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  • smile for me | camren one shot
    13.3K 705 1

    Thirteen year old Lauren got her braces. She refused to smile at anything or anyone that would involve showing the metallic linings across her teeth. The three best friends Dinah, Normani, and Ally try to make her smile, but unsuccessfully so. But, how about her not so subtle and obvious crush on her other best fri...

  • Let Her Go (A Camren One Shot)
    11.1K 463 1

    *NEW COVER ART* Lauren Jauregui fell in love with a girl she barely knew. A beautiful brown eyed brunette named Camila. She fell in love with her voice and her charm. She fell for her more, each time they met in the music room. One day, Camila started acting strange. She would disappear for a long period of time, only...

  • New York (Camren One Shot)
    3K 61 1

    Camila is feeling a little off, so Lauren cheers her up.

  • rain (camren)
    3.5K 156 1

    Camila moves her head so that she can look at Lauren. "Are we racing raindrops?" "Yes." "Lauren. We're not 5." // camren au contains angst

  • stuck in love (or a vending machine) ➼ camren
    5.9K 211 2

    camila's stuck in a vending machine. she thinks it's idiotic - but lauren doesn't agree with that. au. camren (gxg). lowercase intended. [read a/n at the end] #18 - camilatops #449 - dinah #596 - arianagrande

  • Smuggler
    7K 456 1

    Camila keeps an illegal dog in her and Lauren's dorm room. For some miraculous reason, Lauren fails to notice for just under a week. Camren one-shot.

  • rose (camren)
    4.8K 208 1

    Lauren was a rose. And roses have thorns. But thorns only prick you if you come too close. camren au, one shot cover image does not belong to me all credits go to tumblr user @lockszinhas

  • Burning Memories
    331 25 1

    Non-Au. Camren. Camila and Lauren reunite by fire at the beach as they reflect on their past relationship while active in Fifth Harmony and struggle to wrap their heads around what's in store for them as they navigate adulthood and contemplate the future.

  • what does that mean, if i'm a top or a bottom?
    24.2K 533 1

    psa: camila tops. / smut.

    Completed   Mature
  • august
    2K 114 1

    camila and lauren go out to celebrate their third anniversary. one shot

  • Camouflage (Camren)
    2.1K 78 1

    {One Shot - Based loosely on Camouflage by Selena Gomez} Lauren struggles after her break up with Camila, which ultimately leads the demise of Fifth Harmony, as well. When Lauren runs into Camila after more than a year later, will all of the progress she made come crumbling down around her? Or is she finally strong...

  • Take It or Leave It - Camren
    743 32 1

    "You lost your phone and I spent three hours trying to get it back to you." Based on a suggestion I saw on 5hfanfic.

  • kiss upon a mistletoe ➸ camren one shot
    17.1K 760 1

    Christmas One Shot. (Camren)

  • In Time || Camren
    1.6K 57 1

    During an interview, Lauren admits about her single life is boring. With that comes a huge secret that was never supposed to be let out. Along the interview, the relationship of her and Camila's relationship, from its start to the demise, is recounted in snippets from the past. --- Warning: time jumps and light smut...

  • Quick [one shot]
    17.4K 599 1

    “FS!! My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me!”

  • closer. (Camren one-shot)
    1.3K 54 1

    You almost laugh at the irony that these little moments that kill you slowly are the same ones you live for.

  • Roses
    12K 532 1

    People were requesting more Camren, so here's a new Camren one shot!! Enjoy :) Credits to 5hfanfiction and the original author. I did NOT write this :)

  • Sweet Creature (Camren G!P) [EDITANDO]
    559K 29.7K 39

  • Through the Dark (Camren G!P) [EDITANDO]
    273K 21.5K 46

    "When the night is coming down on you, we will find a way through the dark."

    Completed   Mature
  • She Was Gone [One Shot]
    13.6K 469 1

    What happens when you meet the love of your life? A Camren one shot

  • Misled (Camren)
    3.1K 104 1

    When Camila gets an unknown text it starts up a secret relationship. Though this private affair may be such a secret that not everyone involved is totally aware.

  • Laser Tagging {Camren one shot}
    1.6K 68 1

    "take me laser tagging and then push me into a corner and kiss me. then shoot me and walk away."

  • oddly enough we made it. ♢ camren one-shot.
    2.6K 104 1

    Camila lives in a sketchy building, cheap rent and very questionable wifi connection. Turns out her connection issues are not technical but more along the lines of someone using it for their own gain without the young brunette knowing, but with the help of her friends she manages to discover who exactly is it. And wh...

  • Sleep With Me (A Camren One-Shot)
    11.5K 419 1

    Based on the fic suggestion "Lauren has trouble sleeping sometimes, and Camila's bed is so better, so she always sneaks out and drives to Camila's place and climbs through the window and camren cuddles ahhh"

  • hey there, camila • camren one-shot
    1.3K 65 1

    The choice to come out to their fans was not an easy one, but it's even harder figuring out how to come out.

  • Terrible Jokes and Green-Eyed Girls (Camren)
    12.9K 767 1

    Prompt: Person A is on a first date with someone, and is trying to entertain them with corny jokes. Person A's date doesn't really find them all that funny. However, Person A notices that Person B (who's dining alone at the table next to them) laughs quietly at all of the jokes.

  • the storm before the calm | camren
    4.8K 235 1

    Aliens have landed on Earth, and their intention to wipe out humanity is, unfortunately, going really well. So far, the first four steps of their plan have been executed: the first wave took out all electronics, causing half a million deaths through car and plane crashes alone. The second wave took out another three b...

  • white magic | camren au
    3.8K 209 4

    The thing about second chances is that they don't exist. Right? Charmed AU.

    Completed   Mature
  • like a forest fire | camren (au)
    76.6K 3.2K 3

    On the first day that Lauren starts working at Starbucks, she swears to herself that she will never write her number down on someone's coffee cup. // "What do you write about?" "Anything that interests me." "Like what?" "Things that people talk about in cafés. Cities. Winter weather. How the sun is going to die one da...

    Completed   Mature
  • brighter than the sun | camren au
    5.5K 217 3

    "Come on, it'll be beautiful. It's what you're here for, isn't it?" Camila bit her lip. "I'm not sure anymore." three shot

    Completed   Mature