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  • Stranded Star
    56 9 6

    Astrid has been dead for a long time. Those who knew her mourn the loss but ultimately move on with their lives inside a prison where the sun never rises. When she suddenly returns from the dead, a group of four elementals must help Astrid rediscover who she is and the power she holds in order to save themselves...

  • The Lost Nation: Nkechi the Renegade (Book 2)
    7.2K 911 13

    Since her birth, Nkechi's has been reassured by the fact that her life was predestined. Her fate was written on her skin for all to see and sealed by her fathers lips for everyone to hear. She was Funai, a holy sorceress of the Feri tribe and she was to be betrothed to the favoured Dahara warrior, Kofi. The white mark...

  • Rebound ✔️
    414K 6.8K 16

    Featured in DangerousLove and Military Reads [This contains mature situations and language] She is a single mother in the middle of the worst breakup. He is a Marine coping with the aftermath of war. Hailie Scott is on the verge of a wretched downfall. She can barely pay her electric bill, let alone keep a roof ove...

  • The Blood Red Path
    342K 21.6K 16

    How do you fight the Moon? The King has fallen to a God. The world is gathering, surrounding the Northern hemisphere on all side, crushing, strangling the land in a tight noose. All they demand is Charlie's head. The female Alpha born from two alphas. The first of her kind. Charlie's mother Victoria was the first fe...

  • Wolf's Kin (Monstrous Hearts #3)
    180K 12.4K 29

    She survived being hunted. Now she must learn how to live as a hunter... Free of the past and its lingering ghosts, Alice knows it's time to face who she really is: a witch girl marked by her mother's madness. A shapeshifter who can become a wolf as easily as her enigmatic lover, Colton. A creature with her own savage...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinful
    1M 32.3K 41

    Explicit Context...18+ "There's no way out of this for her." he smirked allowing me a glimpse of his pearly teeth "Unless of course you take her place." he added his chilling blue eyes fixing on me "Take her place in the deal?" I asked stupidly He nodded, his lips spread further and his eyes narrowing to thin slits "A...

  • Kitty's Witch
    214K 2.2K 3


  • Strung (Rock & Romance I.)
    412K 23.3K 57

    London Grey is known for two things - her passion for her incredible artistic talent, and her undying love for the band Hazmat. But what happens when those two intertwine one day? Lukas LaBelle is the guitarist for the most famous band on Earth. He writes riffling solos and breaks hearts as often as he changes guitar...

  • Steamer's Tea Sample & Trixie's interview on #MCchat
    1.2K 137 8

    Bernadette and Beatrix Austen have only each other, broken as children, they try move forward together after their grandmum's death... But when a sister repeats her mother's mistakes, can she be forgiven? Wild-child Trixie grew up a gypsy and was all about the party until she landed in jail. Sensible Bernadette went...

  • Taken (Sinful Series:book1)
    1.3M 17.3K 10

    When Violet's mateless status designated her to serve as a breeder, she marked the very detainee she was assigned to seduce, giving him his life back in exchange for her freedom. Their arrangement, while simple in nature, would bring unforeseen consequences. Two minutes and a half. One hundred and fifty seconds. That...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixing Noah / Finding Noah - #ForNoah
    44.5K 3.6K 63

    A broken marriage. A new job. She works as a Personal Assistant on the ForNoah Youtube channel. Noah is on the autistic spectrum and she fixes things for him. He's a shipwright and creates beautiful works of art. She's a woman starting over who meets a man trying to start. This is their story. -Excerpt- "Having Aspe...

  • Bessa
    3.4M 183K 72

    COMPLETED "Let me see your face." Savage, fierce, unforgiving, the world of the Far North is nothing like the land of Dunes where Bessa was birthed. From the first moment Bessa's feet touch the Far Northern land she has to fight tooth and claw for her rightful place within a pack that holds strict to the Old Ways. S...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rogue's Hunter
    124K 1.2K 1

    This story is now on hold. The clock ticks... Ember has always had a special ability to tell the future. She is a Spirit Talker who lives a simple life with her family until one fateful night she becomes a Bitten. A danger to her family and those she loves the most, she can no longer stay in the only home she has eve...

  • Wolf's Path (Monstrous Hearts: The Short Stories)
    45.6K 2.4K 10

    A collection of short stories set in the world of Monstrous Hearts. Some are prequels, taken from Alice and Colton's pasts before they met each other. Some are moments of their life together left unseen in the main stories. Still others reveal deeper glimpses into the people around them. Tender morsels and savage b...

