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  • The Lavery Twins
    2M 41.3K 28

    Growing up with Shane and Matt - the Lavery twins next door, Holly can't seem to get rid of them. With her dad always gone, Holly has always been forced to stay with them - having to put up with the constant teasing, bugging, bear kidnapping and name-calling. All her life. However, as years go by, Holly gets older...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ever After
    2.5M 65.1K 53

    Having a famous rockstar as your childhood best friend isn't all that great. Carson should know since hers just so happens to be the handsome yet arrogant lead singer of the band, Ever After, named Vincent Gray and if anything, they can't stand each other. When Vincent Gray is forced to go back to his old life in Toro...

  • Shattered (Watty Awards 2011!)
    402K 9.9K 23

    Peter's life is perfect - he's rich, young, talented, and maybe even handsome. And then suddenly his joy-ride in "one of those new-fangled horseless carriages" goes all wrong, proving fatal, but mercifully crippling him. Now he's disgusted with himself and dreadfully lonely, living on the third floor of his gilt townh...

  • Never Again
    1M 32.2K 38

    Rebuild! When you hit rock bottom there's only one place to go. For Erin Thomas a move, a new job and hopefully a new start was what she needed to bury the last few disastrous years. But she didn't count on meeting magnanimous and famous Jack Reilly. She'd sworn she'd not get into another relationship, but does he ha...

  • Roommates with a Player
    9.7M 219K 57

    Some people just have all the luck. Emma Hark is not one of them. After the tragic death of her parents, she's been taken in by the infamous Stephens family; a family that is filthy rich, high class, and elegant beyond imagination. Not being country club material in any way, Emma must hoop through the many obstacles t...

  • Picture This
    6M 166K 44

    Ian Macpherson and Charlotte (or Charlie, as Ian calls her) Henry had been the best of friends since either could remember. But when Charlotte's mother dies of cancer when she was thirteen, Charlotte goes into a depression that even Ian can't help her out of and pushed them farther and farther apart. Charlotte's dep...

  • The Boy Who Lost His Sight
    17.5M 242K 27

    [SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHED IN OCTOBER 2016] - LINK TO PURCHASE E-BOOK ON MY MESSAGE BOARD! "Why are you being nice to me? I'm a freak, I'm blind," Riley had once asked her, but Ellie could never answer that question, and she would never be able to. Ellie Burke is just this simple town girl, who will never look at the wr...

    8.7M 143K 46

    "ALASKA" THE FIRST BOOK IN THE WOLFSTATE CHRONICLES, IS NOW AVAILABLE IN EBOOK + PRINT! EBOOK $4.99 // PRINT $21.99 ~*~ After Chloe Pryce's final careless mistake, she's forced to move from sunny California to live with her father in rural Alaska. Where Chloe is greeted by the town's finest and fiercest boy; Grayson...

  • Soul Bound (Completed)
    3.7M 77.4K 39

    *Formerly called Love Happened* Mila had an ordinary life. A cute boyfriend. Parents who were still happily married. From an outsider’s perspective, Mila had everything. Nobody knew just how restless she was. Neither did she know about the genes that lay dormant within her until Luca De Angelis came into her life in...

  • Custodian
    234K 6.8K 38

    The werewolf world is in danger of being wiped out thanks to The Hunters trying to kill them and Vampires being addicted to werewolf’s delicious tasting blood. In order to keep the young werewolves safe they created an academy for the young wolves that Vampires are unable to access and The Hunters can’t find. Lexi is...

  • Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series 1)
    3.4M 47.5K 66

    Born into a powerful family, the world is at his feet. Yet, Dean fights a daily battle within. His only solace is the darkness, which covers him completely, consuming his raging soul. He is going under. His only salvation is her. And he will have her at all costs... even to the point of death. Slammed with an ultimatu...

  • "Bad Mr. Principal"
    2.6M 17.9K 44

    Mr. Colt is the new principal of a small town elementary school. He just moved back to the town after a bad break up. He has been gone for 10 years now so everything has changed still some people are still the same. His 1st day of work he arrives late and when he walks into his office there is a nice plate of cooki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demonic Angel
    357K 7.6K 34

    Cover made by Forever_Young2296 Kylah Banks is not your average girl. Abandoned at an orphanage when she was a baby she found out young that people in life can be cruel. Having been born with strange anomalies, she was lucky when the Banks came alone and adopted her. Now she is grown running her own bounty hunter busi...

  • I Wear Boys Underwear
    349K 6.8K 24

    Austin loves football, there really is no going around that fact. So when her Powder-puff team is disbanded due to athletic budget cuts, she disguises herself as a boy named Skye and spends the summer at the rival teams football camp. There she meets Blaine, the sex god of all sex gods', who is, not so secretly, in lo...

