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  • NINJAGO: The Gold Fire AU - Season 1
    2.6K 45 3

    A NINJAGO FanFiction All the elements are swapped! Kai is green ninja Nya is fire Jay is earth Cole is ice Zane is lightning Lloyd is wind & Morro is water Sensei Garmadon discovered the ninja to fight his little brother, Lord Wu. -----*----- Young Nya Smith studies under her elder brother, Kai to be a black smith in...

  • The Golden Drops
    323 23 1

    {LEGO Ninjago Fanfiction} [In Between Season 4 And 5] Then ninja split up, but knowing this time that evil never rests. So, when the time does come they will come back together and be ready. Why did they split up? Well, Kai died from holding the elemental staff and took the staff with him, saving the day. Then a extre...

  • Ninjago's last hope (discontinued)
    1.1K 53 2

    @marvelatmygeek allowed me to rewrite this great story! I will change some things so it won't be exactly like the original. All hope is gone. Lloyd lost the battle against the overlord and turned evil. Now everyone is evil... without our favourite hothead Kai and the Ultradragon! Will this small flame of hope become a...

  • Remember (discontinued)
    6.6K 160 4

    What if instead of Maya and Ray, Kai disappeared? What if Nya joined the ninja instead of Kai? What if suddenly a strange person with two dragons appeared? (Ninjago and the Artwork is not mine!)

  • The Tributes Of Ninjago [DISCONTINUED]
    9.6K 494 27

    The Land Of Ninjago. 74 years after it has been concurred by the Capitol, and engraved in 13 Districts, the last of which destroyed. Because of an uprising, every year there are Hunger Games, in which two tributes, a boy and a girl, in between the age of 12 and 18 gets to be reaped and send into the Hunger Games to f...

  • Breaking - Ninjago Fanfiction [DISCONTINUED]
    6.5K 172 14

    It's all over. The fights, the battles, the wars. All gone. That's what we thought. Then they came and ripped us apart.

  • On a String
    34.2K 1.1K 21

    Kai returned 'successful' from a solo mission, but his 'victory' cost him the ultimate price- his sanity. Now, shocked by the state of his friend, Cole steps in...only to find that healing Kai won't be easy. Warning this does get brutal kinda like my No Escape book