  • Love Bites (Crescent City Werewolves: The Short Stories)
    36.6K 2.2K 12

    A collection of stories all connected by one thing: Crescent City, the domain of werewolves. Slip through the streets of this city of magic and luxury, and you'll see alpha-kings with scars beneath their suits and blood staining the diamonds worn by their queens. Humans may be found there, too, scraping out a life in...

  • Secrets in the Moon (Crescent City Werewolves #1)
    68K 7K 36

    In Crescent City, the domain of werewolves, ferocity bristles beneath fine suits and glittering jewels. No hunger is too savage and no urge is too forbidden. And yet even these ancient streets of strange magic and spilled blood are about to be threatened by something unknown. Something feral. Something eager to butche...

  • The Sidekick Program
    3.9K 402 11

    ❝YOU WILL HAVE A WORLD FILLED WITH ADORING FANS, ALL OF THEM CHANTING YOUR NAME. YOU'LL BE MORE THAN A CELEBRITY. YOU WILL BE A GOD.❞ After getting mixed up with the wrong people, spending time locked away, Elizabeth is put into the Sidekick Program as a form of rehabilitation. She gets herself paired with The Magicia...

  • Odin's Prize
    4.1M 267K 68

    •Completed• Featured Wattpad Story How do you fight the moon? It's not Charlie you've been waiting for, it's always been, Odin. Follow this epic journey of Odin and Charlie in the world where tooth and claw rule. Where the very belief systems of wolves are challenged on the most fundamental levels. There is only one t...

  • Wolf Cop | Origins
    69.3K 4.2K 39

    "You have the right to remain silent, but I dare you to try..." 💋Paranormal Romance 💋Highest Ranking- Who the hell knows! 💋1st place winner- #WolvesAfterDark As a hot-shot detective in the great city of Chicago, there wasn't much Dominic Hastings hadn't seen in his life time of thirty-three years. 'To Serve and Pr...

  • Changing Tides
    9.7K 693 8

    When the tides change and the life you knew begins to falter beneath your feet, what do you do? Do you cling to the kaleidoscopic memories that anchor you to the past... Or do you you take a step forward and let the tumultuous churning waves carry you out to sea? Do you even have a choice? This is a companion novel i...

  • The Lost Tribe: Maliha the Wanderer (Book 1)
    1.1M 68.4K 64

    *WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 19/07/2018* Maliha is a wanderer. She has been for the past 3 years. Her journey began the day the man she loved betrayed her for her adoptive sister's hand in marriage. In a heartbroken rage, she stumbles down the mountain away from the only place she has known as home, travelling for years an...

  • Gaston | ON HOLD
    10.7K 628 12

    "No one's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston. No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's." ●●●●● After falling from the castle of that furry-legged, foul-smelling Beast, Gaston couldn't fathom how things could possibly get any worse. That is, of course, until a run in with Agatha suddenly leaves him banish...

  • The Masked Professor
    700 43 9

    A modern adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera where Erik falls for his student, Christine, at the university he works and she attends. Will they risk it all for a chance at love, or will Christine decide to go for Ray (Raoul), a childhood friend?

  • Wolfskin *ON HOLD*
    65.6K 3.9K 16

    *ON HOLD* Inspiration is kind of lacking for this story and it's too cliché atm so this is on hold for the foreseeable future. HOWEVER I am currently working on a new Werewolf book called Crescent Born so go check that out if ya fancy (much more original) ☾☽ When the police reveal seventeen-year-old Brielle's Mom to b...

  • Dreaming of Fireflies *rewrites*
    2.8K 365 20

    Alayke Tru lost everything in her life with a single bullet. All her family is dead. She's ignored by almost everyone. All she wants to do is go home but home doesn't exist anymore. If Alakye is willing to take the risk, she can disappear into the world of magic. And never look back. That can only happen if sh...

  • WOLFSKIN (formerly known as: The 7th Claim).
    43.2K 1.9K 11

    Matched. That was the word he used for what was between us. Matched. For me, there would be no conceding. But his defeat. Matched. He used the word between our space. A binding word that my will rebels against. Matched. 'Bind me beneath the Wolfskin, he said.' Matched. He may have this town fooled and cowardly bowing...

  • RIDE
    1.7M 12.5K 54

    Evelynn Marsano has been gone for a year, but very little has changed. Her brother's still a legend in underground races. The same girls still hate her. The same boy still makes her heart race and resolve weak. But this time she won't let him get close enough to hurt her. Not again. Not like before. Westen Burke jus...

  • Beneath The Skin (Twin Peaks, #1)
    238K 18.4K 39

    New house, new life, new start. Lucinda Cartwright's life was thrown into chaos after her father and step mother died. She became the sole provider for her younger sister, Mary-Beth in a single moment. Uncertainty cloaked her and she decided that moving across country would help them have a fresh start. Twin Peaks w...