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  • The Grandchildren of Sparda: RWBY x Son and Daughter of Dante Male reader/OC
    98.5K 1K 15

    This is a story I thought of since I am a fan of the Devil May Cry series (Videos Games), and here it is. The OC belongs to me. So, what would happen if Dante had 2 kids that he never knew about as they're twins. One day Dante was relaxing in his shop and he hears a knock on his door and he opens it to see no one, but...

  • Sparda Dragon Emperor {On Break}
    202K 2.2K 19

    As the son of Dante, the devil hunter, you and your team moved to Japan in order to expand the Devil May Cry business. Being a descendent of Sparda, along with being the White dragon emporer, this party's about to be crazy, lets rock! Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool dxd, Devil May Cry, or RWBY. All of those belo...

  • New Place, Same Job? (Devil May Cry X Highschool DxD)
    65K 823 10

    (Y/N) (L/N) the son of Dante meaning he is the grandson of Sparda and the third generation. Devil May Cry's work in U.S.A. isn't going well, so Dante decide "why not go someplace else?" and where could there be stories about demons, ghosts, and supernatural stuff? Japan. We will follow the adventures of (Y/N) (L/N) in...

  • Devil Slayer (Devil May Cry x High school dxd)
    623K 6.9K 41

    You are Dante's son and you both moved to Japan for better demon jobs. What adventures will (Y/N) seek. I don't own DMC or Highschool dxd

  • The Dragon Slayer ( highschool dxd x mreader)
    509K 6.4K 81

    A high school dxd fanfic I put together with some changes such as the dragon slayer magic from fairy tail All credit goes to the shows

  • A Broken Rose: Neglected Male Reader x RWBY
    456K 3.4K 34

    You are the adopted second eldest child of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long. You have been treated like you are nothing during your young age and always shunned, ignored and insulted by everyone in your family. After having enough, he runs off to be in a new family. What would become of next? COWAwards2018

    Completed   Mature
  • I am the Bone of Remnant Volume 1: Archer Reader x RWBY
    253K 3.5K 73

    You have the abilities of the Heroic Spirit EMIYA, your semblance is the Unlimited Blade Works. You are transferring to the prestige school known as Beacon after helping a girl named Ruby with a robbery incident, but there you'll be meeting new people and surprisingly old friends on the way, along with a few unlikely...

  • The Demon Hunter of Beacon
    7.7K 133 10

    (Y/n) is the son of Sparda the demon that saved Remnant. One day he runs into Headmaster Ozpin who requests his help. He'll encounter new threats and make new friends even meet a certain girl...... But will his new friends be able to help him stop a demon from his past. Warning there will be blood and language.

  • RWBY +J
    48.5K 1.2K 48

    This is the story about a Wolf Faunas named Jason wolf, who was adopted by professor Ozpin after he lost his parents to a fire. What happens when he is sent to beacon, makes a few friends, fights monsters, and learn's more about his past? Who knows. Rated T for language, slight gore and slight adult themes! I will onl...

  • Fairy Tail X Mreader (Destiny crossover)
    36.4K 639 16

    I don't own Fairy Tail or Destiny

  • RWBY and Destiny crossover Volume 1
    190K 1.9K 14

    First, you're in a world where you fight aliens on different planets, but then sucked inside a wormhole that carries you to another dimension? That's one crazy life. P.S. I do not own RWBY, Destiny the game, the art, or you.

  • Worlds Apart: A RWBY/RvB Crossover
    27K 420 12

    After the war on Chorus ended, the Reds and Blues joined the hunt for alien artifacts, but when one of them suddenly activates, everything goes wrong. Transported from their hot, dry planet to the snowy forests of Remnant, the guys have to work together with some bizarre new friends to find a way home. RWBY and RvB ar...

  • From The Ashes (Ruby X Male Reader) (RWBY)
    169K 2.5K 21

    You have been wandering around Remnant with a dusty old Qrow for four years training your mind and body to achieve your goal. That goal has kept you going even though you were put through hell. Even though she took everything away from you. After eight years you final get to achieve your goal when you find the pers...

