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  • A Spider And A Shadow (Spider-Gwen X M! Reader)
    1.8K 66 2

    In Brooklyn Visions Academy, Y/n L/n was a student that would always be late, even though he was a superhero called Shadow Agent. He would always be out at night finding crime to stop but would find little to none. During his school time, he had only one friend and crush, Gwen Stacy. What if he found out that his crus...

  • Playtime (Yandere Esdeath x Reader)
    17.9K 373 4

    I know you haven't had the greatest life, Y/N, but I can give you anything you desire. You can't run, you are MY toy, and it's playtime. Characters from Akame Ga Kill SPOILERS

  • Yandere Esdeath x Mute Male reader
    104K 1.2K 11

    Y/N and Sarah were at work and helping out with the village and people with the food and water to survive and having a good day. Sarah told Y/N to get some wood for the fire to cook as Y/N went outside and going to the forest and getting wood but at the time he heard screaming and explosions from the village and he sa...

  • The Silver Dragon
    159K 1.8K 14

    Y/n Wick was the last faunus of his kind, a dragon faunus. Forced into hiding after his family was murdered, Y/n has survived by disguising himself as a human for the last 6 years. Then one night he finds himself starting a whole new adventure. What will happen next?

  • Murderer male reader x Rwby (Paused)
    35.5K 381 11

    You lied everything you said was a lie I trusted you and you......lied now you will face the consequences I will expose your lies and fill the streets with the body's of the innocents and huntsman's and with their blood I will write your name Ozpin I will kill everyone in your circle and end your war along with everyo...

  • Shadow Monarch Hero: Deku
    752K 18.4K 105

    Izuku Midoriya is the World's weakest E-Rank Hero. Barely able to pay for his mother's medical bills and keep himself alive, Izuku finds himself waking up in a hospital bed after supposedly dying. Suddenly blessed with his very own "Quirk," Izuku is no longer the weakest. In fact, he just might very well become the st...

  • I Love Him More!
    16.1K 314 7

    Izuku Midoriya has and will face many challenges as the successor to All Might. But what about the challenge of romance that will whirlwind into his life, no matter how dense and insecure he is? All rights to Horikoshi

  • Izuku Midoriya The king of Iron Fists (BNHA x Tekken)
    4.6K 70 4

    Izuku Midoriya the resident cinnamon roll of class 1-A has been behaving very weird lately, he would disappear and come back to the dorms very late to participate in fights in the underground as a way of training, but of course the very diligent and definitely not accident prone class 1A does not know that, what if on...

  • Enemy's Or Lovers? (Female Creepypasta x male killer reader) (Discontinued)
    80.7K 628 10

    Lol this book is cringe Uh yeah do whatever you want and ignore all my outta chapter sh*t, I was a cringey child so yeah lol- Just keep the inappropriate stuff to a minimum please, it is still kinda uncomfortable to read that stuff. But yeah besides I don't care what ya comment lol- Enjoy this sh*tty old book I made t...

  • Female-Creepypastas X Male(Dragonkin)Reader
    34.3K 254 30

    I wanted to take a swing at this and why? Because I feel like there could be a few where you actually work for your strength and power like one I read a certain time ago. And in this one you are not going to just in one day join a mansion, you are going to work for your powers, you are going to WORK for your place. An...

  • The Son Of Death (A Female Creepypasta Fanfic)
    55.6K 533 22

    Shawn was a bullied kid close to the breaking point. When Slenderwoman decided that he should stay with them everything fell apart, including his sanity as something strange begins to happen to him.

  • vengeance for my hero
    7.3K 109 19

    2020 me was cringe. this is trash and i gave up on it. stop reading it. it aint good This is going to be insane. Given that I'm writing it at 3 am but I enjoy writing. Also if you happen to read this and you dont enjoy it then I am sorry. This will include a lot of ships Im not sure yet but i think it will include som...

  • The Devil luck Huntsman: Izuku (bnha x rwby)
    965 17 4

    Huntsmen and Huntresses all trained with a team of four fighting, training, eating, sleeping, and crying together to all grow and become Pro hunters with a sense of teamwork and justice But there are the rare few who trained without this type of environment Who trained and became pros through sheer will and determina...

  • The Fallen
    207K 2.9K 17

    "Dad? Do you want to play with me?" *turns away* "Mom? Can you please help me with my homework?" *turns away* "Izumi? Do you think I'll be a hero?" *laughs* "Why? Why me? Why? WHY GOD DAMMIT?!" • • • Izuku and Izumi Yagi went to the quirk doctor with their Mother to get their quirks checked. They w...

