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  • Adrienette/Marichat- best friends
    145K 4.1K 26

    In this AU, Marinette and Adrien have grown to be best friends, with Adrien having told her possibly his biggest secret; being Chat noir, the two see each other more often. But what happens when Adrien starts developing feelings for Mari?

  • A Royal Pain
    22.9K 742 12

    Marinette is a normal girl who lives a normal life. Except for the fact that she's a Parisian heroine called Ladybug who fights Akumas with her partner Chat Noir who has the fondness of calling her Princess in her civilian form. But what happens when the nickname is meant literally?

  • Miraculous Cruise
    76.7K 1.7K 4

    "Ships on a Boat" -multi ships \adrienette main/ NOT 100% COMPLETE (Not sure if I ever actually will finish this) Hawkmoth is fed up with waiting for his ships to happen. So he decides to akumatises Ms Bustier and turn her into 'the Shipper'. She goes undercover and takes her class on a cruise; a couples cruise. Adri...

  • ღ•Miraculous Ladybug Princess•ღ
    639K 13.1K 82

    Marinette's hiding two secrets not just being Ladybug but also being the Princess of China. So what happens when Marinette's class win a trip to China around the time of Marinette's birthday coronation. Read to find out... Start: 14/11/2016 Finished: 2/2/17 Updates: Daily! #1 In Hawkmoth #48 Miraculousladybug

  • Mistaken~ A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    2.7K 221 10

    "Chloe is Ladybug?!" "B-but it can't be!", Plagg squeaked.

  • Marichat AU
    5.9K 175 6

    The description is too long but basically, in this AU Chat Noir is the only hero and Marinette is like his damsel (but she still has Tikki).

  • Adrienette's Dark Turn
    247K 9.4K 23

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng, also the masked heroine of Paris, has been crushing on Adrien Agreste since he first transferred to their school. The mean girl of the school, Chloe Bourgeois, knowing this, decides to set up a nasty phone call for Marinette, successfully causing her to believe that Adrien is a jerk. Her prank...

  • ♡New Hero♡
    369 22 3

    What if Mari was never LB?! Okay Marinette and Sabine moved away when Ladybug and Chat Noir stopped Guitar Villain because her mom thought it was too dangerous to live in Paris. Marinette had a kwami named Lily who made her Renard Noir. Chat falls in love with her making a certain bug jealous.

  • The Day Everything Changed
    77 2 1

    What if Marinette died and she turned into a ghost well keep reading and find out

  • PROTECT:An Adrienette Story
    3.9K 153 7

    Adrien Agreste is a spy,he has been assigned to watch over Marinette Dupain-Chen,a high school student with the bluest eyes. He goes undercover in her high school and has a hard time fitting in,until she comes along to help him. I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS! HOORAE INSPIRED BY AGENGS OF SECRET STU...

  • The Reveal of LadyNoir!
    279K 8K 90

    Marinette and Adrien don't know each other's identities... yet. What could happen if they do find it out? Will they be formed into a couple? Or will everything go wrong? Will they fall in love? Or will they collapse their love? Read to find out! Thanks so much to every single reader who clicks on my story! FloraBug

  • The Pretty Girl And The Nerd (COMPLETE)
    106K 5.9K 27

    Adrien Agreste is the school nerd who everyone picks on, even his ex best friend Chloe. Now, he has no one. Until he meets Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A girl he met when Gabriel needed an assistant young enough to help with his new designed targeted at teenagers. Since her family is also rich, she's homeschooled until Adr...

  • Kidnapped ~ An Adrientte story
    8.5K 184 11

    What seemed to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon took a turn when the famous Adrien Agrest was kidnapped. When Marinette heard the news, she wanted to find Adrien. Chloé, Marinette's enemy, would do anything to stop Marinette from finding Adrien. Little did Marinette know, Chloé was the one behind the kidnapping. Mari...

