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  • -heyselnat's Picsart Tutorials
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    Read to learn more about PicsArt. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tutorials by -heyselnat Highest rank achieved: #19 in Random

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    Di nababase ang kasikatan at kagandahan ng libro sa itsura,votes, comment, at reads. Baket nakita mo na bang nagwawattpad si Danielle Steel? Sidney Sheldon? Stephenie Meyer? tapos umani sila ng maraming votes, reads, and comment kaya pwede mo nang sabihen "uy ang napaka...ahm.. ang ganda talaga ng storya nila kasi nag...

  • PicsArt Book
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    ღ picsart tutorials here!!! ღ

  • Tear: picsart tutorials
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    Started :08/03/16 End : 10/10/17

  • Mystic ✼ Shai's Graphic Tutorials [Outdated VER]
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    Want to learn how to edit graphics using mobile applications only? You're in the right place! Welcome to Shai's Graphic Tutorials! Addition: SpeedVideo Tutorials, Tips & Premades Highest Rank Achieved: #8 in Random All Rights Reserved, 2017 Shai's Graphic Tutorials

  • Altair Tutorial portfolio(CLOSED)
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    Highest Rank #5 in Tutorial (12-08-18) Just some basic Book Cover Tutorials. so yeah, feel free to read it and learn to Create a simple yet, decent Book Covers.

  • Picsart Tutorial (REVISING)
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    Everyone, for those people who want to learn how to edit by using Picsart, You came at the right place. Let Maknae help you with your editing skills. Maknae will show you some tutorials, tips and give you some of her resources. --- 091314 (First-ever Picsart tutorials here in wattpad)

  • MAÑANA :: A Graphic Tutorial√
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    A tutorial book for IBISPAINTX and other editing websites I discovered. Hope this will be helpful to you♡ -Zhedgela :)

  • ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*how to make book covers*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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    Recent: February 2018 new editing style is OUT! Also check out my new story! My Ideal Boyfriend (kthxbjh)

  • -sicachu: Photoshop Tutorials
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    Posting not so basic tutorials using Photoshop~ ✿

  • Pixlr Basic Tutorials
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    Not just basic tutorials! This also contains freebies made by me using Pixlr. (c) 2014LolliPaulie. CLOSED FOR THE PREMADES. BOOK TWO IS PUBLISHED! Credits to XxArachnidxX for the current cover :)

  • Pink Picsart Tutorials, Tips and Resources
    21.6K 84 9

    Your all time favorite book of resources and tutorials. Naka private 'to. Iwas plagiarism. Wag kang magpapahuli kung ayaw mong maging bida sa isang chapter ng book na 'to :) PICSART USER ONLY DO NOT REPOST! PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! Note: Not all of the resources are mine so CTTO. Masipag mag-ud, promise~ Mamatay man si...

  • Book Cover Turotial
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    Basic book cover tips using Picsart and Phonto.

  • ❇ winteurials.
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    ❇ winter avenue, winteurials street. ❇ ↪ A tutorials book for picsart users who wants to learn how to edit or improve their skills. © winteurrains 2k16

  • 〈 ✰ ┊ Pixlr Tutorials ❞ ↷ PART OF BLOSSOM GRAPHICS ➟ REVAMPING!
    19.8K 380 23

    A tutorial book containing lots of my knowledge in Pixlr. All of the tutorials are made by me, unless stated that the tutorial isn't. PS: I think this will take me a year to finish the revamping. Until now, I'm editing some parts and starting to have a video tutorial. Wait patiently for the updates. Thank you! © Anne...

  • Alone Graphic Tutorials
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    Alone Graphic Tutorials ['Pixlr, Picsart, PS touch and Photoshop Cs6'] ×ready to learn?

  • Tutorial Corner
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    Tutorials? Come in. :)

  • Graphics Academy
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    GRAPHIC TUTORIALS INSIDE. First-Ever Wattpad-based "Graphics Academy" Want to learn or improve in making graphics? Then you're in the right place.Enroll Now! PiaArielle sharing little knowledge since: 10/14/13 P.S. Even though you're not a student here, you can still view the chapters to learn more about photoshop. St...

  • picsart tutorials
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    read the title, m8. [ discont. ]