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  • REDEMPTION : Cassiopeia's Tale ( BOOK 2 )
    159K 4.2K 22

    My Eye gazed into his cold one; Unlike, every other time, now they held some strange emotion in them- I knew what it was for I had felt it for a long time too- it was love, but now, I felt nothing. The numbness had already devoured me in, his unsaid rejection had already shattered me. The pain, the betrayal- everythin...

  • Always With Me (Book 2)
    489K 14.3K 18

    She had loved him for years, but he hadn't loved her enough. Now Damien must prove to her that instead of never being with her, that he will always be there. The continuation of Damien and Leilani's love affair from 'Never with Me'

  • Never with Me (Book 1)
    1.3M 41K 29

    For five years, Alpha Damien Blackstone has been committed to his chosen mate, Rachel Smithson. She was everything he had ever dreamed for and wanted in a mate, and he had chosen her. But Leilani Storm is his true mate. He knows, and doesn't care. What happens to your soul when your mate loves someone else?

  • The Kings Secret
    118K 4.1K 27

    Jamie has lived alone in solitude for five years. She's got a growing yearn to meet her daughter who's grown a lot within these lonely years. Once Mercy turned three Demitri stopped sending her photos and letters. Only Helena visits her and was forbidden to give her any photos of Mercy. She decided to leave her home i...

  • A Mate's Unrequited Love
    19.4K 699 24

    "You knew we were mates before?" I questioned him. "I had a hint, today just confirms it."He replied casually smoking a joint. "Why didn't you say anything?" "Because I don't want to be with you." "What-" "I, Deimos Veron Ace reject you Harper Nina Davidson as my mate and Luna of Red Atlas Pack." *** Harper Davidson...

  • It's Too Late
    890K 25.1K 58

    He rejected me, all my life I have dreamed of my mate and our lives together. But he rejected me, I knew my fate, I knew his. He could survive, I would not,but I had to try. #4 in Vampire 20/06/2021 #5 in Broken 08/08/2021 #9 in Werewolf 12/08/2021 #1 in Pregnancy 20/08/2021 Thank you to GoldenFaither for my cover I l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Omega
    563K 20.9K 35

    Highest ranks were #1 in Werewolf 2021 and #1 in Beta The Ring had been made over 100 years ago. It was a way to keep the werewolf population up by having 20 females and 40 males participate every year. Now Adalyn has been chosen for it. Her abusive ex decides to join the party and hunt her down inside the Ring. Can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Discarded Luna
    170K 5.1K 33

    Alexandra Guthree was born sick. With a fragile werewolf body and weak bones, she was bedridden for most of her childhood, only able to shift momentarily. This inability to move soon blossomed into a love for her room and so she hardly left it, missing out on townwide holidays and training. When she was finally well e...

  • Rejected for another
    116K 4K 12

    Every werewolf dreams of finding their mate. Some can go a lifetime without finding the other half of their soul. Tabitha is the Betas daughter and not only finds her mate, Daniel, the next Alpha but is rejected by him for another. Heart broken and miserable, Tabitha tries to rebuild her life that doesn't include her...

  • A Love Like No Other
    890K 25.8K 22

    Charlotte Leclair was asked to do the biggest thing known to werewolves; let her mate love another. "I would give up anything in the world to make him happy, even if that meant letting him go..." WARNING: Mature themes and content. Read at your own risk. Property of Princess4ever ©™

  • Clayton
    2.2M 5K 4

    2016 Watty Award Winner for FEROCIOUS reads. Sample only. This book is PUBLISHED! How do you tell yourself not to breathe? He is my mate, and she is his everything. But he chose her, against every single instinct that we both know. For that, I have been whipped, shunned, shamed, disgraced, and broken. All for one mom...

  • Nothing to Gain (Watty Awards 2013)
    660K 22.4K 36

    Primula is tormented by her family and pack members every day. From the day she was born they beat and tortured her for something she could not control. The Only thing Primula has ever known was brutality. When she met her mate, he shattered her dreams by rejecting her. When the supernatural community, including Rogue...

  • Howl Silently My Love
    724K 9K 34

    On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of the Cerulean Pack discovers a well kept secret, a little girl born and hidden. Maia grew up with not many friends but her dog Ryder and nothing to di...

  • Heart Break
    242K 10.3K 10

    Well after the year she was supposed to go to the palace to find her mate, Kathleen finally arrives. Only, she's a chaperone for her younger sisters. By a twist of fate, with Kathleen run into her mate who she knows has finally move on?

  • My Sickly Mate
    146K 4.5K 10

    Ava was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time in her life and at age nineteen, she feels like she can't escape the pain. The pain from her family. The pain she goes through. The pain of her desires she has never experienced always on her mind. The pain of possibly living a short life. The pain of dying reoccu...

