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  • Spring Poetry Contest
    5.7K 998 36

    Welcome to Is it Ana?'s Spring Poetry Contest! DEADLINE: 20 June, 2017 The winner of this contest will receive a new LAMY pen and a 6-pack of ink cartridges!

  • My Lifelines
    1.8K 407 20

    Ranked #108 on 11/02/17 "Sometimes people are beautiful, Not in looks and talks, but Just in what they are." This is a collection of poems I have been writing since I was 13. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are boring while some are deep. But ultimately, they're a part of me. So...Since you've read till here. Wh...

  • Eclectic Rhetoric
    13.6K 4.5K 45

    This is my first poetry book but please don't overlook. I've made writing in any form my kind of poetry norm! I really hope you enjoy and consider being my envoy. Here follows my Bio poem 📓📓📓📓📓 Scott; Son, friend, coach and mentor. Brother of all Wattpad writers. Lover of women, reading and writing. Who fee...

  • ...ON THE MOON...
    289 59 1

    Its on the Moon, Stars and the sky, And 'me' under the vastness Hope you like it... Pls comment and vote!

  • True Love...
    375 75 1

    It's a poem I felt like writing... Read till the end And comment...!

  • ...A Little 'Something'...
    15.6K 4.2K 97

    HIGHEST RANK: #4 IN POETRY Its random poems and thoughts that I've written. Hope u like the collection!