  • 𝓘 𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓵 𝓐𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓨𝓸𝓾
    578 22 2

    What happens when someone is thrown into a world that is not their own? What happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object? What happens when a God decided to be the Devil for a while? What happens when a Being that could rival the Gods get angered? If you think I am throwing random questions then you'r...

  • Izuku the Amazon King
    108K 2.9K 33

    What started out as a pleasant field trip to the Bahamas turned into a nightmare quickly for the members of UA and their chaperones. Stranded and unable to get home, Izuku and his classmates/loved ones are trapped on an island inhabited by Amazonian warriors with strange powers. Things become worse for Izuku when he r...

  • Not as it seems (Fem!Shoto x Izuku)
    4.9K 122 4

    The basic plot is Izuku Yagi and his sister Izumi Yagi at 4 years old get their quirks however, while Izumi gets an angelic like quirk Izuku isn't as lucky and gets a demonic like quirk which leads to those around him to turn their backs on him. P.S. This is my first fanfic so if somethings are wrong or contradict the...

  • A Kept Grudge
    107K 1.7K 7

    What if our Cinnamon Roll Izuku Midoriya had resentment towards Katsuki Bakugo? After experiencing years of constant physical bullying, verbal abuse and now being told to commit suicide something snaps within Deku. No longer is he the submissive shy boy we see in cannon. He is confident, competitive and had a grudge...

  • Iron Fist: Izuku Kazama
    137K 1.7K 16

    In a world of hero the powerful protect's the powerless. due to genetic evolution of Human's quirk's arrived but only 80% of the people have them, Izuku yagi a boy with a "genetic disorder" was rendered quirkless but little did he know his power is far from quirk's

  • Angel Of Fire
    10.5K 212 4

    Izuku has a quirk. Dark Flames. he sprouts dark wings and can summon black fire. he masters the art of flying and becomes a great hero

  • Good News
    191K 6.6K 24

    Among quirks several types are discriminated against. Mutants are called freaks, quirks that destroy without any kind of flashieness are considered dangerous and best avoided, lesser quirks are considered useless and the only way a young wielder can avoid the bullying is by knowing a quirkless. And last but not least...

  • The Esper! (MHA X MALE ESPER OC)
    24.3K 327 4

    This is about Ronin. A very special person born with the rarest of quirks. A quirk That can not be stolen or duplicated in any way shape or form. The beginning of his life is filled with...hardship. But with the help of people that will help him stray away from darkness and step into the light, he will learn what it t...

  • I Am No Hero. (Male OC X MHA)
    7.6K 102 2

    In a world where only it's female inhabitants are born with special abilities called quirks. Males are only really cared for because they're needed for reproduction. How do you think they will react when they discover that an assassin is among them?

  • The Monster Within: Abused male reader x RWBY
    9.5K 172 4

    A kid. Was called a monster for 12 years, for no reason. Abused and neglected by not one, but 3 families. Each family mentally tortured him, bringing him to the brink of death. Through those years, he closed himself off, fighting for his life. Now he's different. He's no long scared. He's seen death with his own 2...

  • The Survivor: Bullied Reader X BNHA
    5K 97 3

    Not getting anything outa me. Just good old ark and BNHA and a lot of abuse I don't own you I don't own ark I don't own BNHA

  • Hero to Men
    3.6K 65 4

    In a world where only women have powers called quirks, one boy is born with a quirk to turn the tide. While men are treated like cattle, Izuku Midoriya is a beacon of hope to a equalist group who deems him their champion. With everyone looking to him can he bring justice to the people while trying to not get swarmed b...

  • A Butler and his Mistress
    7.5K 160 7

    After the Midoriya family was murdered outside the Yaoyorozu estate by a vengeful employee by mistake, the Yaoyorozu's decide to take him in. Years later he becomes the Head Butler and personal bodyguard to Momo Yaoyorozu. They must now go through obstacles such as the LoV (League of Villians), the proposed arranged m...

  • The Killing Vigilante
    48K 987 10

    Izuku Midoriya is the son of a very powerful villain, one that didn't want his son involved in his line of work. On the villains way out, he encountered his nemesis, forcing him into seclusion. Later his nemesis married his wife, and there were two kids the same age in the Yagi household. Izuku's stepsister, Izuma Yag...

  • Betrayal, or a Blessing
    23.9K 434 6

    (I don't own BNHA or DC comics) Izuku was having a great life, he just finished his internship with Torino, and was heading back to class when something unexpected happened. Traitor, garbage, space waister, these were some of the names he heard.

  • Quirkfull
    12.9K 205 4

    Izuku looked around all he could see was bars, cold hard steel. His cellmate called out to him in vain, Izuku was having a flashback of when his whole life started to look down. Though there's always a silver lining, and he found the best one possible. After a freak accident with four villains, Izuku has a choice, wha...