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    There are many stories that can take us to different worlds. But what happens when a certain blonde falls into a whole new story?

  • Drunken Kiss
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    It started with a drunk kiss, that led into drunk fucking. But now with their new development in their relationship, Emma and Regina need to protect StoryBrooke from the crazy evils that are lurking in the dark. Not to mention from their own relationship. This is a crack fic, meaning I don't take anything that I write...

  • Swanqueen: The Evil Queen's Toy ♧
    157K 5K 35

    • what a better way to hurt her enemies other than kidnapping their stupid daughter? •

  • Morrilla: Secrets Revealed
    15.7K 786 16

    Jen and Lana have been working together for five years now and since they first met, they have gotten really close. They help each other through everything and that's when they realize that what they have is more than friendship. They try to keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible so homophobes Adam a...

  • The Mindreader, Emma Swan #wattys2018
    84.1K 3.7K 29

    I am Emma Swan, a regular high school student but I have a superpower... I can read minds I have everything I could ever want, loving parents, the greatest friends and the highest marks Everything except the girl's heart I yearn for When I develop a crush on Regina will I get the girl of my dreams with a little help...

  • SwanQueen Texts
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  • SwanQueen Meant to be
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    When Regina and Emma enter a new phase in their relationship with one new addition, what are they supposed to do? *some mature scenes, rest is PG or PG-13

  • Forbidden Fruit
    58.6K 2.2K 17

    Swan Queen High School au Part 1 in the Forbidden series

  • My favorite substitute
    7.1K 285 3

    Title speaks it all ;) #swanqueen

  • Maybe It's Fate: SwanQueen One-Shots
    60.9K 2.5K 35

    Series of mostly one-shots. SwanQueen. Leave me requests :)

  • Broken
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    A depressed Regina returns with a teenage Henry. Regina stopped talking years ago, she knew she had made a mistake by leaving but with Daniel's threat looming over her she had no choice but to stay. Falling into a deep isolation that barely allows Henry through. Can she be saved or is she too far within herself to esc...

  • Ten Years Ahead
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    Emma Swan, a 17 year old orphan, living with her boyfriend in nothing more than an old beat up bug, risks getting herself thrown in jail, or even worse the foster system again, for her boyfriend. Just when it seems like things were getting worse for Emma, Regina Mills, a 21 year old Mayor of a small town in Maine, fin...

  • The New Girl
    115K 3.8K 39

    Emma Swan is 17 years old and living with her adopted parents, Mary Margret and David Nolan, and her adopted sister Kathryn. They live in a town called Storybrooke, Maine. What happens when Emma falls in love with her substitute teacher? ----------- SwanQueen

  • You'll Stay With Me-SwanQueen
    36.8K 1.2K 10

    After discovering Robin gave her up for Marian/Zelena, a heartbroken Regina goes back to Storybrooke without trying to pursue a relationship with Robin. Regina won't talk to or see anyone after the event, but something inside her tells her to let Emma in. Emma and Regina go through ups and downs, and both realize th...

  • SwanQueen "To love a Dark heart"
    78.3K 3K 22

    In the enchanted forest Regina the queen to be is broken and manipulated. she will never find freedom or love until she meets a stranger in the forest Swan is her name. faith changes for regina when she truly falls in love and she has to fight to keep it.

  • Forbidden
    12.4K 523 6

    Swan Queen College/University AU. Emma Swan is a student at NYC University. (forgive me I don't know any actual colleges or universities in the states.) Her previous English teacher resigned from the job and now the class awaits the arrival of their new teacher. Sure Emma predicted to fail most of her classes, I mean...

  • Impressing Ms. Mills
    94.9K 2.7K 14

    Regina Mills is a young creative writing teacher at Storybrooke High School in the small town of Storybrooke, Maine. She is known as the 'hot teacher' because she is, in fact, the hot teacher. What happens when a certain blonde student falls in love with her and makes it hard to ignore her feelings?

  • I Found Love In A Best Friend
    4.8K 138 4

    Emma Swan falls in love with her best friend Regina. She covers up the feelings, afraid Regina won't return them. Ruby and Belle, Emma's other friends try to convince her to admit her feelings. (Written in Emma's POV)

  • My Wish for You
    3.6K 145 3

    Regina gives Emma the best gift anyone can give her. Love.

  • Mrs & Mrs Swan-Mills
    52.4K 1.4K 17

    Emma and Regina are in love. But in like every relationship there are obstacles Read this and find out how they overcome them. SWANQUEEN fanfiction.

  • Remember You (sequel to Marry You) (SwanQueen)
    25K 1.4K 2

    Sequel to 'Marry You', my little SwanQueen creation ❤ (Spoilers, do not read unless you have finished the first story) It took Emma and Regina almost 5 years to figure out their feelings for each other. And a chaotic week in which Regina was marrying someone else to confess those feelings. After their feelings were fi...

  • Just Another Thief
    8K 426 7

    Emma ran away from home and is now surviving on stealing jewels and money from people. It's working out fine until she robs the wrong carriage, the Evil Queens carriage..... There was no curse but Snow and Regina do know each other....

  • Heart vs. mind (SwanQueen)
    41.7K 1.6K 16

    From the moment they laid eyes on each other, Regina and Emma fell in love. However, something was holding them back. Its a constant battle between right and wrong, a battle between good and evil, a battle between love and death, a battle between happiness and heart ache, a battle between the heart and the mind. Will...

  • True Loves Choice
    4.7K 187 3

    Once Upon a Time SwanQueen Fanfiction. Regina has been given a choice: Robin or Emma. Robin was her true love but she can't let Emma's heart turn dark. Starts off at the end of April 12th episode.

  • Gave Me Life
    39.2K 1.5K 12

    An AU where Emma is the surrogate for Regina. However Emma and Regina begin to have feelings for each other. Will they act upon these feelings? It's kinda like Baby Mama. Don't own ouat characters.

  • Unspoken Words
    44.1K 2K 19

    So I wrote this story a while back . Its inspired by true events and the other parts are events I came up with. So I finished it and decided to make it into a Swan queen story. I hope you enjoy. If they're mistakes in it ...I'm sorry. It's a AU where Regina has feelings for Emma. It's done in Regina's point of vie...

    40.5K 1.4K 22

    Two women. Emma, living in a small town named Stotybrooke and a 28 year old cop. Regina, residing in NYC as a 30 year old lawyer. What happens when this two meet due to a murder investigation? Will they get along? Or will they try to make each other's life a living hell?

  • The Darkest Swan
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    The Dark One is the most feared being in all The Enchanted Forest. Everyone knows whoever has the dagger controls The Dark One along with the fate of everyone in the land. Somehow Cora Mills gets her hands on it, surprisingly enough. She has no plans on how to use The Dark One....yet, so she entrusts her naive young...

  • One-Shots (SwanQueen one-shots)
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    Just a bunch of one shots :)

  • Something Right (SwanQueen AU) (GirlxGirl)
    357K 13.5K 33

    Regina Mills: a 28 year old successful business woman with everything she needs. A boyfriend, money, and parents who had pushed her to be the best. Emma Swan: a hard-working woman ready for a break. She barely gets by with enough for herself, and here's the kicker, her son Henry. A single mother at the age of 23 makes...