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  • Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDE
    721K 31.3K 89

    Arshi ff. Not show based one peep in to know more. This work solely belongs to med writer Arshiipkknd I am just proof reading. so the entire credit goes to her. any work similar to this is purely coincidence. cover credit: Arshiipkknd

  • Innocent Runaways | BOOK 2
    24.1K 438 1

    The sequel to Innocent Prisoners COMING SOON

  • I Just Can't Stop Loving you (Completed)✔️
    498K 21.1K 78

    This story will be based on sheetal track with some new twist and turn I hope you all gonna enjoy this ride... In this ff Khushi would not be illiterate.... And story is different from the show track... It's just has characters of the show☺️

    Completed   Mature
  • Desert Rose
    123K 6.3K 27

    When Khushi's sister Payal announces that she is pregnant and that she is unable to reach the baby's father, Khushi takes Payal and embarks on a journey from Delhi to Raisar in Rajasthan. There she meets Arnav Singh Raizada, the devastatingly handsome older brother of the man who is responsible for her sister's proble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Valley of Flowers
    74K 4.7K 28

    Young lovers Khushi and Arnav are separated when Khushi leaves to pursue her career in a different city leaving Arnav disappointed by her betrayal. Five years later they meet again and old sparks begin to fly all over again even though Khushi is engaged to NK, Akash's cousin. However on the day of the wedding it is Ar...

  • Dark Night Dawning
    99.1K 5.5K 27

    This story is a continuation of the series Himalayan Magic as wells as the alternate version of the original show Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon post the forced marriage. After the honeymoon Arnav declares that he will no longer regard this as a contract marriage. To know if Khushi agrees to this new ultimatum and how the...

  • When Sorry Ain't Enough (Completed)
    55.1K 1.6K 5

    Khushi and Arnav were enjoying their rabba ve moments after their remarriage. Arnav showered her with love but still enjoyed riling her up just to see her laal naak. Icing on the cake was her blush especially when Nani and Di teased her about the next chapter of "the ArShi love story" - the arrival of the Raizada heir...

  • A Promise Broken! (Completed)
    197K 7.6K 17

    Some promises are meant to be broken. But what compelled Arnav to abandon the one he once loved? Let's take another journey into our beloved ArShi world to find out. DISCLAIMER This is a work of fiction and it is not purported to be part of the original show's canon. The majority of the characters, their origin stori...

  • I HATE YOU DI !!
    9.4K 300 1

    What happen when Khushi is pregnant and Anjali in depression .. who will arnav choose ?? Rated #125 in Short Story on 09/08/17

  • My love of my life [ ON HOLD ]
    345K 16K 34

    "The seven pheras are over" now you people are husband and wife...announced the priest.. Tears are running from her beautifully shaped fish like eyes continuously, where as the guy doesn't even know that he got married... How the girl will live her new life with a completely new family and a mentally imbalanced...

  • As I Found You
    42.6K 1.4K 5

    Jo Tu Mila (As I Found You) I found my happiness in YOU Love is something which we all need in our life, we get love from our family and friends still we all desire to have someone special in our life whose smile makes us smile, whose presence can reduce all the stress & tensions of our lives. Whose presence makes our...

  • Tu Likh De Mera Usse, Aye Khuda!!!
    644K 28.1K 44

    ~ Title Translation: Write her as mine, Oh God!!! ~ Highest Rank: #1 in Fanfiction... ~ After Khushi rescues Arnav from the kidnappers, he calls her the biggest mistake of his life... What if, instead of apologizing to her, he concentrate on his Di instead ??? What happens when Khushi realize that nobody wants her...

  • Arshi FF -- You Are My New Dream
    1.6M 68.9K 127

    He once believed in love and relationships. He gave a chance to marriage, he didn't wanted to but he did. But fate cheated him and now he doesn't believe in anything. Once who was happy go lucky and kind hearted turned cold and ruthless. Once who thought relations are real now think all is a game of money and power...

  • Arshi TS: It was you all along [Completed]
    38.1K 1.6K 5

    A short story on Arnav and Khushi ... who became friends in college ... later developed feelings ... but fate yet have to test them ... some misunderstandings ... and alot of love.

