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  • Beg |
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    "Beg for me babygirl" "Ohh please daddy" she rubs my bulge A shy freaky girl choosing over guys, a lot of female drama. I can't really give a summary because that's spoiling it. Sexual shit all included!!!! If you freaky like me and like drama, love story shit then Read the damn book hoe.

  • Thug love 2
    145K 4.7K 35

    "I know y'all watching me from heaven but I think I found the one... for real this time. He genuinely cares about me and like that shit is so real to me cause Ian never actually had real love." DONT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK 1.!!!!!!

  • Nasty Grind
    430K 10.4K 73

    You'll enjoy...let's just say my mind got carried away. Happy readings!! Come on girl, don't be shy," Chris patted his legs for her to sit on. She was timid, standing close to the exit of the bedroom with nothing but her white robe on. She tried desperately to cover herself, only to have the robe flop open again expos...

  • Lied To And Betrayed (EDITING)
    28.1K 1.5K 41

    Mya has been lied to and betrayed all her life by the people she loved the most. Her dad never gave a fuck he put her out on her 18th birthday and left her with no place to go. Mya was upset she cried and cried she moved in with her counselor ms.Jones and her two boys Trey and James. Only to be rapped by one of them...

    333K 10.1K 118

    BOOK 2 !!

    209K 6.3K 105

    To Understand This Book , You Must Read The First Two Stories . Enjoy. 💋

    150K 4.8K 97

    "Why are you doing this?" I cried looking at him. "Revenge bitch.." He smiled. ------- Ready For Some More Drama ? 🤗

    687K 17.8K 106

    Teyana, born and raised in New Orleans, Lousiana. She was a huge daddy's girl because her parents spoiled her when she was young with any and everything she wanted. Life was great .. until they both got killed in a plane crash going to Cuba. Teyana was only 13 years old and had to hear that her parents died. She had...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obedient School |D•L
    707K 9.9K 61

    "I won't hesitate to bend you over my desk and take you right here, right now" ~ in which a troubled, rebellious girl gets sent away to an Obedient school to fix her behavioral issues. "Omg I am literally speechless this book was so fucking good I have never read a book like this ever" -JBradford05 "Reading this was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stepbrother j.g.
    112K 1.9K 19

    What happens when Naomi is forced to be stepsiblings with jack? Read to find out!

  • need - sequel to want (j.g)
    47.5K 676 27

    it's more than what you want, it's the craving that you need. - lowercase intended

    Completed   Mature
  • Condoms / J.G ( #wattys2017 )
    304K 4.8K 38

    "Excuse me?" She said "Yes?" He said "You have some condoms sticking out of your pocket" she said pointing To his pocket. "Well do you wanna use them with me" he said smirking "Hell no pervert " she said rolling her eyes ~~~~~~~~~ Story idea from : @darrycurtis

  • his secret sister » jack gilinsky
    230K 4.6K 37

    He's had a sister this whole time. And never has anyone once herd of her. No pictures. No contact. But when she wants to live in the home that all the boys share. Some will catch feelings... (I have nothing against Madison Beer. I love her.)

  • Baby Girl (J.G.)
    95.5K 1.9K 8

    I look over at him and my teary eyes meet his. He breaks eye contact and looks down at my body, his hand lightly moving up my thigh and stopping where I wanted it to keep going. "I can make you feel so much better, baby girl."

  • Good Girl ✧ J.G
    118K 1.9K 17

    "Just turn around and forget what you saw" A history in which a girl isn't what they believe. Warning: Bad language, sex, drugs and violence. Read at your own risk. Based on the song 'good girls by 5 seconds of summer'

  • boys next door ✧ j.g
    21.1K 367 5

    "Excuse me I'm trying to study, but your party is fucking loud!" She told her neighbors pissed. "Sorry, but you should stop being a party pooper and Come hang." One of the guys said. "Hell no, I want to get through college unlike you guys." She said rolling her eyes and walking away. {alternate universe}

  • imessage j.g
    71.4K 779 9

    Aniah So its the fuckboy? Jack I wouldn't really say Imma fuckboy but I think I'm a boy you want to fuck;) ** When a boy gets a girls number at a party and decides to text her resulting in a whirl wind of events. (mainly in text format) slow updates)

  • Daddy- Jack Gilinsky *dirty* fanfic
    64.2K 408 7

    Warning: sexual activity!!

  • F U C K G I R L; J.G
    2.3M 47.7K 54

    i enjoyed toying with boys making them feel what was once done to me, making them see how life on the other side was. but there was a bump in the road, he took my heart without knowing but we both had bad intentions. he was a fuckboy and i was a fuckgirl. no relationships, we simply couldn't resist the love that bonde...

  • the color pink ↠ j.g
    28.6K 778 7

    It was the color her cheeks would turn when she was embarrassed. It was the color my cheeks would turn when her tongue swirled around my tip. It was the color of her favorite flower I would get her every time she was "sick." it was the color her ass would shade whenever I would slap it. It was the color of her walls I...

  • The Babysitter // J.G
    240K 3.7K 38

    In which a seventeen year old girl becomes the Gilinsky's nine year old son's babysitter.

  • One night stand j.g (discontinued)
    34.6K 603 5

    "This was supposed to be a one night stand, we weren't supposed to fall in love" {sexual content} {may contain bad language}

  • babysitter//jg
    41K 640 8

    babysitter ; kylie jenner father of child ; jack gilinsky - in which the babysitter has an affair with her client's dad. idea given by @seasidemendes lowercase intended

  • Daddy | j.g
    543K 9.6K 30

    He kept circling and circling his fingers inside me. I couldn't take it. I needed him now. "Jack please", I moan. "Babygirl that's not my name." "Daddy please."

  • Naughty; j.g
    84.1K 1.3K 14

    "we can't do this," she whispers. " and why not?" he starts to chew on her neck. " it's naughty." " that's what makes me want to do it even more," he smirks. All Rights Reserved To @chokemegilinsky

  • nudes plz? | j.g |
    61K 683 7

    a thick, mixed girl is every guy's weakness. lowercase intended.

  • babygirl ; j.g
    326K 5.4K 47

    "you can call me daddy, babygirl" "okay, daddy"

  • Fucking gilinsky
    696K 14.5K 47

    As I wrapped my legs around him, he lifts me up gently and pushes me against the desk, our lips never detaching. I feel a slight bulge deepen into my thigh and I grin. He's already getting hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got to finally fuck my stepbrother.

  • J E A L O U S Y; J G
    229K 5.8K 18

    for the tables have turned and it was no longer her pain, it was mine. a jealousy turned, hate sequel to with benefits

    Completed   Mature