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  • Hollywood (Camren)
    89K 4.8K 21

    Camila Cabello has brown hair, brown eyes, and her face is on every billboard around the city. I don't need a paternity test to tell me that she's my birth mother because looking at her is like looking in a mirror. Her body isn't covered with scars like mine is; instead, her skin is pure and clear. Everything that her...

  • Better Together (Camren)
    404K 8.4K 32

    Lauren Jauregui is a nobody at school but that all changes when the most popular girl, Camila Cabello, starts to talk to her. But Lauren's friends think Camila and her friends will just hurt her in the end. Will Lauren ignore her? Or keep being her friend, maybe even more?

  • Love and Basketball (Camren)
    1.3M 29.4K 31

    Lauren Jauregui is the star basketball player who happens to be very shy in front of a certain someone. Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader who happens to have something in common with Lauren, what happens when Lauren finally goes after her crush?

  • Talk Me Down (Camren)
    610K 19.4K 25

    After four years of living content and at peace, Camila Cabello is forced to move back to her hometown of Miami, Florida, where she left nothing behind other than bullies and a crush that didn't exactly work out. When she starts her new school, she has plans to fly under the radar, but everything changes when she come...

  • A Hug Instead of Saying Something (Camren)
    1.2M 31.6K 48

    (Completed) Lauren is having a hard time dealing with the sudden death of her husband. She tries to stay strong for their daughter, but keeping it together was harder than she thought it would be. But thank god for Camila, Lauren's best friend who helps her through the loss of her husband. All the while Lauren is igno...

    Completed   Mature
  • My True Love? (Camren)
    127K 1.6K 31

    A rich spoiled Lauren jauregui is a player that gets all the girls but what about this girl. Lets keep reading and see.

  • Just make her happy (Camren)
    258K 6K 18

    A 26-year-old single mother Camila Cabello takes her 8 year old twin boys Logan and Levi to a get new soccer cleats. When they find the shoes they want Logan gets upset because they don't have his size. Camila goes to find help. What happens when she bumps into the owner Lauren Jauregui and asks for assistance?? Read...

  • Love never dies (Camren)
    176K 3.3K 47

    Lauren is new in town. But when she helps Camila Cabello baby sit one night they instantly fall hard for each other. But with drama and bullies and everyone trying to tear them apart, can they make their relationship last? WARNING: Their relationship moves EXTREMELY quickly. Don't start complaining that things move t...

  • Addicted
    247K 5.6K 22

    A chance encounter at Lauren's work place is all that's needed to thrust her into a world she denied herself for so long. And with one taste, she's already addicted.

  • The Blind Side of Love (Camren)
    365K 12.6K 51

    Lauren is a famous actress who - using a fake name - emails Camila after falling in love with one of her drawings, and accidentally befriends her. Only, Camila has no idea who this 'Laura Michelle' really is. *Originally written by Ingrid Diaz. I wanted to put it on Wattpad because it wasn't already there.*

    Completed   Mature
  • strangers [camren]
    408K 10.1K 60

    we're not lovers, we're just strangers. [lauren g¡p] based off 'strangers' by halsey featuring lauren jauregui on hopeless fountain kingdom

  • Fixes
    221K 5.7K 32

    Lauren is a multimillionaire, running a worldwide shipping company. She avoids any sort of feelings by occupying herself with her family's business. Well, that's until she meets Camila. Camila is kind-hearted and could always put a smile on someone's face. But Camila has a secret and this secret could kill her...lite...

  • Three Is A Crowd
    1.5M 56.5K 53

    Winner of THE FANFICTION AWARDS 2018 for BEST OF THE REST FANFIC, And Runner Up for "BEST LGBT FANFIC" WINNER OF THE HARMOS 2017 FOR "BEST CAMREN FANFICTION" Highest Ranking: #2 in camrenfanfic #52 in camren #167 in Fanfiction Lauren Jauregui hates school (among other things), but she has to finish college for her t...

  • Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic)
    346K 9.6K 1

    Lauren and Normani had been wanting a child since before they were even engaged, but somehow things never worked out. But when things finally seem to be looking up, they're hit with yet another surprise, will they embrace it? Or let it slip away?