  • Birds of a Feather
    806K 48.1K 73

    Arranged marriage was an age-old story that Khushi, the youngest of the infamous Gupta family, who revolutionized and dominated the trading market for generations, knew well. For it was the only thing she heard growing up. But that neither prepared her nor comforted her as she got ready that morning. It was an importa...

  • Only You- Reason of my happiness
    24.2K 1.1K 14

    This story is about two beautiful souls who are one but not together...Who love each other but were not able to cross the bridges between them. Destiny never allow them to come close...will their love make them one for forever..? Lets find out this through my fanfiction of Arshi... That the power of love is beyond any...

  • My Destiny & My Everything
    249K 12.3K 55

    The Journey of Arnav and Khushi introduces a totally new concept. Khushi Gupta, a mother of Diya, a 4-month-old infant, and Arnav, who is eagerly awaiting his soulmate A heartwarming Arshi saga characterized by its sweetness, understanding, care, and fun-loving nature, adorned with twists and turns, complemented by el...

  • Love is not always Sweet
    172K 10.1K 30

    Hello friends... 😊😊 This is my another arshi story... not a new concept, though... I always disliked the way Arnav accused Khushi of how she involved in an affair with Shyam... So, I tried to put down the situation in an entirely different way when Arnav blurts out those hurtful things to Khushi, saying why he marr...

    146K 8K 17

    #Standalone .... A headstrong, determine, practical girl had a dream to fall in love before marriage and only get married to her " sweetheart'. At the age of 26 years , she fall in love with a man.. But only problem is that The man has NO MEMORY. Will the girl bend down to her family or society or fight for her love...

  • My Innocent Girl By THR777
    81.4K 6.8K 29

    Before u all start to read this work I thought to inform u all that this will be something different. Different in the sense against ASR nature, we all have seen the strict ASR but let's all see his different shades.... R u ready to be with them?? About story description if u have read my other works then u know how...

  • Ocean Of Happiness
    276K 12.2K 30

    #1 happiness on 3/3/2019 #4 ipkknd on 2/3/2019 #10 Khushi 2/3/2019 It's a story of Arnav and Khushi It starts during payash's marriage What if Raizadas considered Arnav as curse when he was a kid and thrown him out? What if Khushi is really not orphan and adopted by Gupta family?

  • || Beauty and The Beast || ( Completed) [ #WIA2021]
    943K 52.4K 71

    1st Runner up in Choice Award 2019 Winner of 3rd position in Limelight Award 2020 #Standalone A ruthless business tycoon and a lonely , naive girl... A Child and a nasty game of power.. A six month contract... Want to know more?? Then dive in the story ....You will not regret.. " Beauty and The Beast"... ( will...

  • Getting you back to life
    423K 24.9K 60

    Arnav has blamed her as the biggest mistake of his life. The family whom she had loved more than herself has literally blamed her for every mishap happened in their lives, her sister whom she had considered as her own was hand tied to do anything for her. She thought for once, what is my life...? Her parents had left...

  • You Are My Solace 《 Arshi》
    122K 6.4K 16

    Love story of Arnav and Khushi (Arshi).. "Please don't leave me jaan...." "Never", she said... "Never ever... I will be with you till my last breathe", she said kissing his hair...

  • broken soul ✔️
    429K 18.3K 53

    its start from where khushi brought arnav back from kidnappers. But what will happens when instead of thanking her Arnav kick will her out after blaming her for everything which she didn't do . If you wanna learn more then peep inside

    Completed   Mature
  • ARSHI FF :: MY WHOLE HEART & SOUL~(Completed)
    227K 9.5K 33

    They Met!! Fell In Love With Whole Heart And Soul. She Left Him Shattered. Now When She is Back, With the Bestie Trio( Arnie-Aman-Lavanya) in the picture, What Will They Become??

    123K 4.2K 10

    This story starts from revealing truth about shyam after arshi 's remarriage .

    12.6K 436 1

    Starts from their consummation at the bachelors party night. peep in to know more.......

  • Trust In Her (IPKKND A|U)
    365K 15.2K 48

    Ranked 3 on #isspyaarkokyanaamdoon and 18 on #arshi -11th November 2021......... Destiny played a nasty game with the malik siblings, getting abandoned by their paternal family they got shelter in their maternal home. Now they are known as Raizada's. One got married and devoted her life to her husband. While the other...

    Completed   Mature
  • trusting each other
    21.6K 1.2K 8

    peep into know more