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  • The Ex Kim Seokjin 《BTSVELVET FANFIC》
    80.3K 2.9K 34

    In which two lovers unite back together and meet once again

  • My Richest Secret | Kim Seokjin
    471K 20K 32

    Kwon Han Bi had nothing to do with Kim Seokjin, the school's arrogant and conceited 'prince'. But they had something peculiar in common, they both keep their true identities as a secret for their own personal reasons. What will events turn out to be when they enter a school where reputation and dignity matter the mos...

  • · goner // kim seokjin ·
    71.8K 3.8K 15

    "i'm a goner. somebody catch my breath." based off of the song 'goner' by twenty øne piløts. warning: mentions themes that may be triggering such as self harm and suicide. lowercase intended.

  • Our Love Story | Kim Seokjin
    110K 5K 36

    ❝speak to me in tongue, in rainbows, metaphysics, in moonlight, in sun drops, in far, in rain clouds, in heat, in heart shambles, in love❞ #315 in short story {14/1/2018} ♥ copyrights© Our Love Story Ltd, 2016 cocainela°

  • You're My Princess~ - Kim Seokjin (BTS) x Reader
    12.1K 302 1

    All you need to know as that Kim madly in love with you...

  • letters to jacey ♡ kim seokjin
    1.1K 102 13

    dear jc, it seemed i was the only one who loved you. and i was too late to tell you. - missing you, kim seokjin.

  • Old Friends - Kim Seokjin x Reader
    7K 301 2

    This was requested by someone on my Quotev page, but I'm posting it here, too! This oneshot takes place at a BTS fan meet. Jin looks familiar to (y/n), but she can't remember where she's seen him. A long time ago, she was in an accident and lost many of her early memories. Will she be able to remember Jin?

  • Kiss | kim seokjin
    4.9K 145 5

    in which she's never been kissed, never been touched, but totally damaged by him. [ © btsayper ]