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  • attachment ; haikyuu!!
    702K 24.9K 33

    Completed - Haikyuu!! oneshot collection.

  • Inside Out ||Akaashi Keiji x Reader||
    241K 9.7K 27

    (Akaashi Keiji x Reader) He regretted not saying those stupid words. He knew your greatest insecurity was not being good enough, and here he just let you walk out that door, feeling as if you weren't enough. But you were enough. You were everything and even more. He was overtaken by a wave of anguish that hit him, he...

  • It's you (Akaashi Keiji x Reader) Haikyuu!!
    454K 17.5K 15

    "Akaashi, do you like someone?" She felt the shiver going down the boy's spine. "Yeah...", Akaashi replied after a moment of silence. (...) "Are you... Are you sad because you like someone too?", the boy asked warily. "Yeah..." "Did he reject you?", he inquired. "No...", [Name] replied. "But he likes someone different...

  • survival | akaashi [✓]
    72.7K 2.5K 10

    【Haikyuu!! Akaashi x Reader】 ❝Promise me you will stay alive no matter how hard it is, even if i'm gone someday.❞ ❝Hmh, same goes to you.❞ ✿ ❥ ᴇɴɢʟɪsʜ sʜᴏʀᴛ-sᴛᴏʀʏ Storyline © hikobagu - 2017

  • Tsun-Tsun • Semi Eita ✔
    314K 17.3K 14

    In which you learn to fall deeper in love with the stoic boy who is, in reality; a tsundere. 💕 {warning; this drabbles set will contain high doses of sappy fluff ♥} [part 1 of 'bol is loif' series] • Semi Eita x Reader • • completed + edited •

  • Hatsukoi (Tsukishima x Reader)
    1.4M 39.4K 44

    (Name) is Ukai Keishin's younger sister, the coach of Karasuno's Boys' Volleyball Team. Just like her brother and the Karasuno boys, (name) eats, breathers and lives off the art of volleyball. After returning from Russia, where she spent some time studying aboard, (name) is asked to be the assistant coach for the Boys...

  • one week . [ kageyama tobio x reader ]
    203K 8.2K 7

    After being scouted into Japan's national volleyball team, Kageyama and (L/N)'s relationship went downhill. With his nonstop practices and her desire to get into a well known college, both were beginning to become distant. Right before high school graduation, the two ended up breaking it off and went separate ways. Ka...

    213K 12.1K 10

    [Iwaizumi Hajime X Fem!Reader] "Iwa-chan has never dated before and it's time he finally got himself a girlfriend. So, I want to help you get the man of your dreams!" In which, Oikawa tries to be cupid and help [F/N] confess her feelings to Iwaizumi.