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  • Hold Me (Jercy)
    36K 947 6

    Jercy AU. Percy is 16, Jason is 17. Sally is dead (hehe). Percy has some ear piercings and a nose piercing, cause I can.

  • ❄️Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Glaciem❄️
    105K 2.8K 8

    The cold is not a power to underestimate. I should know. I had to suffer the pain of becoming someone else. And all those who inflicted this pain upon me are in no position to try and worry about me. They don't care. I can't trust them. The cold is trustworthy. Nothing ever changes. ~*~ I have decided my original of G...

  • Scientific Love (BoyxBoy)
    89 6 3

    With an IQ of 139, Alex Thomas has a bright future ahead. When he graduated high school as one of the smartest in the nation, the government snatched him away to lock him up in one of their facilities to make him one of their top scientist. Being beaten and threatened throughout the years he has lost all contact with...

  • Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓
    686K 40.7K 24

    Rudy Sampson hates a lot of things. He especially hates his job and the new guy that works there. Right up until he doesn't. This is the tale of how Rudy and Miles fell in love. (BoyxBoy)

  • Snowball (BoyxBoy)
    522K 5K 5

    Leon is a werewolf, a beautiful white wolf. But he isn't strong like all the other wolves of his pack. He is a disappointment to his parents and to all his superiors. So when he finds his mate, it is not a big surprise when he rejects Leon. Leon gets kicked out of the pack because of his depression and lying. He gets...

  • Dreams (boyxboy)
    5.6K 182 6

    Jayden seems to have the perfect life. His family is very well off and he is one of the more popular kids. His father comes home for the week and something goes terribly wrong!

  • He's My Dork [boyxboy]
    1M 30.7K 21

    [Love Square Spin-Off] Openly gay Collie Archer has it rough. With few friends, homophobic parents, and a twin brother dating the guy he’s infatuated with, he’s going through a lot in his life. But Collie has been secretly talking to college boy, and slight dork, Misha Redner for a few weeks, finding himself becoming...

  • The Love Square [boyxboy]
    782K 30.7K 29

    Outgoing Anthony Andrews has been verbally and physically abused by the homophobic Colin Archer for five years. Ant endures the torment, deeply infatuated with Colin and dreaming of Colin one day returning his feelings. But to Ant’s dismay, Colin is head-over-heels for the pretty Emma Redner. Enter Collie Archer, Coli...

  • A Little More than Just Friends
    1.2M 42K 20

    [BoyxBoy - Completed] Jake and Lee are two very close best friends who spend most of their time around each other. Sometimes they like to mess around, have a little fun. But at the end of the day, they're both two straight teenage boys, right? Wrong. After the smallest kiss of kisses happens between them, Jake and L...

  • Matthias
    298K 13.9K 25

    Matthias and Devin have been bestfriends for as long as either of them can remember. When Matthias's drunken one night stand ends with the school's head cheerleader pregnant, he gets stuck with more than he bargained for. What happens when the baby turns out to be three babies? Will Devin be able to put his secret fee...

  • Snake Eyes [boyxboy]
    1.6M 47.3K 32

    Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World War 2, his constant zoning out, and being openly gay in a homophobic society, Mark has a lot on his plate. When Maxx Falcone, the boy Mark had crushed...

  • Harry's Awakening (a boyxboy Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    70.4K 1.3K 9

    After his godfather's death Harry begins to rebel against the people of Hogwarts leading to a friendship with a supposed enemy, family he never knew, new powers, a new look, a new school, and a possessive veela. SLASH, H/OMC, creature!Harry

  • Just Another Gay Love Story
    548K 13.6K 18

    Austin was a normal 18 year old boy who went to a school. He had a step-mom, step-brother, A dad, and a little sister. On his first day of school he meets a boy named, Nathan. Just as he's about to go hang out with Nathan, his brother comes on to him.

  • Boys, Boys, Boys.... [boyxboy]
    525K 7.3K 40

    Something strange is happening to Aiden Gray...he's afraid he just might be gay. Even stranger...he might like his best friend, Simon Fault. When Junior year rolls around, Aiden battles himself as he meets different people, starts doing sketchy things, and doesn't know quite what to do with himself...

  • Finding Mr. Perfect's Flaws (boyxboy) *Completed*
    927K 23.5K 26

    Hey, I'm Zachary. This story may not have a plot or any real reason for being up on this strange website, but it's my story. Me, with all my problems. I tried pretending to be straight, but I couldn't. Many people came into my life - Collin, the perfect quarterback who may or may not be gay and who I am obsessed with...

