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  • Fix You.//El Diablo x reader
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    You knew working at Arkham wasn't going to be easy. Add an attractive pyrotechnic guy, and you get the perfect storm. He was broken. And you were going to fix him. ((I don't own El Diablo or any other characters mentioned. Cover by Dipperx.))

  • Burned Alive
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    Message Board.

  • will you still love me even though I hurt many (El Diablo X Reader)
    25.2K 687 23

    so he don't die and (Y/n) meets El Diablo after getting out of jail and you to randomly meet because of bumping into him on the street and he offers to take you to a coffee shop......

  • Forgive My Sins
    5.1K 196 7

    (DISCONTINUED) After a long time of Diablo sitting and waiting hopelessly to be released from Belle Reve asylum, his cold memories of killing still Haunt him. The nightmares won't go away, and those nightmares are what he fears most. *NOTE: The character 'El Diablo' does not belong to me. The beloved character belon...

  • Suicide Squad-El Diablo
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    Meanwhile Amanda Sat at a small café sipping her drink. Spreading out the files among the men in front of her. She had big plans for the special prisoners that they had captured. "The last one was a hard one to catch. Her name is Circa. She wouldn't give us a last name. She is nowhere in our database, we couldn't...

  • Heart on Fire (El Diablo x Reader)
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    Let's pretend Mr. Fire Pants didn't die. (Y/n) was never the one to chase bad guys, or anyone with any criminal past. Yet here they are standing in front of a tattooed man with a bit of a heated past. Well here is yet another x reader but this time with El Diablo, (I thought he'd be good for a Fanfiction)