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  • Our Little Secret [IKON FanFic]
    33.3K 940 13

    Naomi Alexa Lee has finally been able to audition into YG Entertainment as an idol trainee, and she has never been so excited to start a new, different day. As part of being a trainee under YG Entertainment, Naomi meets the other trainees and idols inside and eventually creates a good relationship with them all. Or at...

  • Imperfect [iKON Hanbin's Fanfic]
    4.2K 158 8

    "Imperfect" Choi Eanna wants to be famous. But after her first few auditions she begins to lose hope. They tell her she isn't skinny enough. She's too young. She isn't perfect like they wanted. She tries everything in her power to be perfect. Eventually the stress is too much for Eanna to bear. She is slowly losing...

  • Be Mine? | Kim Hanbin
    126K 3.3K 38

    Maybe? we're just not meant to be ; hanbin [Start: 30/5/2015] [End: 22/12/2016] -tbhjimim

  • Evolution | ikon - Hanbin |
    7.1K 127 7

    F.EI was YG's little secret, and he surely surprised them all with their sudden appearance at one of iKON's performances for Mix & Match.

  • "All smiles, Hanbin"
    15.9K 522 11

    Just a normal girl like you and me, she fell in love at first sight with a guy named hanbin. Once seeing his smile, she could never forget it. Since then, she has been writing songs to him and for him, but not daring to send him a word. One day she decided to send a song, not expecting anything. But she was about to g...

  • My one sided love life [iKON's B.I]
    110K 2.9K 20

    You, Park Chaeyoung is already miserable enough to get bullied in school because you are new and your parents set you into an arranged marriage with your childhood friend who gave you cold shoulders. Will he start to to fall for you? Or will he keep giving you cold shoulders? You as Park Chaeyoung B.I as Kim Hanbin i...

  • My idiot, Kim Han Bin!
    7.2K 222 6

    Kim Han Bin a.k.a B.I. Also known as the 2nd GD because of his talent in writing songs. He is the leader of a very hot rookies group named iKON. B.I is crazy and likes to playing around with his fellow members but serious when he's on stage. He is a bit immature but sometimes scary. He is a song-writer. He gives cold...