  • R(WBY)ed vs Blue: New Colors
    88.5K 1.4K 65

    Red vs Blue and RWBY are both products of the company Rooster Teeth Cover Art is by SaintAsh on DeviantArt You belong to yourself Literally nothing belongs to me

    Completed   Mature
  • (Ark 1) The Wolves Of Black Fire
    4.3K 28 26

    Neglceted and absued salem x nightmare x the rose family...... Also some characters from skyrim 5(including one character from a mod) I own nothing besides the ocs Ps this will be a simlair series to the series called demons revenge. (Except in this one the protagonist will be nightmare) and the to series's will be d...

  • DXD: golden king of leviathan
    178K 1.3K 10

    serafalls queen has been a mystery to all the under world...well until her queen acompines her to the meeting of the three fractions

  • Grandson Of Sprada (Dante Son Male Reader X Harem )
    29.6K 305 6

    Y/n sparda is the son of Dante he and his father moved to Tokyo for more demon jobs when they get Tokyo Dante decided to send his to school so he could start to live a normal but what happens when he finds theirs more things to the city than there is to see and what happens when he attracts girls that soon grown inter...

  • I AM (Persona 4) Discontinued
    7.9K 369 42

    Vengeance or Forgiveness. A teenager boy witnessed the murder of his family. He secretly trains from his adoptive family for the day he encounters his family's murderer. The boy and his step brother are told they would be moving to a small town called Inaba for the year and would be living with their uncle and cousin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil Hero
    13.1K 264 11

    My honored brethren, we come together. To unite as one, against those that are damned. We show no mercy, for we have none. Our enemy shall fall, as we uprise To claim our fate, now and forever. We'll be together, in love and in hate. (Pictures used are not mine)

  • Berserker Hero: The Rising of the Shield Hero X Male Reader
    281K 4.8K 23

    Stories tell of a forgotten Hero amongst the legendary cardinal heros, there used to be a fifth hero that the kingdom is trying to snuff out. The fifth Legendary Hero is the wild and untamable... Berserker. I don't own Rising of the Shield Hero or Fate/Stay Night.

  • Android 21 X Male Reader Super Buu
    63.5K 678 5

    +After the Kid Buu defeat and (Y/N) was expelled from his body,he showed that the destructive attitude that had before had disappeared with Kid Buu,after a training time and become stronger he knows a pretty beautiful girl who despite everything is very similar to the Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Dragon Ball i...

  • Neglected and Abused Male V Reader X Harem
    22.3K 200 9


  • The Legendary Devil Hunter Hero ( My Hero Academia x Male reader)
    64.4K 511 16

    Disclaimer I don't own any art, photos, videos I will being used or will be using and I also don't own Devil May Cry and My Hero Academia all rights are reserved to the original owners and creators that belongs to them in respect for their hard work. Please enjoy this story

  • YOUR LEGACY: Vol.1 (Male Reader)
    249K 3.6K 34

    (this book is just a random CROSSOVER mainly DMCxHDXD...) You are YN Redgrave/Sparda, son of Legendary demon hunter, Dante, and the grandson of Sparda, this is your life story... It's over? Oh ok...

  • RWBY x Male Neglected V Reader
    6.2K 83 4

    No Description

  • Call Me V (being rewritten)
    50.5K 744 11

    (Being rewritten) "He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence" -William Blake, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" Beacon Academy: the most prestigious school in all of Remnant. But something is a bit different this year, and that something is a tattooed boy with a cane for a weapon that enjoys quoting poetry. Beac...

  • The Third Sparda (HighSchool DxD X M!Reader)
    332K 5.2K 29

    Mundus has return to get his revenge to Sparda Bloodline for sealing him in the Demon World (I don't not own any pictures in this story at all)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon at School (MReader x Rosario+Vampire)
    489K 7.3K 40

    Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish, They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the Human Schools because of his looks that attract all the attention of girls and the boys just wanna kick his ass. (If they can.) (I don't own any picture of the DMC or Rosario to Vampire here.)

    Completed   Mature