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  • The Dragon (Book Three: The Savior Series)
    19K 944 50

    A month after another war against the Light and Darkness has passed, life for Fairy Tail has grown back to normal...except for Lucy. Lucy has bigger things to worry. Not only must she control the Light Goddess and Dark One, but must also compete in the Grand Magic Games by force from the Council's demands. Poor Lucy...

  • Mistakes {Fairy Tail NaLu Fanfiction}
    46.2K 1.5K 12

    Natsu has had enough. He always wanted to make sure Lucy is safe, but he also knows he can't always be there. He knows he needs to protect her... No, she needs to stop being on Fairy Tail's strongest team. All those dangerous jobs, no he can't put her in harm's way every single time they head out on a job. But he ne...

  • The Dark One (Book Two: The Savior Series)
    67.8K 3.4K 78

    Four months has passed since the War against Dark and Light was battled. Team Natsu left behind Lucy in Aria since she has fallen into deep depression from the lose of her best friend Teral. The dark secret Lucy has kept to herself grows worse everyday. Adroath, the only person to know this secret tells her it's time...