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  • Ji Eun's Idol Life
    289K 7.2K 181

    Lee Ji Eun is an internatinal K-pop star. She always lived with her father and her step-mother as her parents divorced when she was just ten years old. Overcoming her struggles, she was casted into YG and began her idol career. She is known as the "Nation's Goddess" with her mature beauty and explosive charms. This st...

  • Instagram ; JG
    85.4K 1.3K 24

    A girl who stumbles across a young man when he decides to comment on her photo...

  • MONSTER, stefan salvatore [2]
    984K 28.2K 54

    "Not all monsters do monstrous things." [4x15-6x22+8x16] [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES] [BOOK 2 IN THE NATALIE SALTZMAN SERIES] [2017 TVD FANFICTION AWARDS WINNER] [COMPLETED]

  • Deapool { A The Vampire Diaries X The Originals X Teen Wolf Crossover}
    5.8K 83 5

    "Elena and I did a bad, bad thing." In which a supernatural deadpool is released, leaving the hunted to join forces and run for their lives. Extended synopsis inside and first chapter is up!

  • The Rise [1]
    232K 9.4K 22

    ❝I am nothing but collateral damage.❞ Book 1 [ From Dusk Till Dawn, The Series ― Season 1 ] [ Mature Content ] © Copyright 2016 | versaced

  • 24/7 ⇢ EVA MOHN
    1.4K 92 3

    ❝Come on, it's just one date. It's not like you'll get chlamydia or something.❞ While at one of the famous penetrator parties, Erik Tryggvason - also known as Penetrator Erik - meets Eva Mohn and instantly becomes fascinated with her. ( SKAM ) ( SEASON ONE - THREE ) ( EVA MOHN X MALE OC )

  • Just Like Fire ▹ Dump Truck | Liv and Maddie
    213K 5.5K 14

    ❝You have fire in your eyes. Never let it burn out.❞ __ [Liv and Maddie] [Season 2]

  • Livewire ⇢ Hayden Romero
    12.7K 642 8

    ❝I’ve been depending on the overgrown Too many lovers that I’ll never know Counting my losses as I let them go Heavy the water as I sink below... Oh won’t you be my livewire? Make me feel like I’m set on fire Your love will take me higher and higher Oh won’t you be my livewire?❞ Paisley Martin always had snarky remark...

    6K 451 8

    In which Allison Argent helps Marina Diaz get the girl [TEEN WOLF SEASON ONE]

  • Latina //Nate Maloley
    206K 3.3K 37

    She is a new girl in a new school and what will happen when she finds out she is pregnant?Who is the father?would the father pussy out or nah?

  • Bad Girl //N.M
    37.3K 750 7

    "I know she is hot dude, but good luck getting her... She's the bad Girl" In which the new guy at school, falls for the towns bad Girl

  • instagram // j.g.
    5.5M 83.6K 177

    @jackgilinsky commented on your photo • [lowercase intended]

  • Instagram - Jack Johnson
    696K 8.7K 81

    Did you ever think that an Instagram picture could change your life? Keep reading to see how Meredith's life changed.

  • RUPTURE ▷ Teen Wolf [Book 3 - SLOW UPDATES]
    71K 1.6K 19

    [Book 3 in the Kelsey McCall series] A few weeks after having mass sacrifices made by the darach, and a pack of alphas terrorizing the town...Kelsey and her friends find out that both Scott, Stiles and Allison are suffering from nightmares after their near-death experiences caused from being surrogate sacrifices. Alon...

  • Cordy || Teen Wolf || ON HOLD
    5.6K 311 9

    "I still remember it, I was out of control. My fingers were numb with the feel of his flesh and his fear stank, but I had this hunger, this immense feeling of power inside me. I was terrified, but it felt good. So good. Feeling his pulse disintegrate under my fingertips sent this chilling shot of adrenaline across my...

