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  • If You Ever
    3.8K 163 4

    two souls meet in the most unexpected path possible, finding their ways into each other's lives.

  • We Started Out Like a Song | Seaycee Short Stories
    6.9K 282 4

    "We started quiet and slow, with no surprise." A collection of short stories featuring Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice.

  • 1895 - sean & kaycee
    8.7K 487 14

    Forced into a marriage by their controlling parents, Sean and Kaycee have unwillingly learnt the harsh realities of living in the upper-class of the late 19th century.

  • Seayceemania: Sean and Kaycee Oneshots
    54.5K 1.4K 27

    Sean+Kaycee (series of oneshots) Hi.

  • those three words
    1.4K 76 3

    sometimes three words is all it takes to change everything

  • Goodbye Summer
    32.7K 1.4K 12

    Like summer, she is the sun that brightens up his day and brings color from his life of gray. Like summer, his love for her blossomed into its fullness, creating bliss, at the same time sadness. But just like any other summers which come and go down into autumn, so is their love that will take its time to blossom. St...

  • sean and kaycee - one shots
    257K 7.2K 77

    stories of my favorites, sean and kaycee. [lowercase intended] cover- cathyliz

  • Betrothed
    50.7K 3.1K 34

    Sean and Kaycee are married. Forcefully. They live under the same roof as strangers. Strangers who sleep in different rooms, don't talk to each other and are complete opposites. Over time they do develop an undeniable attraction but it isn't that easy. Especially when betrayals, business failures, misunderstandings a...

  • Sick of Love Songs (Sean&Kaycee) FINISHED
    81.6K 5.3K 68

    I met him a long time ago. I've known him for most of my life and out of all people, I've mostly spent my time with him, by his side whether it's the line at the tiny coffee shop around the corner, a seat on an airplane or the place that means the most, the dancefloor. We were kids when we shared the stage for the fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soulmates: Writing on Skin [Seaycee AU]
    64.5K 2.6K 34

    Soulmates. Writing on skin. From the time we're born, our soulmate is predetermined for us by the universe. Sean and Kaycee are made for each other. At least, that's what everyone thinks.

  • Chapters: Stories on Sean & Kaycee
    186K 6.3K 41

    Short Stories and One Shots on Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice.

  • New York • Sean & Kaycee
    141K 4.8K 20

    Sean and Kaycee decide to go to college, and are forced to navigate uncharted waters - new city, new friends, and possible a new stage in their relationship. *Chapters 1-8 were originally published under my other book, Chapters

  • Starting Over
    40.7K 1.3K 10

    "And when I hold you in my arms I promise you You're gonna feel a love that's beautiful and new This time I'll love you even better Than I ever did before And you'll be in my heart forevermore" ------------------- This is a repost of the Starting Over series from my Short Stories for easy access. Thank you for readin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Short Stories | Sean x Kaycee
    266K 7.3K 47

    Here are short stories featuring Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice. I'm so proud of these kids, and what they are about to be years from now, and I can't help but feature them in this full head of mine. Enjoy!

  • is this love? | seaycee (sean and kaycee)
    67K 2K 13

    how do you know if you love someone if you haven't felt it yet? that's the question they craved for an answer. an seaycee story inspired by the song "is this love" by james arthur.