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  • The Happy Birthday Song ✓
    2.6M 123K 14

    ❝You and me,❞ he whispered, ❝until the end of time.❞ // A chronicle of Junie Bennett's birthdays from the ages of ten to twenty one.

  • 1¹ | Dexter ▷ Scott Summers | ✓
    457K 16.5K 29

    ❝I shoot concussive beams from my eyes.❞ ❝My hair turns into a candle, you're not that special.❞ [Post X-Men Apocalypse] [Scott Summers] [#94 in Fanfiction] [Cover by @starIords]

  • beautiful -
    2.9K 119 6

    "she's not beautiful, she's death." "no, she's perfect." {remus lupin tries to get the girl that is so far over the mountain in thoughts of boys all the while drowning in his thoughts of her //dedicated to @princessIeia, ty for the idea

  • SNARL [ tw gif series ] ✓
    1M 33.3K 97

    ❝ some of us are human. ❞ teen wolf gif series.

  • why we fall apart
    11.8K 782 27

    this is me. and you. and all of us. and why we fall apart.

  • french girls | discontinued
    10.9K 1K 11

    ❝-paint me like one of your french girls.❞ - where a bored college student interrupts an art class for the fun of it. [ @2seoks story idea ]

  • Begin Again (On Hold) [1st Edition]
    7.3M 2K 1

    "What if the one that got away came back?" Sometimes, a second chance at a perfectly imperfect love presents itself when you are at your most vulnerable state, and you can't help but remember that nothing worth keeping comes without a price. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

  • Emily #freementalillness #literasia
    100K 6.4K 30

    In which an Asian girl struggles with mental disorders and might end up losing the fight. An attempt to write the story that no one tells. *trigger warning: mental illness, eating disorders, bullying* to be :: volume I #asiansinlit #freementalillness #projectyou #literasia #nomorebullying

  • Falling Into Place
    512K 27.1K 41

    ❝Darling, you're a fool to think he feels the same way. ❞ ❆ In which a girl is dared to date a random guy for a month. And then dump him. [extended summary inside] 1 in chicklit 24/5/2016 cover by @devoursheabooks

  • The Undoing of Kira Nakata
    84.8K 6.9K 14

    The beautiful die young.

  • rainbows
    1.3K 226 20

    confessed by fellow authors, about appreciating other authors.

  • Keira
    86.1K 5.3K 21

    Keira is the type of girl your mom warns you about. It doesn't matter though, you'll still go after her. You want to change her. You'll think it's working. She'll pretend to love you, then break your heart. She doesn't care when you end up crying, because everyone told you to stay away. She's a flame and you get trapp...

  • Bleeding Royalty (Revamped)
    914K 39.9K 11

    Violet Florentina is one of the best at what she does. That is, hunt fang faces for cash. But when an anonymous, mysterious client who goes by the name "V" begins to test Violet's skills in the field, she finds herself out of her comfort zone and dragged into the dark world of vampire royalty. More specifically, the w...

  • Awkward.
    727K 21.6K 10

    “Well hey there, at least buy me dinner first.” I could feel Aaron's eyes burning through the back of my head as he stared down at me. Down. Towards his crotch. I was face to crotch with Aaron Cross. --- Life is full of Awkward moments; unfortunately for Blake Miller, her life is just one big Awkward moment. From bein...

  • The Song, The Sign, The Player
    674K 15.3K 34

    Allison Darling isn't exactly a goody two-shoes(at all) but she's not a trouble make either, at least not in her eyes. Blake Drayton on the other hand is the school's bad boy and doesn't care about his rep. People know not to bother him, and that he never settles down for one girl. Blake and Allison have never cross...

  • Elite (on hold)
    6.5K 313 11

    When Melanie Hastings was 16, she was cut off by her parents who wanted her to change her rebellious ways. Being dragged out of the world of high class and high fashion wasn't exactly easy. And after two very long years, Melanie Hastings returns to her parent's billion dollar home in Bel Air along with their money. P...

  • Bloody Mate
    8.7M 254K 45

    "Now you listen, little red. You are mine. You belong to me! You are not leaving my side. I have waited too long for you and now that I have you, I'm not letting you slip through my fingers. Understood?" He growled. I smirked. "Over my undead body." *Currently Editing*

  • Reapers - Master of Souls (Reapers Chronicles Book III)
    1.5M 98.7K 83

    What's dead should stay dead. When you mess with the natural order, things could go horribly wrong. Having a six-hundred year old rotting soul, for example. Or discovering that your boss is the son of the Devil. I am Aramis Rayne. Full-time familiar. Part-wraith. Occupation: prevent the end of the world. Sounds imposs...

  • My Stolen First Kiss
    20.1M 460K 33

    [Before you begin reading just a quick warning; this story has painfully slow updates, it is also very cliche but it does improve as the story goes on] When Jade Everett was ten years old, her first kiss was stolen by Jared Felton. Six years later Jade has still not forgiven him, although she doesn't really have to wo...

  • Canvas & Keys
    269K 16.2K 49

    (The Forgotten Passages Book Two) After almost nineteen years, I was used to life - used to the parties, galas, and benefits, used to keeping secrets, and used to the dangers my life with the Brotherhood of Time brought me. It's been two months - two months since Drake Garner came back into my life after four years of...

  • The Flowers of Elysia ✓
    472 49 9

    Two princesses, whose fates are interwoven and entwined in ways they can't imagine, feel trapped in the lives they've been promised, until one day changes everything. copyright © 2017 isabellehawk

  • candy ; riverdale
    395 43 2

    messed up from the start. (riverdale season one) © zella 2017

  • Turn it Around
    96 12 1

    "You know, I kinda dig that whole 'stressed to death, semi buzzkill, tortured novelist' vibe you've got going on." "...Please shut the fuck up." The city is grand and all things are possible are seemingly possible, and it is up to one group of friends to make sure that their movie does not become the disaster of the c...