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  • In The Sea Of Feelings
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    [Highest Ranking#1] These are the the ships i have sailed in through the sea of my feelings.... hope you would like to experience them too.... this is a voyage you complete or dont start... stopping in middle of dangerous waters isn't a good idea you know.. ^-^ Do not plagiarize or there shall be legal action..... al...

  • Dream Galaxy
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    Unspoken words of a reflected soul, Memories of inked deep inside the heart, elegance of thoughts from magical wonderland, let me tour your heart to the infinity and beyond.

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  • From The Bird's Nest
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    Poems! Poems! Poems! I might try it because I've seen some pretty darn good ones and I wanna be like those amazing writers! Enjoy. Thanks so much to @Flawsome_me for such a cool cover. Check this profile out! It is amazing!

  • Poetry Addictions
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    This will be my poem boek, most of it won't rhym. My poems have emotion, history and metaphors attached to them