  • Runaway Bride (Editing)
    4.9M 89.8K 44

    The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. Both, Derrick and Angela had a few friends over that evening, they stayed in the same hotel but in different rooms. Except the next day Angela was no w...

  • Taking his woman's heart
    1.3M 31.2K 34

    Jake Travis doctor and billionaire wanted nothing more than to find the woman of his dreams but yet the the lovely but prickly Officer Louise Ohara of the Texas police department had his attention well and truly stuck. Louise ohara holds in all the pain that still haunts her and a secret that few are privvy to. She ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let's Play a Game
    3.9M 90.1K 40

    Adjusting to a new school is hard. Maxynn Chase would know about that better than anyone. When she first entered Corvus High School, everyone mispronounced her name and targeted her as the school's playboy's next victim. But a year later, things have changed. People could finally pronounce her name and were now convin...

  • The Draykon Series (1-3)
    1.7M 19.1K 105

    A sweeping epic fantasy series full of mystery and adventure, rare jewels and mythical creatures. Ancient legends don't come back to life. Until they do... The vast, winged draykoni once ruled the skies of the Seven Realms, uncontested and unstoppable - so the stories say. But they are only tales. Aren't they? A shy...

  • Rent-A-Mate : Reunion Roundup
    283K 10.3K 20

    Ashton Collum is going through a rough time after his divorce. To keep up his family ranch, he is going to have to take desperate measures. When his friend offers him a job as an escortfor a week he takes it. Little did he know what he was getting into. Unable to see her best friend go on another family reunion al...

  • Met his match (editing)
    1.2M 32K 35

    What happens when the ranch owner falls for the quiet librarian with a dark secret and what happens when her dark secret catches up with her. Katie Woodward is a quiet libraraian with a secret Leo Travis is a hardcore cowboy ranch owner with a mean temper what see what happens when their world collide and her secrets...

  • I Write Romances, Not Live Them
    1.4M 41.6K 28

    Five-time New York Times #1 bestseller, Adelaide Maddox, is not like normal 21 year-olds for many reasons. Not only is she one of the most popular romance novelists, she's hiding something from her readers. She's never been in love, never even been kissed. And when Addy's faithful editor retires and a newer, hotter re...

  • The Eye of Chaos (Council of Champions Book One) ✔️
    83.1K 2.3K 46

    War. Blood. Death. Sadness. Guilt. As the third prince of the world's most powerful country, Fileatte, Kei knows none of those things. He is the outcast prince that everyone knows and laughs about in their homes. The boy without a mother. The boy who was born with silver hair. The boy who hides a cursed eye. Yet, he i...

  • Painful Rejection - Fate in Blood Trilogy: Book One
    3.7M 56.6K 53

    Who knew a simple rejection to ignite the flames of a potential war? Harmony Kensworth certainly wasn't aware this would happen. Especially since she had always been an average girl with simple desires and expectations in life. Until the day she could no longer handle her mate's rejection and everything changed. But t...

  • My Italian Summer
    77K 1.7K 10

    A girl named Adriana gets sent over to Rome in Italy for summer break. In Italy she has to learn Italian at a college there for her job. The plans have already been made for her to stay with another girl about the same age who also goes to the college. When the apartment set ups get messed up Adriana gets put in an ap...

  • Evolution (Book 1 of POE chronicles)
    1.5M 45.8K 40

    *Over 1.4 million reads - published on Amazon* My name is Abigail Beckett, and this is 2415, the human race is no longer the only intellectual species on this planet. After the third and the fourth world war in the early 2000s, the Earth was almost wiped clean. This cause drastic change in the environment and mass ext...

  • Mr High and Mighty
    589K 6.7K 41

    There's always that one golden boy in the school. The boy all girls want to date and the one most guys look up to. Yeah, Leo Gallagher was his name. You probably already know he's gorgeous. But I bet you didn't know he was also a pompous ass with his nose stuck so far into his butt that it would take a doctor to p...

  • Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)
    9.8M 135K 38

  • Don't Hold Your Breath
    730K 16.6K 27

    Alyssa Carter is the beta's daughter, future beta's sister, and she's not the prettiest or most popular girl around. When the future Alpha, Jason Grey, finds out his mate is Alyssa, her rejects her of course, and cuts their bond. Bullied, unloved, and broken, Alyssa runs away to the far away pack of Black Moon, where...

  • A Year with Mr. Arrogant
    7.2M 200K 21

    It's not everyday that you get asked by a multi-billionaire man to marry his son. One day when Abrielle Caldwell was having the worst day of her life; the son of a multi-Billionaire bumps into her making her drop her books outside of school. Not knowing he was Ace Daniels, she threw all her anger out at him, and Ace e...