  • Sunk into Depression of Abuse and Rejection
    323K 7.5K 36

    Daisy Jenkins is a werewolf who gets abused and ignored by her brother, the alpha, and pack. when it comes to her 17th birthday she finds her mate and her mate is the school's jackass. so he rejects and she is sunk into depression. she goes from a natural looking girl to dark. when she feels the pain of her mate wit...

    98.7K 3.2K 11

    Have you ever thought that maybe all Alpha males aren't that bad? That maybe they don't reject their mates just to be assholes? Or no. You just assume that because the girl tells the story one way, everything she says is the truth. Well some of us aren't assholes. Some of us don't reject our mates just to hurt them...

  • What You Do to Me
    742K 20.8K 34

    Tiana has always been the oversized one in her pack. She is being bullied about it. After all what werewolf is fat? Her parents spoil her because she's their only daughter. She can't cook, clean or wash the dishes properly. On her Sixteenth birthday, she met her mate. Cole Russel, the next alpha. He rejects her call...

    Completed   Mature
  • The rejected kidnapped mate (completed)
    285K 5.7K 24

    I Mason Carter soon to be Alpha rejects Lillian miller . Those were the words Lillian never wanted to hear in her life. Lillian is a 16 year old, quiet girl who is still waiting to find her mate. That day she finds her mate everything seems to go wrong. She gets rejected at school, and runs away in the woods getting k...

  • The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}
    1.6M 51.3K 43

    Have you ever felt like an outcast? A person who society has turned their back on? If so then you will know exactly how Bianca feels. She was banished from the only life she had ever known as the Alpha's daughter. She went from being pampered, respected, and spoiled to the town reject in a matter of one night. Th...

  • Lyra
    1.2M 19.2K 12

    ****** Deep in the woods, where even the strongest of men feared to enter, lies a pack built upon the omission of a history that started it all. There she lived, naive and hopeful. Her saccharrine smile and gray eyes, a beacon of hatred as she was shunned by her own people. Lyra, a she-wolf of beauty and innocence ha...

  • Rejected By The Alpha Prince
    8.3K 236 5

    Every single Werewolf in the world has their other half even if their gay, lesbian, straight whatever. What happens when Celestia Forest finds out her other half was The Alpha prince of all werewolves. What happens when he regects her as his mate only to find a huge secret that makes her valuable. What will he do?

  • Bitter Sweet Love
    128K 2.6K 11

    DISCLAIMER: This story is not finished. It was written while I was in high school. Therefore, the story is not edited very well and filled with plot holes. I will keep this story up for those who wish to still read it, but it will remain incomplete. Thank you for the support. "Loved?" I ask, trembling. Understanding...

  • The Broken One - COMPLETED
    1.3M 34.9K 33

    She's broken. That's what they whispered when I returned home to my pack. I found my mate when I was fourteen and we'd been dating for a year. I loved him and he loved me, they way it should be. Until I was taken. At the age of 14 I was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave to one of Russia's deadliest men. But when I got...

    Completed   Mature
  • Framed
    41.8K 2.6K 7

    "Ruth Blackwell," Elder McLoughlin spoke. His deep voice thundered across the clearing like thunder. "You stand before us, your pack and your family, accused of murder. We, the Elders, have found you guilty of this crime." Ruth had her life, her family, everything she ever dreamed of just ripped away. She spends year...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Pack of Lies
    67.6K 3.5K 10

    Hope McNaff is a fierce laoch and everyone knows it. When her uncle, the alpha, agrees to have her sent to an ally pack, her life is set to change. No one knows that her mate chose her cousin. No one knows what she's going through. Will the change and the truth about who she truly is, help Hope see that she was meant...

  • Tora's Sacrifice
    240K 9.1K 19

    I used to think that losing Nate to my whore of step-sister was the worst thing that would ever happen to me in my life. I was wrong. I used to think that he would let me go and let Slater and I prosper with our child. I was wrong. I used to think that losing my child was the worst thing that could happen to me, tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Mate Rejected Me
    226K 6.7K 20

    "I, Nick Jay Royal, reject Tiffany Anne Gate, as my mate." ~ For Tiffany, life was never easy. Having a mother who loved you but then having a brother who hated you, and on top of that the whole cliche school disliking...

  • I'm Dying, Mate.
    1.4M 7.5K 8

    18-year-old human Iona Blackfield is dying with cancer. In her last year of living, she is saying goodbye to her werewolf uncles, but they weren't going to let her die just that. All their hopes rely on her having a mate, but little do they know the two of them already rejected her --Currently, editing and going throu...

  • A Burning Rejection
    3M 87.8K 30

    {Completed} Jessie Brown once had a normal life, a normal family, friends and a pack. But a hurricane swept over her life and completely turned everything upside down. She's been left confused, alone and down right angry. The night of Jessica's sixteenth birthday was supposed to be the first time she could connect wi...