  • The Kick Boxer's Girl
    879K 22.4K 47

    Lauren Jauregui is the schools star athlete, but she doesn't play a typical school sport, she's a kick boxer. Camila Cabello is a smart girl with a secret she nobody knows about, she's constantly picked on until one day when she meets Lauren. Will Lauren be able to figure out her little secret? Highest rating: #139...

  • My Plan (Camren)
    160K 4.4K 45

    SEQUAL to The Back Up Plan (You don't really need to read TBUP to read this)😂

  • Only You Can Break Me
    300K 5K 35

    Sequel to Only You Can Save Me Set two years after the end of the original book. Lauren G!P

  • It'll Be Our Secret
    47.1K 752 42

    Camila has had a HUGE crush on Lauren for a long time. In fact, ever since Lauren and Camila met, Lauren has felt the same way. Lauren acted like she didn't feel the same way as Camila and said she felt weird about them being "shipped" together. Will this ruin their relationship forever? Or make it stronger? Warning ⚠...

  • Blowaster (Camren)
    618K 17.1K 31

    How many people look for a love like theirs? Safe, full of love, cliché, mischievous, naughty, with a bit of jealousy, full of hugs, kisses, sex, companionship, hand-holding, affection, and without a care in the world... Perfect, right? Not when that 'love' is only seen on screen. Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello po...

  • Deliver Your Love (Camren AU)
    401K 13.1K 23

    Camila was about to go home one night after her shift at the restaurant. She got one last unexpected delivery and it happened to be an order for the Jaureguis. The Jaureguis were the three most popular students in school, however, Camila never really paid any attention to them. That night though, she caught the attent...

  • My Other Half (Camren)
    278K 6K 39

    One of the hardest things to deal with is being secretly in love with your best friend.

    Completed   Mature
  • From a virgin to a mother (Camren)
    215K 5.5K 21

    Lauren G!P// After begging her best friend to help lose her virginity, Camila didn't imagine becoming pregnant at the age of 18 with Lauren being the father.

  • Rude© (Camren)
    329K 8.5K 38

    You know what they say..Opposites Attract.

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Closed Doors (CAMREN)
    70.8K 1.4K 23

    Lauren Jauregui (25) is a Grammy award winning artist who is openly gay. She is known as a feminist, activist, and a complete badass. Camila Cabello (24) is a model, but she is in the closet. When a secret is revealed and Lauren hears about it, what will happen? Official Trailer for Behind Closed Doors: https://www...

  • The Bet (Camren)
    108K 2.4K 14

    Camila was always quiet not because she was shy she just didn't like people. Lauren already showed that she liked the brown-eyed girl but Camila didn't feel the same. What happens when Camila accepts a bet placed by her friends that she couldn't get into Lauren's pants before the day was done? Will Lauren find out? Wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Last Chance (Camren)
    134K 3.4K 35

    After the emotional rollercoaster that Camila and Lauren faced when they got into a relationship, they both decided to leave eachother alone and let one other move on. They were toxic for eachother.. That didn't work out though.. With Lauren suddenly being pregnant of Camila's baby, the younger girl was forced to be...

  • Sweet Nothing ➳ Camren
    1M 25.7K 31

    Head cheerleader Camila and Badass Lauren have never gotten along, but when Camila's pride and reputation are on the line she gets a little desperate...and Lauren just happens to be there to help her out. Everything has its consequences though. _____________________________ Give it a chance! It's a great story! Conver...

    Completed   Mature
  • Experiments
    3.7M 48.2K 27

    A lot of girls experiment in college; it's natural. It's no different at the University of Miami, and when they're looking to experiment, they know exactly who to go to. But what will happen when she finally falls for one of the girls she hooks up with?

  • Another Problem
    1.5M 28.7K 58

    Sequel to One Problem Does Lauren finally find out about her child? I mean obviously she does but how she gonna react? Will she forgive and forget? Or will she never forgive Camila and continue on with her blissful, free life?