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  • When Hybrids Show
    401 16 2

    Liana continues her journey, but rushes back to help the legendaries when a new problem rises. ---- Second book in the 'When Legendaries Show' series.

  • Forbidden (Umbreon X Espeon)
    1.7K 43 3

    This is a Pokemon love story. It is not at all like the pokemon game. It is way different then that. As you can tell it is a Umbreon X Espeon. Unbreon (the boy) is falling for Espeon (the girl) but there packs are sworn enemies. So, see how far secrets can go, and how far love will take one.

  • Uchiha's Pride [Complete]
    548K 16.2K 24

    Sasuke meets a girl who called him her father. How would Itachi react and most of all How would Konoha react,?

  • Aura Guardians in Fairy Tail?! (Discontinued)
    2.5K 89 7

    Whats happening to Gray? Why is he getting strange dreams from a mysterious woman and telling him to protect her family? Team Natsu notice this and there gonna get answers out of Gray. Meanwhile in the Pokemon world, Ash and his friends are going to Pallet Town to visit Delia and Aaron, Ash's birth father from the pas...

  • Betrayed..
    222K 2.8K 30

    Ash wins his 6th league in a row. (Considering that Alola doesn't exist.) Which meant that Ash won every league. He and his Kalos gang goes back, only to get a nasty surprise....

  • A Wizard in the Ninja World? (Fairy Tail/Naruto Crossover)
    230K 6.8K 24

    Elina Scarlet, the Mighty Titania's little sister, Erza Scarlet. A wizard like her big sister and a member of Fairy Tail. Her magic is the same as Erza but she can only wear her armors at the age of 16 since they all dont fit her yet, she is 13 years old after all. She also learned Ice Magic from Gray since Elina thou...

  • Umbreon And Espeon
    15.5K 299 11

    Just a basic enemy falling for enemy kind of thing.

  • Fairy Tail Eeveelution
    161K 3.9K 48

    Elena is a Pokémon trainer who wants something better in life. Being the champion of the Kalos region was fun at first, but now it's just a burden to her life. She wants something more than just beating every challenger that comes in with her Eeveelution team. When a mysterious Pokémon appears to her and takes her to...

  • Minecraft Diaries Roleplay! (Public Roleplay)
    252 3 2

    Hello! This is my public roleplay for Minecraft diaries! My other one is mainly with people I have known for a while so I apologize if I did not accept your character last time!

  • In My Arms | fangle | under editing
    31K 985 31

    (tw: description contains self-harm, bullying, death, and a small mention of drugs) "Woah, look at her eyes!" "What a freak." "Is that even normal?" Mangle held her head in her hands, breathing slowly. She wished they would all just be quiet. "I heard her dad died and her mom's a druggie." "I heard she doesn't even ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected(N & Touko Fanfiction Pokemon)
    34.8K 624 8

    "I will never love N! Even if I'm forced to marry him! He will never be a companion or an ally to me. He will always remain the evil king of Team Plasma, I don't care if he can talk to Pokemon and act all kind to me... He's nothing but a freak and a person who steals lives off not only Pokemon but people. He will neve...

  • Umbreon's Love Story
    7.8K 158 13

    This story is about an Umbreon and Espeon that fall in love please don't hate or i will report this is my first ever story so sorry if it isn't that great

  • In Love With The Darkiness (Umbreon X Espeon)
    40.1K 410 25

    Two eeveelutions, umbreon and espeon, in love with each other. They fought there from team plasmas grunts, and met a few other Pokemon's. Soon, their love turns into hatred by espeon's jealousy from a eevee. Sadly, umbreon becomes badly injured from a horrible prank they did on espeon. The sunlight Pokemon stays with...

  • Wayfinding Berk
    17.7K 948 19

    It has been four years since Moana had restored the heart with the help of Maui, and once again she's out on the sea. This time though, she's mapping out islands. One day, the ocean comes to them and beckons the two wayfinders to follow it, leading them across the sea to an island crawling with strange winged creature...

