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  • Her Bodyguard
    10.9K 259 21

    "Do you not understand? I am here to protect and care for you. I will not let anything happen to you, or let anyone take you away from me. NO ONE." Welcome to the new America, year 2037. A group called The Nameless that resembles an international gang becomes a threat. Another group named Protection Over Victim's (P.O...

  • Broken
    80.8K 2.9K 45

    Ryder Meyers is like a porcelain doll. Lifeless, and made of glass that could shatter with a snap of a finger. Sitting on the shelf, collecting dust, and waiting for someone to pick him up, and show him admiration, to brighten up his world of black and white. But nobody does. So he just lays there, helpless and hopele...

  • A Silent Love
    286 45 10

    Mason lived in a small apartment with his ill mother, playing music in the subway to scrape in some money for his mother's treatment. He's sold everything besides a few pairs of clothes and his beloved guitar. When he played the guitar, it was like magic. Anybody who heard him stopped and listened, completely entrance...