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  • WattpadPoetry Guidebook
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    ⇾ Undergoing revisions. Please direct any queries to our DMs. Thank you! Here you will find all the information to help you navigate the profile and to get an overview of everything going on and how it works. You'll find everything you need to know about WattpadPoetry poetry, this profile, the ambassadors behind this...

  • Bloodrayne
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    Two vampire sisters are thrown away from their worlds into another and are to learn to survive in our world

  • Uptown Funkk
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    Funny, classical, a story of a young girls life in the late fifties to the late sixties. Its zoan might as well talk for myself, shut up author

  • Necrominders.
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    Story of creatures that develovep from being mindless zombies to people with intuition and willpower and a little bit of bloodthirstiness, after all they are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myth & Legend | Contests
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    Contests and challenges hosted by Myth and Legend.

  • ChickLit & Women's Fiction | Contests
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    Challenge yourself to write something new and discover ChickLit! Please note, the following contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and is in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff. Judging of said contest is entirely run by its creators and is not the responsibility of Wattpad or its staf...

  • Jokes Jokes n' More Jokez | ✔
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    A compilation of jokes by moi. ~ I find all these jokes funny, if you don't, well, your loss. Plus memes on every chapter. Trust me, you'll laugh! ~ These jokes are not mine. I saw them on the internet and decide to share them. Full credit goes to whoever made them. 2nd Place in The Sunset Awards

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    Gemariah had it good. She was a free spirited young lady bursting with vibrant color, the ground she walked on was worshipped. But all that ended when disaster struck and turned her perfect world upside down. Now she must learn to live in a world different from hers and stand out while trying to win over a brute h...

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    All he ever wanted was to run young, wild and free but being a slave never allowed him too, until the perfect opportunity brought that to his doorstep. This takes place in a small village called oye.

    165 21 10

    Persephone had always felt, different,odd and out of place. But that all changed when a simple reading exercise turned into a fight for her life and a blow to her heart. All she needs to do now is to embrace the difference or die trying. Book 1 of the dynasty trilogy. Hibuba- persephone's story.

  • Happily Ever Forbidden
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    Love, the only thing that keeps the world revolving and also the only thing that Magi ever regretted having.

  • Love is Once Upon a Time
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    It was at Nneka's 16th birthday party that she met Mike. It was a Christmas holiday to remember. Sneaking off to the mall on weekends to catch their favorite movies and play video games at Rufus & Bee. The pair became a couple few months after and faced the trials and struggles of being a new couple in a new environ...