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  • My Idiot Husband
    27.6K 616 4

    A rough day in the lives of Draco and Hermione. 4-shot.

  • Re-post: Always and Forever by neiva
    32.2K 756 29

    Harry and Hermione start to feel attraction towards each other, even though Hermione is with Ron. One of the greatest Harmony fanfics I've read. COMPLETED THIS IS NOT MY OWN WORK so I do not own any of the plot or the characters. WARNINGS: In two chapters there are explicit scenes but I have put warnings at the beginn...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Potter Twins and the Order of the Phoenix {5}
    212K 6.7K 42

    A PLAGUE O' BOTH YOUR HOUSES. After witnessing not only the death of a friend but the revival of Lord Voldemort, there are dark times on the horizon for Harry and Haylee Potter. Their name is continuously slandered within the Wizarding World, and it seems everybody refuses to believe their story. With only each other...

  • The Potter Twins and the Goblet of Fire {4}
    301K 9.2K 42

    ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE. After such a shocking three years, Harry and Haylee are wishing for a peaceful and uneventful fourth year, but they are greeted with anything but that. Between terrifying nightmares and Death Eater demonstrations, the Potter Twins are already wary of something dark and dangerous coming to the...

  • The Potter Twins and the Prisoner of Askaban {3}
    277K 8.4K 32

    WHAT'S PAST IS PROLOGUE. Harry and Haylee are back for their third year at Hogwarts, and everything is changing. Haylee's past trauma has left her shaken to the core, and it only seems to be getting worse. But a new danger is coming their way in the form of a spectral dog, that promises nothing but danger, harm, and...

  • The Potter Twins and the Chamber of Secrets {2}
    307K 10.6K 34

    SO WISE SO YOUNG, THEY SAY, DO NEVER LIVE LONG. Back for their second year of Hogwarts School, Harry and Haylee Potter are faced with a new evil lurking within the school; a relic of the past, manipulative and unforgiving. Amidst the growing terror, Haylee finds herself questioning where she belongs, caught between w...

  • The Potter Twins and the Philosopher's Stone
    406K 11.9K 25

    BE NOT AFRAID OF GREATNESS. Harry and Haylee Potter were born to be great, rising to fame in the wizarding world before they even speak. Deprived of love in their adolescence, constantly neglected and beaten down, they could never imagine that they were destined for something greater than themselves. When a mysteriou...

  • Twice The Price
    1.4K 45 10

    Alexis Potter lives in the Dursley's house with her twin brother Harry Potter they forced to do work and one day get a letter from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry .Follow them on their adventures. All credit goes to J.K ROWLING the only thing I made is my characters and some things all else is not mine

  • Harry Potter's Twin Sister
    53.1K 1.1K 14

    Harry Potter's twin sister, Semira Potter: Was kidnapped by a death eater when she was just a baby after her parents died. She was raised, by no other: Lucious Malfoy, so she knew herself her whole life as Semira Malfoy. Mysteriously, since the day she could remember, she had a heart shaped scar on her chest. One day...

  • Harry Potter's Sister
    220K 5.6K 86

    Alexandra Potter must decide to sacrifice herself in order for her brother to live. Or let the world suffer in terror. Will she become evil like how so many predicted? Or die before she can have a chance to decide.

  • Harry Potter Twin 'dead' sister (SLOW UPDATES)
    48.8K 1.2K 18

    She was believed to be dead . But what happens when she was just kidnaped??? THIS BOOK IS A CROSS BETWEEN HARRY POTTER, TWILIGHT AND CHARMED. TERRIBLE GRAMMAR

  • I'm Harry Potter's Twin (EDITING)
    150K 3.7K 30

    What if Harry wasn't an only child? What if he had a twin sister? What if she was alive? And known as the girl that lived. Join Jessica Marie Potter as she goes to Hogwarts, meets her twin brother, makes new friends and falls in love. From finding the Sorcerer's Stone to going head to head with Voldemort. Let's just s...

  • Harry Potters twin sister
    198K 5.1K 21

    Harry wasn't the only one that survived in godrics hollow that Halloween night. He had a sister Sara who got a star on her wrist but she has more power and Dumbledore being the confusing man he is took her and gave her to a muggle family who knew about magic everyone else thought that Sara died including Harry but dur...

