY STORIES* Storm Miles is a seventeen-year-old boy who lives alone with his little brother Luca. Storm is legally Luca's guardian but sees them as brothers most of the time. By the time Storm was four he had to learn to take care of himself while his pare...

  • MikaYu Love Story
    142K 4.5K 12

    Yu lives in a tiny wolf hunting village close to the forbidden forest. Yu wasn't a hunter though because he loved wolves. Yu meets a wolf in the forest when he ventures inside to find flowers for his mothers grave. He finds that the wolf is injured and helps him but the wolf bares his fangs in defiance not wanting a h...

  • How to love a blind boy. (Boyxboy)
    4.6K 154 10

    Blue Jackson was a electric green haired boy. Only sixteen. And going to a new school in a new place. He wanted nothing but to be running away and go back to the home he had new every inch of by heart. Follow the journey of him becoming accustomed to his new home new school and new surroundings.

  • Bullying the emo
    483K 16K 24

    Ally is your everyday typical emo but he's bullied, he's alone and he's somewhat broken. He only wants to end his life and he had tried many times but failed. His bully,levii then began to treat him nice,care for him and protect him. Ally didn't understand why he was doing this,was he playing with ally,was it a bet.Al...

  • Dirty Little Secret (emo boyxboy)
    790 29 1

    Zach Embers had it all, the looks, the girls, the talent. He was the star basketball player at his school and had the hottest girl at school to do his will. But will all that change when his attention gets distracted by the quiet little emo kid that doesn't talk to anyone? Zach finds himself plunging into a new world...

  • Ticci Toby/Ben Drowned
    1.5K 50 1

    I'm just pairing two of my favourite Creepypastas together. Don't like them? Then don't read this story. Oh, and if you like Clockwork, don't read this story too.

  • Maybe Love Is Reachable *TicciDrowned*
    6.8K 202 4

    Ben and Toby knew each other, before they became insane. But their love was one of the things that made them insane. Slender says it was for the best, but is Slender right? Their Love Tore Them Apart Once, Are They Ready To Love Again? Maybe Love Is Reachable? Cover is made by me from two pictures from askme-ticci-to...

  • Loving in silence
    253K 10.2K 15

    Being deaf is not nice,its not normal .Being deaf and in love is just ridiculous, being in love and know that someone won't love a deaf person is just hurting yourself. Thats what Casey thought

  • Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)
    73K 2.4K 6

    Ryder Luimay is now to be alpha in a few month after his birthday since he's brother refuse to be and leaves the pack. He's openly gay and everyone knows except his parents. He only has until those months to find his mate which he believes will a girl, but what will happened when he finds out that his mate is no other...

  • Nerd vs. Jock (BoyxBoy)
    115K 3.5K 19

    ☆☆On hold☆☆ Cole Lewis is the normal gay teenagers that so happens to be a nerd with a sister complex. After he and his younger Katelyn hear about their mother getting remarried they have both decided to move back with their dad in Fork, Washington. Sebastian Chain is the next Alpha in line to be the leader of his pa...

  • The End for Now
    66.1K 1.9K 7

    A collection of moments from the lives of two high school seniors who are struggling to leave the past behind as they prepare to leave for college.

  • Jesse (boyxboy)
    190K 10.3K 29

    Austin, the school outcast, has been having visions for as long as he can remember. They're always important. He's saved countless lives by preventing disaster. But when he starts to have visions of Jesse Wilde's dark future, Austin has no clue when it comes to saving him. [boyxboy] DISCLAIMER: I was 15, thirsty and v...

  • The Graveyard
    618K 21.2K 45

    After having an ordinary life in California, plunging into a dark world of supernaturals bound to drive him insane wasn't something Corbin Iverson had expected when he moved with his family into a house with an unclear past. With his life suddenly on the line, things appear to be seldom all they seem, hidden secret...

  • There's a Rebel in My Bed! [✓]
    2.8M 82K 28

    #2 in the "There's A ...." series He's a bad boy, I'm an angel. He carries a knife, I carry books. He loves violence, I love Pokémon. So how did he get in my bed? What will it lead to and who will he kill when it comes to the light? The dramatic and compelling sequel to There's a Jock in My Bed! Cover by @LoveInsanity

  • My Stupid Heart
    405K 16.8K 30

    (BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?

  • What You Should Of Told Me (BoyxBoy) *ON HOLD*
    766 50 3

    Liam is often confused about his thoughts and feelings. It doesn't help when Tristan, a friend of his brothers boyfriend, won't leave him alone. Tristan is persistent and is definitely not the type to give up. Will Liam give in and agree to one date? Will he like it so much that he agrees to another? And what will ha...

  • My Best Friend Is GAY?!? (boyxboy)
    320K 9.2K 8

    Cabe is the guy that every guy wants to be, and every girl wants to be on top of. That's my best friend.The guy I'm proud to say I've known since the first grade when he kicked a soccer ball at my face because I said I liked The Hulk better than Superman. And now he's staring dreamily at another guy while he stands o...