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  • Unforgivable Lies (Remus Lupin)
    174K 5.7K 21

    The story is Post-Marauders, but Pre-Harry. Remus Lupin is a tortured man. A lonely werewolf, he can't stay too long in one place or another. When word reaches him from Dumbledore that his old enemy, Severus Snape, has made a potion that could very well be his salvation, he has to go to Hogwarts. Ashlynn Corvin has h...

  • Dementor's Kiss
    58.1K 1.8K 13

    The beautiful emerald green she loved had turned blood red. "Harry..." she squeaked feebly. His lips curled maliciously, "Not anymore." ~~~ The Final Battle is over and the Order lost. In the last hour Harry Potter changed alliances, pledging his help to Lord Voldemort rather than his friends. But a small part of the...

  • It Takes Two to Forgive (A Draco/Hermione Story)
    27.5K 677 20

    The war is over. Voldemort is gone. And things can finally be back to normal, or so Hermione thinks. So when she and her friends go back to Hogwarts for their seventh and final year, Hermione is determined to make this year the best one yet. And so far, things have been looking in her favor. She's back among friends...

  • Harry Potter's Unfavorable Odds {on hold}
    6K 138 7

    KATNISS EVERDEEN AT HOGWARTS?! HARRY POTTER IN PANEM?! Katniss Everdeen and Harry Potter both have the same desire. To be free of all the stresses in their life. To be somewhere else. When they both come across the mirror of erised. They get their chance....So what happens when the girl on fire and the chosen one end...

  • The Diary Of Quirrellmort- Starkid
    12.4K 599 13

    Ever wondered how Quirrell and Voldemort handled living together for a whole year, with no privacy and two very different minds? Contains Starkid quotes and Obviously the same plot line as JK Rowling's amazing book: Harry Potter and the Phillosephers Stone

  • Fatal Liaisons
    33.1K 1.1K 3

    A collection of Draco and Hermione one shots.

  • It's All Malfoy's Fault
    8.2K 338 4

    Due to a Time-Turner malfunction, Lily Evans is now in 1997, just in time for the second wizarding war.

  • More Than This {DramioneXOneDirection} - On hold
    7.4K 131 11

    The final battle took place in the seventh year at Hogwarts. Ex-Seventh year are invited back for eighth year to complete their NEWTs. Hermoine placed as head girl, an unknown head boy has not been taken to his duties. The Triwizard Olympics takes place at the new year at Hogwarts. New band One Direction causes Roman...

  • Unraveling *CANCELLED*
    2.5K 54 5

    Please enjoy my sequel to Intertwining! If you haven't read it, please do so before reading this. Percy and his gang are still going through the long year at Hogwarts. How will they cope with all of the drama, magic and dangers at Hogwarts? And how will the love of this mixed up crew going to play out?

  • Voldemort's Enemy
    4.8K 204 6

    15 years ago the auror Jeanette Ainsworth was charged with the murder of Travis Ramsbottom. She is decleared guilty and sent to Azkaban, but comes back 15 later after Voldemort's return. (HARRY POTTER FF)

  • The Hogwarts Diaries - Marauder's Era
    31.2K 683 29

    One thousand glorious years of magical education in Britain, celebrated at Hogwarts in spectacular style. Seven diaries belonging to seven girls, telling how this landmark year changes their lives. One book - The Hogwarts Diaries - Maurader's Era Read it now

  • The Untold Story
    1.3K 52 2

    In the midst of a war, the Marauders, Lily, and her two best friends, Marlene and Dorcas, all return to Hogwarts for their final year. As darkness closes in, the students realize that the walls of Hogwarts cannot shield them from the war that looms overhead. Love blossoms, death lurks, and sides are chosen. This is th...

  • Charming, Yet Mysterious *Watty Awards*
    8.8K 308 13

    Annoyed with living under the shadow of her older brother, young Charm Malfoy has decided to fight back. In her first year of class in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she's bound to make a name for herself. However, things take a turn when she meets the enchanting Dante Redding-Ford, a third-year student w...

  • Shattered Sacrifice
    4.5K 102 6

    What if Lily Potter had surrendered herself to Voldemort when he came to Goderic's Hollow to murder the Potter family? What if Voldemort had taken her to Malfoy Manor? What if Lily Potter swore herself to the Dark Lord? What if Severus Snape hadn't come to Godric's Hollow to find Lily Potter there? What if Harry Potte...