  • Umbreon And Espeon
    6K 113 8

    Umbreon is in Nightclan but one day his mom and dad or found dead in the leader den but will they found out who it was? Forest Is The Umbreon sister She is making her clan to kill off the clans. But will they stop her? Now there is a Espeon in Sunclan now she love the Umbreon in Nightmare but will they live and be hap...

  • Journey Back In Time
    201K 7.3K 20

    How did mama and papa meet? What's the Uchiha massacre? ..Who's Itachi? When curiosity gets to the best of the Uchiha heiress, she's presented with an opportunity to travel back in time to meet her parent's younger selves- only to discover that Sasuke and Sakura had been keeping a lot from her. What will Sarada do wit...

  • Minecraft Diaries RolePlay (With Friends)
    10.8K 33 5

    I got this idea from JanetSilver! ((Hope I got that right!))

  • Heart of Ice {Jelsa WITH A TWIST!! } //On Hold//
    26.4K 649 24

    Elsa's whole world changes when Jack Frost appears at her window one night, at first he seems like nothing but a cocky little kidnapper, but as she learns more about him, she realizes she doesn't want to leave him- or is it too late? Awesome Cover by -> @Insert_Cliche_Name

  • Plasma's Queen. (Pokémon fan-fiction)
    13.5K 329 9

    POKÉMON FANFIC!!!!!! My name is Touko White, age 17. I'm training to be the best Pokémon trainer in Unova. My two best friends, Bianca age 17 and Cheren age 18, are traveling around Unova with me and battling the different gyms. Sometimes we run into our friend N Harmonia age...

  • Crossroads (Touko x N)
    7.9K 208 7

    It's been 2 years since Touko last saw her long green haired friend, N. Now her and the legendary Zekrom have returned to the Ferris wheel where she and N became more than just rivals for the first time. A girl with a Serperior is there. What happens when they become friends and Touko finds out that Mei has a hidden...

  • The dragon ninja [DISCONTINUED]
    49.8K 1.5K 13

    Maya War is a member of fairy tail. She is a first generation universe dragon slayer. What if a vortex sucked in and dropped her into the naruto world? How will this affect team 7? Will she be able to get back or will she be stuck in the naruto world forever? Disclaimer: I don't own fairy tail or any of the characters...

  • Paul and Dawn: First Light
    417K 13.3K 78

    Paul, now 17, decides to return to the Hoenn region to capture a Bagon and raise it to be a mighty Salamence. However, he doesn't realize that right after arriving an annoying cretin Coordinator would bump into him right when he's setting off on his new goal. Dawn forcefully worms her way in Paul's plans in her quest...

  • We Meet Again {Ferriswheelshipping}
    54.5K 2.2K 38

    "White! You said you have a dream... That dream... Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! White! If anyone can it's you! Well, then... Farewell!" That was the last time I saw him, that was 2 and a half years ago... Ever since then I've been searching for him... And hopef...

  • Time Traveling To The Past [Naruto FanFic]
    73.2K 1.4K 7

    Boruto and gang somehow travels to the past. what happen when they meet their 'supposedly' dead uncles and grandparents? Read more to find out.

  • The Ideal Truth of Forever
    7.6K 149 16

    Touko White doesn't have the life of a normal sixteen year old. She is currently the Pokemon League Champion of Unova, the youngest one in the World at the moment. The press use this to their advantage and chase her around everywhere. She has to keep legendary pokemon Reshiram safe. Her mother needs help coping with a...

  • Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal ✅
    172K 1.4K 19

    When Ash comes home from competing in the Kalos League, he is betrayed by his closest friends and wants to prove them wrong. It is 5 years he and his true friends went missing and is invited to a world cup tournament. He goes by the name Ashura Knight. Will he prove the traitors wrong or is it true what the traitors s...

  • The Champion's Protégé
    48.3K 700 6

    A Pokémon fanfiction. AshxCynthia (Rayshipping) Despite Ash's loss at The Lily of the Valley Conference, Cynthia is impressed with his performance and decides to trains him. A year later, Ash must collect 8 special badges from the Kanto gyms so he can compete in a tournament to decide the Kanto Region Champion.

  • Wendy Marvell of Konoha
    52.3K 1K 20

    Wendy was accidentally transported to Konoha. What will Fairy Tail do to get her back?