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  • 5SOS Preferences
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    this book is full of preferences and some other thing, but I hope you enjoy everything I have written regardless. I am honoured to be so popular and have so many reads. I love each and everyone of you people that read anything I write, and I appreciate the comments and votes! love you flower children so much

  • 5SOS preferences ||completed||
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    This has both preferences and song preferences :) Hope you enjoy! Bye!

  • 5SOS preferences
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    Preferences for Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin from the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer! I made dez :3

  • 5SOS Preferences
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    I have wanted to try this out for a while, so I finally did. Feel free to comment on any part, but please be nice! All preferences are mine, please do not post them anywhere without my permission. Completed: 12/19/16 -- Get the Best 5SOS Merch with FREE Shipping here Use Code "TayDiane" for a...

  • 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines
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    ♡♡ *No longer posting. I've deleted a lot of the chapters

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    preferences about your favourite four losers

  • 5 seconds of teachers
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    ,,Historie je nejlepší učitelkou s obzvlášť nepozornými žáky."-Ashton ,,Profesionální sport? Nikdy! Připravil by amatéry o živobytí."-Calum ,,Umění je zvláštní a krásné tím, že se v něm nedá klamat."-Michael ,,V matematice nejde ani tak o to věci chápat, jako spíš si na ně zvyknout."-Luke #1 in short story #6 in fan...

  • 5 Seconds of Summer Preferences.
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    Hello! Just a book of Preferences about Luke Robert Hemmings, Ashton Fletcher Irwin, Michael Gordon Clifford and Calum Thomas Hood of 5 Seconds Of Summer written by me. Please vote, read and comment x Thanks munchkins! :)

  • 5 Seconds of Summer Smut
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    I'm going to upload some smut about 5seconds of summer. I haven't posted anything in quite a while but I guess I'm back now! If you have any requests, please send me a message x

  • 5sos Preferences // 5SECONDSOFSUMMER
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    you know the drill *no detailed smut* COPYRIGHT @SOPHIE_CLIFF01

  • 5sos preferences
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    Just some preferences that you may or may not like

    Completed   Mature
  • Fall.
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    "You have a problem with falling, don't you?" "You have no idea." Cover by LilacLucas

    Completed   Mature
  • 5sos Preferences
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    These are just some 5sos preferences from Tumblr. They are not mine, full credit goes to all writers.

  • Study Break // Luke Hemmings
    2.2M 64.4K 34

    ❝Every time I ran, I ran to you. I meant it every time I said I loved you.❞

  • speak for me | cake
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    Pouze překlad. Všchny práva patří @caketopia

  • 5sos Preferences
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    You like 5SOS? Aye, me too! Let's be friends and party.

    Completed   Mature
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences
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    Just some preferences about Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael...Also known as the 5sos lads. Fell free to leave a request, I don't bite. Indox is always open, comment and vote please my sugar bunnies?? Love ya guys heaps !!!

  • 5SOS Preferences
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    Preferences from tumblr! I give credit to all writers

  • 5SOS Horoscopes
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    These are 5sos horoscopes. Don't steal my ideas pls. Vote to please that would be awesome ;) (a few preferences will be on here to!)

  • Harsh | Punk Luke Hemmings
    3.6M 71.2K 58

    || härSH adjective 1. unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses.|| "I'm really glad I found you, because if I didn't it would've been goddamn shame."

  • ✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ hemmings au
    6.2M 210K 68

    Luke's ass sits on a throne at the top of the social chain, but with popularity comes limitations. Don't do this; don't do that; you like which movie? As Luke loses sight of who he is, Ari Quiroz steps into his life. Spunky and loudmouthed, the fearless Filipino teen inadvertently shows Luke what it's like to live lif...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences
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    5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences!

    Completed   Mature
  • 5 Seconds of Summer Preferences
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    i wrote this when i was 13 don't come for me book 2.

  • danger >> luke hemmings
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    ''Who's that?'' I asked curious. ''That my friend, is danger.'' What do you do when one of the most feared men in Australia and his dangerous gang members, locks their eyes on you?

  • chasing love ;; cth
    2.1M 51.4K 40

    ❝You chased me for a long time, so I figured it was time for me to chase you.❞ copyright © paradisin || 2014

  • 5sos Horoscopes
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    Just a fun book of horoscopes. JUST 5SOS !❤️

  • 5SOS Preferences
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  • Is This A Mistake? |Muke Clemmings | Mpreg
    53.8K 4.2K 32

    Sedmnáctiletého Luka Hemmingse ve škole nikdo nemusí, obzvlášť parta Caluma Hooda, do které patří i osmnáctiletý Michael Clifford. Jednoho dne se to všechno obrátí a stane se něco, co by nikdo nečekal. Upozornění: povídka obsahuje mpreg - male pregnancy #95 in FanFiction 6.6.2016 #60 in FanFiction 26.6.2016