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  • Marvel SMUT (please don't read if you are not into smut)
    405K 3.3K 18

    I am doing some marvel imagine and one shots because I've seen a bunch of other people do it and I thought maybe I should have a go so please don't judge if it's bad, I won't do smut if requested or if I want to, if you have any ideas tell me, message me if you want me to do something you want, I will do girl on girl...

  • The Joy of Agony | Loki
    4.4M 132K 56

    "People like him don't change. He is the god of mischief, after all." Bruce Banner has a niece; Eryn Banner. She works by his side at S.H.I.E.L.D. When Loki mysteriously returns, she finds herself intrigued to him. He's not all mischievous and full of lies as much as he's said to be. Beneath his tough facade, is a br...

  • Imagine If You Assembled the Avengers: Volume 1
    5.1M 168K 195

    WINNER: Marvel Fanfiction Awards 2016 Best Imagines/Preferences/One Shots A collection of reader insert ( x reader) imagines/one-shots/fics of the Avengers and a few other Marvel characters. FYI: The reader dies in a couple of them, and in my universe, Steve swears sometimes. :) As per usual, I own none of the ch...

  • When You Love Marvel
    227K 14.7K 77

    Just a few things only hardcore Marvel fans would understand. (Maybe these are just me, but I'm hoping there's someone out there who can relate!)

  • The Secret Asgardian (An Avengers Fanfiction)
    1.3M 40.9K 55

    A secret is hardly ever kept, is it? In the case of Eldrid, an Asgardian pretending to be an ordinary mortal, when her secret is found out, her life changes forever. When S.H.I.E.L.D finds this secret Asgardian, Eldrid is whisked away in the middle of the night, to later become the most reluctant "Avenger" to ever ste...

  • Avengers Preferences ✧DISCONTINUED✧
    2.5M 76.2K 109

    Preferences of Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Bucky, and Loki. // Warning: Swearing. Will not be in any particular order. // A C H I E V E M E N T S [highest rankings] [#1] in 'Avengers Preferences' [#5] in 'Avengers' [#18] in 'Fanfiction'

  • The Captain and Stark's Sister (Avengers/Captain America Fanfiction)
    545K 15.7K 79

    Clara is Tony Stark's younger sister and an agent of SHIELD. She can control ice, water and is able to fly, but with those abilities comes a curse that she's kept hidden. Well it was hidden until a certain God of Mischief decided to take over the world and her as well as the other people chosen for the Avengers Initia...

  • The Life of Athena: Tony Stark's Daughter - Steve Rogers
    229K 6.6K 47

    Tony and his fiancee are woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of a baby crying. They find a beautiful baby girl wrapped in what seems to be a gold basket outside their Malibu home, with a letter containing the baby's name and info. Both Tony and Susan take her in and become the baby's parents. Years lat...

  • The Flame (Avengers Fanfiction)
    592K 11.2K 284

    ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS HAWKEYE'S GIRL. Growing up in the limelight as Tony Stark's adopted little sister wasn't the easiest for Peyton Stark, but she managed to come out alive. Both a SHIELD agent and an heiress, the youngest Stark has to deal with a lot, including dumb men who she may or may not fall for. But this Aveng...

  • Marvel Imagines
    12.4M 392K 200

    Completed. Second book is Marvel Imagines 2. Made: 11 May 2015 Completely: 6 November 2015

  • Bucky Barnes One Shots
    1.4M 52.7K 75

    . . . a collection of Bucky Barnes one shots. [ started on 23 January, 2016. ] © savagesociety 2016 __________________ #2 in Fanfiction on 6/8/16.

  • Avengers Preferences
    1.4M 31.4K 132

    Preferences for Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Loki, Clint, Thor, Tony, Natasha and Wanda *Sorry I didn't do them for Bruce. I was having a particularly hard time writing for/about him and I didn't think I could do him justice.

  • Riles Stark (Avengers Fanfiction)
    415K 12.7K 29

    Riles Stark is Tony Stark's younger sister. She lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and has a wonderful cat named Castiel. She's a huge gamer, reader, and movie marathoner. Sometimes she pulls some good pranks and she's a skilled liar. She's also known as the Cheshire Cat for multiple reasons. THIS STORY IS OWNED BY WINC...

  • Rogue (An Avengers Fanfic)
    324K 6.2K 77

    Rogue is the Avenger's newest recruit. A girl with no memories and mind-control powers who can electrocute everything in sight seems like a liability. However, as she joins the team to save the world, the Avengers realize just how much they need her. And when she starts to put together the jigsaw of her past life, Rog...

  • Would You Rather? [Marvel Edition]
    301K 13K 42

    I'm sure the title is self explanatory.

  • Things You Should Never Say To A Marvel Fan
    216K 19.1K 67

    Get ready to relate. Book #37 in the random category 01/22/17