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    Hades's favorite time was about to start. It was time for the punishment. The part of his duty which he has begun to love. He is getting kicks from the look of horror on people faces when he welcome them in his kingdom. His underworld. Being the king of the underworld, he was not at all bothered welcoming the 'new co...

  • The Girl He Never Noticed
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    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...

  • She's With Me (Wattpad Books Edition)
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    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. A new town, a new love, another chance to stay alive. Arriving in another new town, Amelia Collins vows to fit in and finish her senior year drama free. There can't be any mistakes. Staying under the radar is what keeps Amelia one step ahead of the man who is trying to find and destroy her. But...

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    The rain made her wet clothes stuck to her body like second skin. He could see the pale skin from now see through material. The cool air made her shudder but that wasn't enough to bring her closer to the king. The king stared hard at the beauty in front of him. He gulped when she timidly remove hairs away from her fa...

  • Redemption
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    When I look up at the mirror, my eyes met his in the mirror. He gently brushed away my hairs from my neck and let them fall over my shoulder till my waist line. Suddenly I'm forgetting how to breath. The power in his eyes was so intense I can't look away. He kean his head in without breaking the eye contact and I lo...

  • Sanable! book 2
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    Highest ranks: Rank #1 in mysteriouslove on 6sept 2k18 Rank #1 in granny on 11july 2k18 Rank #1 in newromance on 11july 2k18 Rank #2 in possessivelove on 11july 2k18 Rank #2 in cuteromance on 12july 2k18 Rank #3 in billionairelove on 3 Aug 2k18 Rank #3 in hiddensecrets on 11july 2k18 Rank #3 in intenselove on 12july 2...

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  • Something Broken
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    a collection of quotes which might help a soul to let her/him know where her/his happiness is... And I know I'm the one who really need to follow all of them but.... . . . I'm really trying..believe me...

  • I dream about being with you forever....
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    I'm not a skilled writer, I know. I'm just speaking out from my heart in form of some words.. hope you will give it a chance... vote it too. if you like it

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    = Decent = Dignity That's make it a DECENT's DIGNITY

  • warrior's wisdom
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    love of life... #23 rank

  • (Jan,2017 )An Unbelievable Love Story ❤️💙
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    #427 in romance on 20-01-2017 A story ... Just read it I know you won't regret it This book seriously require editing. "Yeah! Don't know. Wait ,how you know this. You did something na. Right. Oh yes! You spiked my drink. Just to sleep with me. You are unbelievable. How can you do this to me. I know you will...

  • You are the reason
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    My love life quotes

  • heart's whisper...
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    a collection of quotes ...

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    He is possessive and I'm his possession, he is obsessive and I'm his obsession.

  • I'll never let you Go
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    sometime we have to let go the person we love just to know that holding on pains more than let it go.

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    we can't change what destiny had already planned for us..... #195 in short story

  • Insanable! # Book 1
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    Highest ranks: Rank #1 in watty2017 on 10oct2020 Rank #1 in hotromance on 13july 2k18 Rank #1 in "cuteromance" on 13 July 2018 Rank #1 In "granny" on 16 may 2k18 Rank #1 in "kingandqueen" on 11 Jul2k18 Rank #4 in "intenselove" on 12 July 2018 Rank #7 in "watty2017" on 12 July 2018 Rank #9 in "watty" on 12july 2k18 St...

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