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  • Promiscuity
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    "Well bitch nobody told you to fuck with a pornstar!" She heard her best friend smartly say to her as they sat tied to two wooden chairs bound at their ankles and wrists. "The dick was good...we all drunk a lil dumb bitch juice for some good dick." She responded to her best friend in the same tone that sh...

  • gas station.|2tgs&b.
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    gas sta·tion ˈɡas ˌstāSHən/ noun. an establishment beside a road selling gasoline and oil. warning. do not inhale too much of the gasoline products containing toxics.

  • you make me this way
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    he had issues. she had issues. he had secrets. she had secrets. sometimes connecting with someone is more powerful than the human species gives it credit for. sometimes it can be too much. something new to touch can be hard to let go. but something new to touch isn't always easy to hold. easy love...