  • Reform (Season Four Teen Wolf)
    12.8K 286 12

    Isaac may be gone, but Natalie Lahey isn't going anywhere. With her new goal of trying to move on from what happened to Boyd, trying to change back into her old life of her more relaxed and easy-going and just free to do whatever she wants, Natalie is trying to to come back. For good.

  • Eyes ~ e. o'connor
    83.1K 2.3K 23

    "never make a promise you can't keep" Mae was no ordinary girl, she was peculiar. Often referred to as an open book; her eyes being a dead giveaway to show whatever she was feeling. Her deep dark personality had always gotten the better of her; that was until she came across a certain mysterious boy. - Stay Peculiar

  • 1000 years to long(the orignals fan fiction)
    54.9K 1K 28

    Darlene de bargay was auroras "soul sister",Tristan's fiancé,and luciens life long childhood best friend.Well,until the mikaelsons came along and ruined everything while fixing it.What happened back in 972 A.D.?Why does Tristan,Lucien and klaus all have a thing for her?What happens when all of them reunite and see eac...

  • Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1]
    1.6M 65.3K 81

    When Stiles' trusty Jeep falters on him, the sarcastic boy is caught in a drifting state and only one person can see him. Jacy, a whisperer of sorts, has dealt with plenty of ghosts, but Stiles is a different case entirely. She has to put Stiles back in his body before it's too late and hopefully survive something cal...

  • Mundanes ~ Shadowhunters
    151K 4.1K 38

    After trying to help Simon in bringing Clary back to the mundane world , Tamsin finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into a world that she never knew existed. Despite being in denial to the new world around her Tamsin soon realises that she has a big part to play in the world of shadowhunters and downworlders...

    275K 7.7K 19

    "The fact that everything if fine is worrying you? Of course it is," "I'm serious, Xander," She hisses at him, slapping her hand against his shoulder. "This is not how wars happen," "Why do you assume it's a war?" "Well it's hardly a meet and greet," » in which Carlisle Cullen looks for help and a pair of Salvators c...

  • METAHUMANS, the flash gif series.
    451K 16K 87

    METAHUMANS. ミ☆ ' may the speedforce be with you. ' highest ranking #8 in gifs ( the flash gif series ! ) © wallywests, unlike the flash, slow updates

  • Heroic - Dean Winchester
    59.5K 1.6K 12

    In which the daughter of God is asked to watch and help the Winchesters. "You really thought Jesus was the only one" "Well yeah." Jessie Duncan wasn't your average girl. She was the kind of girl who could take down anyone in her way. She was stubborn and didn't give up easily. So when her father, God, tells her to wat...

  • Soulmate ✧ isaac lahey [2] ✓
    242K 7K 32

    With Isaac now a werewolf, his and Kayla's bond is more powerful than ever. An alpha pack has made it's way into Beacon Hills, bringing death and chaos with them. They do something to Kayla - something that can't be taken away - and it'll make all hell break loose. ►►► [Book two in Savior series] [winner of 'best isa...

  • Glory And Gold » Supernatural
    2.8K 191 1

    ❝ I can't give you glory and gold. I can't give you a family - ❞ ❝ I don't want any of that, if I can't have it with you. ❞ | Season Three |

  • Gold ➳ Lydia Martin
    139K 6.5K 17

    After a lifetime of training to become the man and hunter his deceased father was, Miles Argent learns from his cousin, Allison, that there are other things worth fighting for. And for Miles, Lydia Martin just might be one of those things. [Teen Wolf] [Season Two]

  • All My Love | Ezra Fitz [SU]
    17.7K 336 4

    "I love you Ezra." "I love you too." [Pretty Little Liars] [Season 1 - 2] [Ezra Fitz] Plot by @elisadoolittle Cover by @mollyyhoran

  • Eternal Flame ↦ Niklaus Mikaelson [ On Hold]
    111K 2.8K 11

    "Wherever there is desire there is going to be a flame" He whispered "And whenever there is a flame someone is bound to get burn" "But Just because it burns doesn't mean you're going to die" She answered with the same low voice. [The Originals s1 - ? ]