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  • Think Again (When You Stop Freaking Out)*Captain America*Daredevil*
    12.3K 603 7

    Steve Rogers thought that seeing aliens raining from the sky would be the craziest thing he had ever seen and nothing would top that. Matt Murdock, on the other hand, was pretty sure he would never see anything again - after all, he had been blind for the past two decades. Looks like they both need to think again. Th...

  • Wolves, Witches and Ghosts
    440 30 5

    Danny's portal accident leaves him with ghost powers, and a whole new world of the supernatural to struggle to fit into and understand. A Phic Phight attack using Cyroclastic's Mythological AU prompt, where Sam's a witch and Tucker's a werewolf.

  • Plastic and Iron
    1.1K 69 5

    Connor's visual processors initialize and he finds himself somewhere he doesn't recognize. His systems say that he is currently in Queens, New York City... 2014. Connor must keep calm and adjust to his new situation in the past, and possibly another universe. He's determined to find a way home to Hank. The new deviant...

  • Sewer Rat
    271K 13.9K 27

    Dick Grayson was never the 'Justice' type... Nor was he the 'Revenge' type. He was neither hero or villain Good or evil. Right or wrong Held right at the epicenter of gray areas and blurred lines. He was just the messenger of information, An information broker and hacker by the name of Rat.

  • Our babysitter is a Ghost (Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom fan fiction)
    151K 4.9K 37

    ****Third place in Gravity Falls Wattys Awards****** Danny Fenton(a.k.a Danny Phantom) is half ghost and half human.He hunts ghosts and sometimes ghosts hunt him.He only wanted a relaxing vacation instead he had to babysit some mystery twins. They get into almost as much trouble as he does. Dipper and Maple Pines...