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  • mutants :: fivesauce
    20K 1.2K 12

    "mutants are not the ones mankind should fear ; but they do" ©PLVTONIC

  • pity party
    1.2K 147 4

    fivesause au fanfiction. in which caroline invites her whole grade to her birthday party and no one comes. © beyoncae. all rights reserved.

  • Stability.
    187K 13.8K 25

    "balance of mind, mental health, sanity, normality, soundness, rationality, reason, sense."

  • Not Another Teenage Story // 1d + 5sos + lm + 5h
    3.5K 266 6

    "Hey guys, welcome to the party. If you're gonna have sex, please, do it in my parents' bedroom." {and yes zayn malik is in this}

  • social casualty | 5sos
    64.2K 3.3K 77

    in which she's broken and they save her without even knowing it. © shannyn {-radicalum} 2014 {may be triggering to some // one sentence}.

  • » famous // 5sos «
    22.4K 994 7

    "Don't you know who I am?" © irwanks 2014

  • superheroes. » 5sos au [slow updates]
    1.1K 55 10

    "great power comes with great responsibility." "did you just quote spider-man?" "well, i'm a superhero, so i can quote whoever i want."

  • Orange Is The New Black
    67.6K 4.3K 6

    "Welcome to Hell. Squat and cough."

  • hide and seek
    66.4K 3.8K 23

    it was just a simple game that turned out wrong. ~ ; hide and seek (a 5sos au) © m-isfxts 2014 All rights reserved ps. this is an edited version now. enjoy!

  • Unfriended :: 5SOS Horror
    327K 14.7K 23

    "All right everyone, hands up right now. Who's doing this?" ××× 5SOS Horror based off of the 2015 film, Unfriended. #1 in 5SOS Horror

  • Belief
    381K 14.1K 90

    {A 5sos story} We spend our lives sorting out our beliefs. Belief leads to high hopes, it leads to dreams, it leads to certainty in the uncertain. Too much belief leads to brokenness. There are people who come along and make you believe that 'belief' is indefinite. He makes me feel indefinite. But belief can be broken...

  • drunk • fivesauce a.u
    9.9K 653 25

    a story in which seven teenagers get to know each other by getting to know each other's type of drunk. "you all got so drunk that you just lost your damn minds" [copyright @nebulairwin 2014] [all rights reserved]

  • the slut club [5sos]
    2.6K 117 2

    "fia is a bitch, mercy is a homewrecker, calum will lick anything, luke collects his own used condoms, ashton is apparently clean [no one actually believes him], no one knows what the hell michael is doing here, laurel ate noah sanchez's sugar thong, theo is half a virgin, and drea is blowing everyone under the tables...

  • How to Get Away with Murder ; 5sos
    14.9K 826 17

    "What the hell do we do now?" [loosely based on abc's How to Get Away with Murder] © voidash. all rights reserved. cover © voidash

  • Mockingbird // 5sauce
    3.8K 342 31

    there are 11 people in the room. care to guess who is who without basing it on their labels? © Copyright badlandscasualty All Rights Reserved

    Completed   Mature
  • the arctic monkeys series [5sos]
    911K 60.4K 76

    "i'm not afraid of death; i just don't want to be there when it happens." (cover by elle)

  • the purge ↠ fivesauce
    135K 6.1K 17

    ❝ united, we purge. ❞

  • russian roulette → fivesauce
    235K 13.6K 14

    in which seven teenagers have fun with bullets and a revolver. @smokable twenty fourteen 23/9/15 - #53 short story