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  • The Beast That Does Good (BWWM)
    315K 14.9K 32

    Olivia Hales was walking home from the store one night when all of sudden she gets kidnapped. The worse thing about it is that she gets kidnapped on accident and now the man in charge is saying that he might kills her instead of letting her go. What is going to happen to Olivia now? Ryan Lane sent a group of men to ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fake dating the Billionaire (BWWM)
    560K 27.4K 37

    Kelly Shine is 22 years old and has been struggling to get by since she graduated from high school. She couldn't pay her college funds so she had to drop out in order to get food on her table. Her dream is to own her own restaurant, but she can't get this dream if she doesn't have her business degree and if she doesn'...

    Completed   Mature
  • What do I do? (BWWM)
    257K 11.9K 41

    Jacey Hills is an 18 year old senior, she is smart and athletic. She has two best friends, but her two best friends never meant each other. Crazy, right? Jacey started growing feelings for one of the most popular boy at her high school. Let's see where her feelings will get her. "I'm Jacey and I have feelings...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Challenge.
    379K 14.7K 39

    Jasmine Mills is known as the school slut. She is friends with benefits with the school quarterback and has other side flings. She has one best friend who can tolerate Jasmine and her actions. All the boys want her and all of the girls hate or envy her. Jasmine gets what she wants when she wants no matter what. But wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Star-Crossed
    4.7M 151K 50

    "Take your clothes off." Alexander instructed. "W-What?" "Take. Your. Clothes. Off." I looked up at his green-blue eyes, absolutely startled by his words. It was so direct and stern, but created a pool in between my legs. Even if he had wounded my heart, I couldn't do anything else but take my clothes off for him. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • What Goes Bump In The Night (Book One).✔
    1.5M 27.1K 17

    Yearning for that dominance, that need to take charge, I shoved his tongue out of my mouth and inserted mines into his. He gripped my ass firmly. He groaned against my mouth, enjoying me as I struggled to take control of him. I pulled away. Reaching for the little clasp on my bra, I licked my lips seductively as I un...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Sweet Mistake" ✔ (Mafia Romance) - Yves Chanelle
    2.4M 146K 130

    (Book 2 of my mafia series)- Sex seems to have been created by the man, himself. Leader of the Italian mafia, god of sexual desire, and heart of stone to those who don't know him personally. All these best describe Leandro Enrique. Women are nothing but pleasure objects to him, that is until he meets his match. Until...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Dangerously Unusual" ✔- Mafia Romance (Book 1) [Editing]
    4.9M 274K 143

    Book 1 of my Mafia trilogy: <The first version (was deleted) written: 2016/2017. This (republished) version was written in 2017> He is crazy, but I can take it. "He just stared at me. No talking. Silence. I felt my blood run cold. He was as expressionless as ever. He stared at me like I was his next prey. Why th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Murder To Excellence
    647K 22.7K 31

    ‘Black excellence.’ Rose. Black. Twenty-two. Recent college graduate. Raphael. Greek. Twenty-nine. Extremely good-looking, wealthy and – most of all – cold. What was it? A compromis? An arrangement? More like blackmail. And now that he has her, will this relationship remain more like a deal? Or will actual feelings...

  • For the curvy|BWWM
    6.1M 224K 87

    "Why do you love me? I'm fat" I said as I looked down at my feet. "Princess there's a difference between fat and thick" he said as he grabbed a hand full of my ass. --------------------- Diamond Ryder is a 17 year old curvy girl. Her past is so messed up that she doesn't consider herself beautiful. She can't even look...

    Completed   Mature
  • Peach Kisses✔
    25.5M 198K 18

    NOTICE: First Three Chapters are free, and readable but the rest of the book can be bought online. Please follow @authorcr4vinz on Instagram to stay updated. And for any queries, "Don't Play Games With Me." He Whispers As He Pulls Me Onto His Lap. "I'm Not." I Bite My Lip. "Then Tell Me, Who You'v...

    841K 42.8K 50

    in which she's plus sized and he couldn't care less. ; copyright © tobi. 2016 STARTED : JUNE 21, 2016 FINISHED : MARCH 4, 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing to Lose (BWWM)
    6.2M 189K 35

    At age 25, Imani Forde doesn't quite know what to do when a house fire makes her lose everything that she has. She isn't sure how she will cope until she is offered a large amount of money in return for her taking on a job with the iciest human on earth. Handsome, intelligent and complicated are three words that can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Addiction (Interracial) || Book 1
    385K 22.3K 35

    Book 1 of Addiction Series: Twenty-two year old Karma Iñigo is a plus size woman, who loves to do many things with her life. She also has a little secret of her own that only a couple of people know about. That secret doesn't effect her to do whatever she wants. Karma is also the maid for Orlyndo Braune, CEO of Brau...

  • The Weird Addiction (Interracial) || Book 2
    170K 10.3K 27

    Book 2 of Addiction Series: In Sweet Addictions, Karma Iñigo has a bestfriend named Maryland Mascotte. When Maryland applied for a job at Braune Incorporations in Germany, she didn't expect the boss to be Orlyndo's twin brother. Maryland decided to try something new and challenging, so she went for it and got hired a...

    Completed   Mature