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  • Taste of Desire
    275K 1.1K 3

    Love and marriage has it's problems but for a couple truly in love their is one thing it should never have. A fire that can be distinguished. Remember to keep the fire lit and enjoy what you have because in the end nothing is hotter than a fire, love and passion that know no bounds.

  • Give it to Me Rough (MATURE CONTENT 18+)
    929K 5K 5

    “More! More!” I beg. My body craves this like a drug addict in withdrawal. I try to raise my bare hips to meet him, but the ropes dig into my flesh, rubbing and tearing the skin. “I don’t think you can handle more,” Thomas says. I whimper. “Please, Sir. Please give me more.” “That’s it, baby, beg for me,” he answer...

  • Whipped
    871K 11.4K 12

    Kat Karomakov is a successful stockbroker, born into an upper class household residing in the wealthy neighborhood New York County. Climbing the ladder from coffee courier to one of the six leading stockbrokers in the country was no easy feat. One celebratory party and several apple martinis later, she stumbles (quite...

  • Fantasies Of The Male Mind
    1M 3.3K 10

    As a married man I have noticed that men, women and couples need to add a little spice to the bedroom. Insert the Male Mind, some marital advice, a couple of hot fantasies and you have Fantasies Of The Male Mind.

  • Playing With The Good Girl
    365K 479 1

    What happens when a person needs more? Wants more? and a hot kinky time is what they need, crave and want. Let the sexual journey begin and find out.