  • Harry Potters Twin Sister(Sequel)
    41.7K 1.2K 8

    Lila and Harry have survived their first year together. They now enter their fourth year, at Hogwarts. But this year their love will be put to the limit. Secrets are revealed and relationships strained. The Triwizard Tournament! What a way to die. Well what happens when both of their names are spat out?

  • Hidden In Plain Sight
    7.5K 169 7

    Hermione disappeared five years ago. No one truly knows why she went, or where she went, only that the smartest witch of her age vanished over night. But when two broken people find each other, they can show each other what it is like to live again. Can the Slytherin Prince and the Gryffindor Princess bring prove ther...

  • Started With a Kiss
    474K 15.5K 25

    Lavender and Parvarti have been teasing Hermione constantly about how she'd never been kissed or even had a boyfriend. After calling Hermione a prude one day, Lavender dares Hermione to kiss the next person that enters the hall.

  • Harry Potter Characters X Reader One shots
    369K 6.1K 37

    I will be writing one shots for a lot of the harry potter characters. A few keys: Y/n= your name L/n= last name H/c= hair colour E/c= eye colour Y/h= your house If I have missed anything and there is something new in the story I will fill in a new key thingy. P.s. I do not own harry potter!!!! Edited* requests closed...

  • Harry Potter One Shots {SLOW UPDATES}
    256K 2.7K 54

    It's all in the title. Comment or pm me if you want a one shot with any of the characters. ranked 33 in potterhead now ranked 96 in potterhead

  • Harry potter one shots
    327K 5.1K 33

    In which a girl with a wattpad account writes a load of Harry Potter one shots for your enjoyment! There's a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes in here but I will not be editing it 💞

  • (Requests closed) ON HOLD: Harry Potter characters x reader one shots
    225K 4.4K 61

    One shots with your favourite Harry Potter characters - I don't do lemons, only limes. - I don't do one shots for specific people, they'll always be (Y/N). #10 in thegoldentrio #7 in theweasleytwins

  • The Marauders X (y/n) one shorts. *on going*
    2.1K 45 8

    Basically one shorts for you and the marauders. You can request because I literally have one idea. (Plz request) I'm a geek so this is my life. I can also do characters that are not in the marauders such as snape or lucius or even a girl. So request!

  • Marauders: Kate Potter
    11.1K 401 18

    Kate is the twin sister of James Potter, she is a trouble maker, also something called an anamagi this means she can turn into any animal she wants. But what happens one fateful full moon when her and the other marauders are helping Remus through his night as a werewolf. Is she the girl that the schools biggest player...

  • Harry potter one shots (and smut)
    3.5M 34.5K 92

    I will be writing imagines/one shots and smuts! Enjoy. This book is a LQBTQ friendly area, with some LGBTQ one shots and soon some smuts.

  • Harry Potter Smut
    22.3K 106 1

    The title is pretty self explanatory :-P

  • Harry Potter smut
    27.4K 93 1

    Smut I do take options

  • Harry Potter x reader one shots
    200K 2.8K 24

    Harry Potter one shots (will be taking requests)

  • Harry Potter Smuts!
    243K 1.3K 4

    A bunch of one shots about the harry potter characters and this includes Fantastic Beasts characters too! You can request but only on the requesting page or through direct messages!

  • Melissa Riddle
    28.6K 1.1K 18

    TERRIBLE GRAMMAR AHEAD Melissa Riddle is the daughter of none other than Lord Voldemort. She's nothing like him and even tries to avoid contact with him at the best of times. The only person she truly trusts is none other than Severus Snape. But what happens when her father send her off on an important mission in H...

  • Mischief Managed and Love Achieved *A Fred Weasley Love Story*
    202K 5.9K 27

    Athena Lily Potter is Harry's older sister by two years. She was safe to grow up in the Wizard World because it was only her brother who had defeated Voldemort. She has been reunited with her brother. You could probably guess that. But this story focuses on her. And a certain red-headed twin. Athena HATES Fred with a...

  • Im related to WHO ( A George Weasley love story)
    22.1K 557 6

    What if Harry Potter had an older sister that no one but Albus Dumbledore, Siruis Black, and Remus Lupin new about. Thats what this story is all about. Add a little romance with some drama and you got "Im related to WHO" but don't wory there will definitaly be some sort of twist when theres any kind of filler or borin...