  • Elena Potter
    782 18 3

    Elena Potter knows she's the cousin of Britains fabled "Chosen One"-she doesn't really care. All she wants is to keep her cousin safe, meet friends, and avoid trouble. But trouble seems to always follow those of the Potter family, and Elena is no exception. Will she be able to keep HArry alive, along with keeping h...

  • Everything Happens For a Reason
    13.6K 357 7

    (This story is a Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I'm planning on filling in the gap between 'The flaw in the plan.' and '19 years later.' It's mostly HP\GW but with a dash of HG\RW.)

  • Draco Malfoy's Dirty Little Secret
    3.7M 60.7K 50

    "Everybody has a dirty little secret." "Yes, but mine can kill." Courtney Flint has kept her distance from the person she wanted to hate most in the world: Draco Malfoy. She hated the person he had turned into, but when she is paired with him for a school project, she couldn't help but fall for him. He seemed to be...

  • Young Magic {Previously known as I'm her sister.}
    41.2K 665 21

    Hayley Elizabeth Granger. A shy, abused brown-haired blue-eyed 13-year old girl who is treated like Cinderella. But also a witch. Completly unaware that in a house eating her lunch, is her best friend. And sister. Follow Hayley as she unravels the mystery of her past and how she takes comfort under the wing of the fla...

  • Memoirs of The Slytherin Princess
    20.7K 465 16

    Kayla Ashton - you may have met her in 'The Hogwarts Diaries'. If not you'll certainly get to know all about her here. She's a flirt, a tease, and a reall bitch sometimes. But one Slytherin boy owns her heart and no matter who gets in the way, even if it's her best friend, she will get exactly what she wants if it kil...

  • Letters to Lily - A Harry Potter FanFic [HIATUS]
    3.6K 58 7

    Albus Severus Potter was never fully aware the meaning of his middle name, and he finds letters that were written by Severus Snape to his grandmother, Lily Potter. His feelings, thoughts, and ideas lingers within these pieces of parchment, discovering a side to Snape that was never present in his demeanor, due to his...

  • The Next Potter Generation
    3K 89 9

    Marley Evens is just an ordinary witch, or so she thinks. The scar on her forehead is from falling when she was little, or so she thinks. Her First year at Hogwarts is not what she expects it to be. Voldemorts son is after her but for what reason. With her best friends Scorpius, Teddy, and James along her side anythin...

  • Hospital Beds.
    2.3K 66 1

    The Summer before sixth year, everything seems to be going fairly routine for Ron Weasley. His brother, Bill, and his girlfriend, Fleur Delacour, are visiting. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Then, enter Gemma Petra; the strangest girl Ron's ever met in his life. And, the only blue-haired girl he's ever known, as w...

  • Wonderstruck
    1.1M 27.9K 37

    Its been five years since the war. Five years since the terrible tragedies occurred. Five years since Harry Potter, along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, saved the Wizarding World. Everything had settled down, and life was perfect. Until Hermione's world began to unravel, that is. Hearts will be broken. A Ma...

  • Betrayed [Draco Malfoy]
    1.6K 19 1

    Dear Hermione, I know I’m the last person you’d want to hear from right now, but please, listen. Everything that happened, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. And I hurt you, Harry and Ron so, so much, and I’m sorry. So sorry. I can’t write the events out in a letter, as it’s far too long, and someone else may receiv...

  • I Would Love to Hate You, Draco Malfoy
    437K 7.4K 47

    Maybe Hermione Granger isn't all she is cut out to be when she is in the arms of Draco Malfoy. (Currently editing, slowly but surely.)

  • After The War [A Draco Malfoy Story]
    54.6K 1.1K 31

    Arden Saymor is a talented young witch who became an Auror the year before Lord Voldemort had fallen. Now he is dead, and she is enlisted to take down one of the most wanted ex-Death Eaters: Draco Malfoy. Nobody can prove he did anything, and Harry Potter wants him to live his life peacefully. But the rest of the Ord...

  • Love, Lies and Rumours
    1.9K 34 5

    Four girls. One in Slytherin, One in Hufflepuff, One In Gryffindor And One In Ravenclaw. None of them have ever met, yet they are all tied together somehow. And all their paths will cross as destiny un-folds and tells its story. Raeanne, Caroline, Embry and Piper were living their lives normally, until a terrible sec...