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  • BOULEVARD © #1 [✔]
    97.1M 6.1M 38

    • YA A LA VENTA EN TODAS LAS LIBRERÍAS DE LATAM Y ESPAÑA • ADAPTACIÓN AUDIOVISUAL POR WATTPAD WEBTOON STUDIOS «Es como si cada uno fuera un cielo. Uno es tormenta y el otro un día soleado.» (IG) ILUSTRACIÓN: @madameardent BORRADOR. FALTAS ORTOGRÁFICAS...

  • Perfectos Mentirosos © [Completa✔️]
    129M 8.4M 65

    Recién llegada a la elitista universidad Tagus, Jude Derry descubre que ahí todo gira alrededor de las fiestas, los chismes, los ligues y sobre todo de tres atractivos hermanos que son famosos por su influyente apellido: Cash. Son burlones, astutos, a veces insoportables, a veces intimidantes, y están acostumbrados a...

  • Haiku y recuerdos
    12 3 1

    Un abuelo le explica a su nieto qué es un haiku y cómo elaborarlo.

  • Zala
    1.3M 77.6K 61

    L'enfer est ici. -2017-

    Completed   Mature
  • Um Chefe Apaixonado Por Mim (Concluído)
    409K 26K 49

    Agatha é uma jovem de 20 anos órfã que após a morte de Mercedes viaja para São Paulo em busca de um sonho e acaba virando secretária de um homem muito atraente; Joseph por outro lado se apaixona a primeira vista. Agatha passa a morar com Alexandra e sua filha Melanie que sofrerão turbulências inimagináveis; assim Agat...

  • La ragazza alata
    3.1M 194K 129

    "Mi chiamo Aria. Lo so, è un nome molto strano, ma mia madre è un po' stramba, quindi sarebbe stato più strano se mi avesse messo un nome comune. Ho quasi diciotto anni, quest'anno sarà l'ultimo anno del liceo classico. Sono una persona molto fantasiosa, voglio diventare una scrittrice da quando avevo circa dieci anni...

  • Heartseed: The fanged huntress
    4.9K 142 7

    A World Reborn: The fanged huntress (Bonus Story) Mature! Involves death and violence. Follow Asiu, a huntress of the land of Cles as she comes to terms with the loss of self and her partner. As she flees her homeland in search of a new home to raise her son. As she travels into a distant land and a previously unknow...

  • Final year(ongoing)
    566 126 13

    Henry and her two best friends are in their final year in high school but what is in between them and graduation.secrets?,lies?,betrayal.will thier life change for better or become worse. well you just have to findout what happens to these best friends😊😊😊

  • Ambitions and Love war
    63 34 2

    Tracy loves him dearly and wouldn't let anything come in between them. Her relationship with her lover is her dream and all she ever wanted. She has to fight the world for him and she is one lucky girl to have him with her in this terrific storm. They want to get married and have kids but so many people are not being...

  • The Amazing World Of Gumball Into The Multi-Verse
    2.9K 138 15

    Gumball is transported into another Dimension more like an horrific wasteland. Where he see's another version of himself and everbody in a world where it is every man for himself. While trying to find his way back home he helps them stop Penny and her group of shapeshifters from taking over Elsmore.

  • The Truth Behind the Footsteps
    463 84 8

    "What ever happened to the truth? To the truth that always remained the same. Everything a while ago was black and white. Everything seemed good or bad. So, why am I stuck thinking that this is more gray than anything? Why am I questioning if its true? And why is it always me?" ~Prologue Skylar Todt has been troubled...

  • Alpha Skyler
    44 12 2

    "just to make this clear," I say glaring at my asshole of a mate," I'm not latent, or a white wolf. However my fur is a very light grey and people are fucking stupid." He gives me a look and raises one of his dark eyebrows. "What?" I growl out." Don't believe me? Why don't you ask my brother. You two seem all buddy-bu...

  • Beautiful Mistakes
    80 19 2

    Kelsey Davidson has always had a close relationship with her mom. Always got good grades(mostly anyway..) and never did anything people would seem as "bad". She's also never done anything noticable. When her brother comes home during Christmas from college, she didn't expect he'd bring a friend with him. An attractive...

  • Found
    122 29 5

    Braelynn Smith has been through a lot in the last 17 years. Her parents died in a attack when she was 2. She was taken and used for years as a toy. When she finally escapes from her hell, she swears to herself not to trust anyone any more. Everybody was lier and out to get her. Jason Maddox was just trying to keep hi...

  • Palabras
    775 358 22

    Palabras que personas necesitan y que darán a otras personas al estar en situaciones no muy coherentes..

  • votaciones Y Avisos
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    solo para votaciones

    61 12 2

    sólo puro Creepypastas y historias de terror

  • Cartas Que Nunca Mandé:):
    464 36 12

    Unas cuantas cartas antes de encontrarte :)

  • Quotes: My comfort
    781 271 34

    It's in the name above. Obvi

  • Riscaldami l'anima
    69.5K 2.8K 53

    Perversione allo stato puro, omicidi, segreti, potere, bugie, gelosia e tradimenti. Rappresentano ciò che fa parte della vita della nostra protagonista che ben presto vi accorgerete che è tutt'altro che perfetta. Lei è una di quelle ragazze che farebbero di tutto pur di ottenere ciò che più desiderano. Il suo sogno r...

  • Never Been Better
    557 145 6

    Having nothing to live for except for his crappy job, he decided to get over his past and move on with his life....and just when he felt he could no longer fall in love....he found her.....the ONE. This is his story.....the story of Jay Daniels and how he found love, drive and passion once again. it's filled with gang...

  • Beautiful liar
    1.4K 326 15

    "Zack wait." I call out to him, running past my impatient driver and the group of chattering student scattered all over the school grounds. Zack please I'm sorry,I didn't mean to hurt you. "Oh please,spare me the excuse." He shouts making everyone focus their attention on us. Sorry huh,is that all you got. You think...

  • my art book
    902 101 26

    my ugly drawing

  • melancholia → jin-centric
    25.9K 1K 15

    happiness watched as he crumble down into pieces, and sadness came comforting him.

    Completed   Mature
  • namjin infiel
    49.6K 2.7K 6

    Nam: levántate zorra!! (Dice furioso) Jin: p-para namjoon (dijo con lágrimas)

  • You Have Me By Your Side - (Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson) ®
    6.7K 223 16

    -Me tienes a tu lado. Una historia de romance con un giro sorprendente e impactante. Nathaniel, un hombre atractivo y con una personalidad misteriosa que poco a poco la historia lo mencionará. Chelsea, una mujer inteligente, linda y valiente y a pesar de todo, no puede estar lejos del hombre atractivo. Portada por...

  • My Dark Shadow - (Daniel Sharman & Bridget Satterlee) ®
    2.3K 201 18

    -Desde tu nacimiento te he estado esperando, nunca te he dejado sola; siempre te he protegido y siempre te protegeré... -Eres mi sombra...

  • 𝙢𝙞 𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙖.
    307 39 7

    Me corres por las venas como una maldita droga, en esta dulce desesperación por volverte a ver.