  • Kwami Origin: Before The Miraculous
    43.9K 1.3K 41

    Plagg and Tikki's story of who they use to be before being a kwami. Tikki, a runaway princess and Plagg, a outcast street cat. Paths crossed as they are now under the mission to stop a demon that has been tormenting their lives. While meeting new friends to join there cause. My favorite fanfic I've done so far!! Disc...

  • Miraculous Ladybug- identity revealed
    3.6K 67 8

    When marionette identity is revealed and she is forced away to protect her family. Adrien helps her with shelter and food but finds it hard as his father begins to pressure him with more things to do and takes away from caring for his friend. With pressure comes responsibility, Adrien cracks and is akumatized into Cha...

  • Bullied By Him [Adrienette Au]
    966K 34K 62

    We all know bullies bully us because they hate us or want to embarrass us. Well...There's actually something else we're not seeing. Maybe it's because they are insecure? Or a lot is happening in their lives? Or... They want to get your attention cause... They love you? ||Adrienette Fanfiction|| No powers, no nothing...

  • See you again|An Adrinette Love Story
    18.5K 490 22

    THIS IS THE FAN FICTION VERSION OF SEE YOU AGAIN! I REPEAT THE FANFICTION VERSION! THE ADAPTATION WILL BE OUT SOON ❤️ *8 years earlier* "But Mari....I-i don't understand why do you need to go!" Tears were streaming down the young blondes cheeks. "My..My parents got a really good job offer in England! So I need to go...

  • My Best Friend's First Love
    200K 6.1K 18

    Adrien Agreste has never been to public school. Supposedly he should be getting his soulmate tattoo, but then, he meets Marinette. sorry, no heroes. •characters belong to Zag Toons•

  • Touch a soul
    10.9K 471 7

    Soulmate Pronunction: /ˈsəʊlmeɪt/ A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. In other words what Adrien is for Marinette. In an alternative world, everyone has a soulmate. They are easy to identify, the pair has an identical mark in the same part of the body with their soulmates name bel...

  • Only a Heartbeat Away
    49.1K 1.9K 12

    An Adrinette story in which Adrien and Marinette have to marry in order to save the Agreste Company. Will it work out? Or will it crash and burn? Or perhaps...the one that you have been looking for is only a heartbeat away. P.S. I'd definetely rate this PG-13

  • You're Too Late
    68.5K 1.7K 8

    Marinette gets akumatized. Does she regret it? Yes. Will no one save her except Chat? \\Chloe is still an idiot// I don't own anything. Just trying to have a good time.

  • Ladybugs aren't always lucky
    37.5K 952 10

    You all know Chloe right? (Sadly) well she's gotten almost everyone akumatized, but Marinette. Well what if Chloe embarrasses marinette in front of everybody, she'd probably get hawkmoths attention right? In this story she does so watch as I try and fail at this....have fun.

  • Adrienette: Pajama Party
    13.4K 419 8

    Adrien, Marinette, Alya and Nino were planning to have a pajama party at their school with the permissions of their teachers and principal. What do you think will happened to their secret pajama party? Will it turned out to be what they planned will be? (P.S: They didn't invited Chloe but Sabrina instead for the pa...

  • When we are Older.
    170K 8.1K 23

    'So if I grow taller than you, like this..' he pointed out his hand above her head 'You'll marry me right?' 'How bout' we see if the time actually comes, shortie?' she grinned at him and ran of over the playground with him chasing her. *************************************** Story based on Ceejles (Tumblr) AU for heig...

  • A miraculous baby tale
    93.3K 1.9K 13

    Marinette is starting to fall for Chat! But when things start to get good and her life is better.......she finds out she is PREGNANT!??! The worst part is, is that she is scared to tell her boyfriend Chat/Adrien! But her parents tell her they want to meet the father the next day after her parents knew! So she has to t...

  • A secret princess (an Adrianette fanfic) [Editing]
    125K 3.1K 26

    Marinette is the princess of the netherlands (because I don't wanna make France a monarcy, and didn't think of china when i wrote this) and she is really goofy, and are pulling a lot of pranks. One day, King Tom AKA her dad was done with all this, so he sent her to europe's best privat school, Collège Françoise Dupont...