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  • Orologio
    5.9K 508 8

    [ orologio ] The time starts ticking, their time is running, how could someone once thought time is limitless is now afraid of time running out. Will they both complete their list as their time runs out? date started: may 18, 2018 date ended: september 18, 2018 revising: march 6, 2022 © All rights reserved

  • Carnival
    41.9K 2.8K 37

    [ carnival ] on-hold semi - epistolary #1 These 10 teenagers are always in the spotlights and thought they were loved. Running in the pace which aren't theirs to start. How obsessed are they to be in the spotlight? Will they fight for it or would you run away from it? They will play, then they will lose and they'll go...

  • Lullaby
    20.6K 1.6K 36

    [ lullaby ] under revision A soothing song or piece of music that plays to pin down those people who are skeptical of the buried past that haunts the lives of their loved ones date started: november 01, 2019 revision: august 08, 2022 (on-going) © All rights reserved