  • Me or that B!tch? Choose one will you?! (BxB) {Complete}
    144K 2K 26

    It's a love between two guy who thought they were straight.. But turn out they are homosexual. The worst part is when one guy's girlfriend found out that those guys were kissing... She made their lifes a living hell..Literally.... Will they fight for their love? Or one guy choose to have the girlfriend back to save th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alive-Not by choice (boyxboy)
    73.2K 1.6K 7

    Coming out for Jaydon Doyle, wasn’t easy. All his friends turned his back on him and his already abusive father dislikes him even more. Unable to live with the isolation Jaydon took his life, only to be brought right back again, without his choice. Sent away the ‘Institute for the depressed and disturbed’ without his...

  • Do You Like My Hair ? [ Boy x Boy ]
    21.3K 527 8

    What if you suddenly fall for the hot straight guy at school, but have no idea how to get his attention!? SO the first thing that comes out your mouth is " Do you like my hair ? " . Well Angel did that exactly , see he have's a crush on one of the hottest popular guy in school , but there's one problem , he's not i...

  • Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal ... [[ boy x boy ]]
    117K 3K 7

    "911, what's your emergency?" there's a serial killer on the loose. psychotic. he's sick. murderous. he's chosen me as his last victim. i'm the grand finale. i'm the last. i'm 252525/252525. but there's one issue ... my name is matthew gabriel monroe. my serial killer is in love with me. help.

  • Why Must We
    1K 28 4

    Ash lost his best friend. But his best friend left him something that may or may not make him happy once again. As well, Ash must face his childhood friend once again as a rival or something else. Gary is being really mean, meaner then he was when they were younger. But yet, why is he always around Ash now. Also what...

  • Tell Me Why (boyxboy)
    932 25 3

    Being Freyne Ashford is not easy.His whole life he was bullied.Maybe because he had a small body, maybe because he was just too cute,maybe his redhair which would be a stupid reason or maybe because he was gay, he will never understand. The same way he never understood why he fell inlove with Blaze Averly. The guy who...

  • Black Ink | Percico One Shot
    503 37 1

    Nico is sick of everybody having different symbols on their wrists, so he decides to leave the camp. But he doesn't know his soul mate is right there.

  • Anime nerd and the jock (boyxboy)
    76.1K 3K 7

    Uri is a 15 year old boy, who is openly gay, he is an outcast for being a gay 'ugly' nerd on the positive side he is actually incredibly cute if he loses the glasses and keeps his hair out of his face, a jock named Tristan bumps into uri at school and his glasses fall off, Tristan sees the cute side of uri but at firs...

  • Lean on Me
    3.8K 117 1

    --NICO DI ANGELO X PERCY JACKSON-- Gaia is finally defeated, her children scattered to the wind, the quest over, and the world returned to the semi-normal state that it was to begin with. Percy is surrounded by even more friends than before, Roman and Greek, with little time on his hands for much else; the expectation...

  • Annabeth Stole My Keys (Jercy)
    131K 3.4K 9

    Despite Annabeth knowing how the night could turn to a disaster, she forgets to check her pockets before fleeing Jason's house. Now she's stranded Percy at Jason's house and, knowing Percy's luck, tonight would be the night he broke. ~~~~~~~ This was originally going to be a oneshot. But I can't leave anything alone...

  • Alone Together [boyxboy]
    697K 38.2K 24

    Alexis was raised by a loving family- until he was disowned and abandoned at the age of 15 for being gay. Alexis and his 4 troubled friends live together in a house, doing what they have to in order to get by. Alexis's source of happiness comes from Micah, a 5 year old boy he found alone on the streets and took in. Jo...

  • Dangerous (BoyxBoy)
    2.8M 108K 50

    *** COMPLETED *** Sixteen year old Daniel Layman has been bullied since he came out. His best friend and protector Sean, moved to Los Angeles leaving Daniel to fend for himself in Oklahoma City. Along with trying to survive every minute of hell at school, Daniel also has to walk over five miles everyday through the da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meeting A Bad Boy
    1M 37.2K 21

    Erik Henderson has a 4 year old daughter that he has to raise. On his own. Being a single dad, and being gay was not the easiest thing in the world. Paige's mother, Tillie, had been Erik's best friend, and when she died giving birth- He almost lost it. But he pulled himself together and now he had a beautiful little...

  • Tattoos and hair dye
    97K 2.9K 12

    Percy was bullied at school and abused at home. He was known as the socially awkward gay emo kid of his school right next to his cousin nico and best friend thalia. Jason was the hot jock. He was the star quarterback with a cheerleader best friend and he was madly in love with the schools emo badass. Ships: Jercy (duh...