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  • Log: Tsukishima Kei
    117K 5.2K 18

    It had not even been twenty-four hours since you've met him and yet there goes your silly heart beating like crazy. How can you possibly fall for a guy with that kind of shitty attitude? A collection of fluffy scenarios with the tallest middle blocker of Karasuno High, Tsukishima Kei. Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu...

  • Pretty (Akaashi x Reader)
    95.2K 3.1K 14

    He's closed off and she's wide open. Surely, they shouldn't fit. Not at all. But sometimes the right pieces fall into your life when you least expect. Figure Skater! AU

  • Haikyuu One Shots!~
    192K 3.4K 37

    It is what it says it is! Hope you enjoy! Requests are always welcome! Scenarios are encouraged.~

  • Roses & thorns (Kuroo x reader)
    6.8K 259 20

    "Every rose has its thorn" CREDIT TO THE AMAZING @_rosyalice for the cool cover! Make sure to follow her and you can get your cover done too!!

  • To Be First [Oikawa Tooru x Reader]
    106K 3.8K 12

    Oikawa Tooru was a boy who seemed to demand lots of attention, which he got from his many fangirls out there. (Name) was definitely not one of them. In fact, there was no way she would ever be, and she made sure of it; being friends with Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime since childhood has led to that that promise. As...

  • ~Haikyuu One Shots~
    271K 6K 28

    I read a lot of one shots and stuff so I thought why not write some~ Just a bunch of one shots/scenarios about Haikyuu characters P.s. I apologize if it's crappy.... (=゚ω゚)ノ I had to rewrite this cause the other one deleted itself.... But! Thankfully I had it saved in my notes (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) -Hello to any new Reader...

    Completed   Mature
  • Oikawa X Reader [Internet]
    521K 20.8K 68

    [STORY ISN'T EDITED BUT, IT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING] "Fame Setter", I've been knowing him for quite a while... Actually... I tell him everything. Well... Not everything. Obliviously I didn't say my personal information. All he knows is "Queen Lazy" is a second year in highschool. I, (Y/n), am nothing but Iwaizumi's ch...

  • Perhaps,Give Me One More Chance?(a Haikyuu!! Fanfiction,Tsukishima Kei x Reader)
    46.7K 828 15

    What if you're Tsukishima Kei's ex lover? Will you two get together again?

  • Oikawa Tooru x Reader {{Mine.}}
    54.5K 1.5K 6

    Cover made by exetic ♡♡♡ Thank you for being interested in making me one ;;//////;; ♡♡♡♡

  • Splash of Color
    955K 44.2K 28

    [Oikawa Tōru X Reader] Routines can get a little boring. As structured as they may be, the world can begin to look black and white. But once a splash of color hits your nose, the routine you once held dear changes. _______ Cover by @oreolover2411

  • Berry. ♡ [ Kuroo x Reader ]
    700K 18.6K 16

    ❝You're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry.❞ You're kenma's best friend and one day kenma introduced you to his teammate and best friend, Kuroo Tetsurou, you began to fall for him, but its not that easy as you think. Your friend who has been really nice to you, likes him a lot. Will you win kuroo's hear...

  • Quiet Lullaby (Kenma x reader)
    199K 6K 23

    (Y/N) has joined Nekoma and while she may not be the most confident, her love of volleyball will push her to do new things and meet new people. One of those being Kenma Kozume, and he might just be the cutest and sweetest boy she's ever met. But there's one thing stopping her from jumping head first into loving him.

  • Why Won't You look At Me?
    685K 25.3K 12

    When Kuroo and (name) were kids, (name) adored Kuroo. She hung out with him all the time, she lived beside him and had family dinners with him. She even got Kenma to befriend her, slowly but surely. When Kuroo and (name) were kids, Kuroo hated (name). She was clingy, she didn't give him space and she was overall anno...

  • Tsuki-Dayo
    2M 79.5K 62

    [Name] is a member of the Karasuno's Girls' Volleyballs team. Just like Hinata and many other volleyball players, she is passionate about volleyball and her adrenaline rushes when she touches the ball. She's in the same class as Hinata and is close to both Hinata and Kageyama. In a mixed practice with the boys' volley...

  • {Haikyuu!! Iwaizumi x Reader} *~Childhood friends~*
    111K 3.4K 11

    This is the first fanfiction I'm writing. I hope you like it! \(°^°)/ Note: [f/n] = first name [l/n] = last name [h/c] = hair color [e/c] = eye color

  • The Mute [TsukishimaxReader]
    236K 6.8K 11

    You were the new transfer student at Karasuno, you were a normal girl, well except for the fact that you were a mute. You have never talked and didn't have any plans to. Luckily, everyone in your class accepted you. You made good friends with Yamaguchi and he introduced you to Tsukishima, even with his sarcasm and his...

  • Unexpected.. (Kozume Kenma x reader)
    132K 3.2K 13

    The classy (Y/n). Known far across the school and naturally a good student. Known for being dense but somehow able to shut people down with the flick of the wrist; but hesitates upon looking at a cat-like volleyball player. (This is my first fan fic, but it's currently in rewrite!!)

  • 《Crossdressing》Kenma x Reader
    84.2K 3.1K 9

    (Y/n, you're a girl arent you?) ------ I dont know when I fell for her, but I still remember the day I found out how she was truly a girl. That day has been engraved into my mind.

  • lev x reader // falling for you
    237K 12K 12

    You're helping Lev in School and yeah i can't write descriptions sorry for that xD

  • The Asshole from the Block (Tsukishima x Reader)
    106K 4.2K 21

    *Written in 1st person* *some mature language* ------------------------------------------------------ An orange-haired boy. It was only a glimpse, but I swore I read '鳥野'. Karasuno. The high school I was going to attend.