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  • Stereotypes [Min Yoongi]
    169K 7.4K 36

    Gang AU What you wear doesn't express who you are but sometimes it expresses exactly who you are. Dark clothes, hood up, timberlands and skateboard in hand. You wouldn't guess that Choi Eunhye was a prodigy ballerina from Seoul's finest dance school. A completely black outfit, piercings, tattoos and a hateful look...

  • My Mafia Boy ✔
    287K 7.9K 52

    Behind my successful fortune there is a crime. Min Yoongi fanfiction.

  • His || Yoongi x F Reader ff
    1.1M 37.4K 62

    When Y/n leaves her fiance, Min Yoongi, she doesn't realize it will drive him to a dangerous obsession or just how far he'll go to get her back. Can she bring him back from the edge and save herself in the process? Will she want to? ~*~ A couple things... 1) This is my first fanfic & wattpad story and I'm writing it b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alcoholic Next Door | Min Yoongi X Reader
    193K 7.6K 38

    What if you were the neighbor to the alcoholic that always pounded on your door every night? What if you had fallen in love with the alcoholic, and he had fallen in love with you? What if he was always angry, and never felt bright or happy? You have been living in a your household for about two months, and you're gett...

  • Hidden | Yoongi x Reader [Editing]
    209K 6.8K 39

    I love Min Yoongi. He loves Cherry. Cherry is me. How confusing is that? My first Fanfiction :) Enjoy reading! ? = To Be Edited begin: july 2016 finish: february 2017 [bts yoongi x reader]

  • Sugar & Spice [Yoongi x Reader]✔
    353K 11.1K 63

    "Come on (Y/n)... I'll let you get over him". He said as he licked your ear. "But Yoongi---". But he shushed you by kissing you. ~ Choi (Y/n) is a rich girl. She is so beautiful and sexy. She's a girl that any man could ask for. You might think that her life is perfect but NO. Her life is ALMOST perfect---- not unti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Summer fling (18+): Min Yoongi x reader (Wattys 2019)
    194K 5.1K 45

    What will you do when you are hired by the guy you had a one night stand with on a summer night? Read to find out!!! Book 1 of Fling series Warning🚫: The story contains mature scenes, smut, strong language etc. If you are uncomfortable with this don't read the story. The choice is yours. Enjoy😘 Highest ranking: #1...

    Completed   Mature
  • Personal Guard | m.yoongi
    298K 8.6K 36

    "Y/N? Oh, you're the virgin who gave Yoongi hyung a boner!" •• Disclaimer : I do not own any concept of the media, BTS, all credits go to their rightful owners I just own the story

    Completed   Mature
  • Wifi | Min Yoongi x Reader
    789K 30.5K 57

    "You have been using my wifi" "I was wondering when you would notice"

  • honey | min yoongi
    166K 4.2K 53

    oh, honey. | best rank; #51 of 396 - yoongixreader category, as of september 9, 2018 #165 of 381 - yoongixreader, as of september 18, 2018 #74 of 399 - yoongixreader, as of october 13, 2018 #116 of 379 - yoongixreader, as of october 17, 2018 #80 of 416 - yoongixreader, as of october 22, 2018 #98 of 478 - yoongixread...

    Completed   Mature
    264K 8.7K 33

    ❝You can't fall in love with me.❞ © chaeyvez

    Completed   Mature
  • I am Yours || Min Yoongi x reader
    321K 8.9K 62

    I am a composer. Working for BTS. "Stop composing and look at me" Yoongi said, smirking at me.

  • Real Fake Love | Min Yoongi x Reader
    167K 6.2K 30

    fake feɪk/ adjective not genuine; imitation or counterfeit. real riːl/ adjective actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. ~ Min Yoongi, charismatic, confident rapper, is secretly struggling with his most recent break up. Y/N, best friends with BTS's Jimin, has never really met any...

  • Loving in Colour (Min Yoongi x Reader)
    335K 10.4K 43

    Everyone sees the world in black and white. That is, until they find their one true soulmate. Y/N finds her soulmate when she is dragged to a concert she knows nothing about. But how will she cope when 'the one' wants nothing to do with her? STARTED: June 10th 2017 FINISHED: - May 10th 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Loop || MIN YOONGI ✔
    48.5K 3.5K 45

    If I suddenly disappeared, what would you do? Date Started: 05 / 31 / 2018 Date Finished: 08 / 13 / 2018

  • In Your Ear ✔️
    198K 18.4K 10

    "If you don't want mom and dad to know what you did, you'll have to do what I say." "Alright! What do you want me to do?" "You have a blind date coming up right?" "Yeah..." "You're going to wear an earpiece in, and through the entire date, you'll need to say exactly what I tell you to say." ©Kiki 2019© ➣ Short story ➣...

  • The Hunter, The Hunting, The Hunted. // BTS Vampire AU
    103K 4.7K 32

    BTS, one of the many vampire groups out there. Vampires weren't as bad as they were portrayed in the tales, they just wanted to live, just like the humans. Humans and Vampires, after many decades, had finally learnt how to live alongside each other but hunters were sprouting up here and there, a lot more frequently. ...

  • Soulmates Yoongi x Reader
    4.6M 177K 87

    What is a soulmate you might ask? Your soulmate is supposed to be a person you share an intense and unexplainable connection with the moment you first meet. Your soulmate will understand you better than anyone else in the world because you share the same mind, heart, and soul, hence the term soulmate. Soulmate bonding...