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  • ❇awsome comebacks❇
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  • Married to a CEO
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    Emberly's ' Dad is forcing her into a forced marriage.... to help better his company.. Join Emberly and Wes in their story of love,tears, heart breaks, and secrets that nobody wants to bring up. Will this story end in heart break and tears or two unlikely people falling in love? Or will they just be married because...

  • The Locker Exchange
    26.4M 1M 71

    The Locker Exchange is now published as a Paperback and E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. Thank you so much for your support! ***** ...

  • Life with The Gang Leader
    4.6M 142K 41

    Natalie and Carter's family is growing. As well as their gang, but gangs aren't forever. You must go through a great deal in order to "give up" the gang life. However....Do you ever really get out of the gang life? Even when danger is lurking around every corner?.......We'll just have to wait and see. (SEQUEL TO SOLD...

  • The Vampire Next Door
    13.1M 391K 36

    He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something in him, something he couldn't and wouldn't accept. “If I were you I’d keep that stake sharp. Don’t expect anymore visits like this, next time I come I...

  • Sold To The Gang Leader
    27.2M 694K 44

    Natalie Chambers didn't know about her father's gang, that is until he sold her. What Natalie didn't know is that he sold her to, one of the most dangerous gang leaders around. Carter Grayson. {PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS} Achievements #12 in Romance

  • The Mighty 10
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    Emma has gotten bullied all her life she meets the bad boys what will happen when things go right or wrong. Find out in The Mighty 10

  • The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed}
    19.1M 624K 34

    In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a year later, he's embraced it completely by becoming the ruthless, menacing leader of the 'Scorp' gang. His life is all guns and no play. At least it was...

  • The Wolf Awards: 2 || OPEN || (Amandaolson3958/Host)
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    Hey There, Welcome to "The Wolf Awards: 2", Have you ever wanted to become noticed and wanted to get a lot of reads, votes, and comments... and you feel as if you tried everything but nothing works? YES!... You have come to the right place. This place is a contest that should and will help you in what you're looking f...

  • Still With Me
    21.9M 964K 74

    Still With Me is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. In the third and final book of the "With Me" series, old and new dangers hide around every corner as Amelia and Aiden fight to stay above the drama that threatens to pull the...

  • I Punched The Alpha
    5.2M 169K 61

    "You're nothing but a worthless slut!" Johnathan bellowed making me stop in my tracks. Out of all the things he has said to me, that one sentence pushed me over the edge. I turned around and glared. I clenched my fist and stalked towards him. He looked confused and unaware what I was doing until I punched his jaw w...

  • The Alpha's Human (book2)
    140K 5.8K 29

    Sequel to "The Alpha's Huntress" Avery Powers. Adopted by a harsh and cruel man when she was 3. She was abused by him at the age of 10. She finally has enough of him and runs away from her home. She promised not to let another male hurt her so she moves to a new town and goes to a new school. She develops a little att...

  • The Alpha's Huntress (Book1)
    735K 23.8K 37

    Artemis King. That's her name to her family, but to werewolves she is known as Robin Hood. She is NOTHING like the fairy tale. She hunts rogues, but to all werewolves, she's nothing but a dangerous killer. One day hunting rogues she has an encounter, with the alpha of the Midnight Fire pack, Blake Lockheart. She spare...

  • His Heir
    1.3M 26.6K 8

    Meet Ruby Wentworth. She's wild, confident and crazy. Let's not forget that she's the daughter of the town's ex gang member, Jake Melvin. When her parents are kidnapped, Ruby Wentworth has no other choice but to build forces with her dysfunctional family to try and rescue them. After all, it is a matter of life and...

  • Maid in Lace (PUBLISHED)
    24.2M 778K 112

    Milania Fox is a young woman who's been working as a maid since she was sixteen. She has had terrible past experience's with abusive owners. She believes her life has taken a turn for the best when instead of being sold to another abusive man, a family decide to hire her. That is until Xander Hawke, Milania's childho...

  • Howling Badboy
    162K 6.1K 51

    Pilla Gordan was a sarcastic, lively teen. She was the best at history, math, science, and anything art related; the teachers praised her. But of course that's all just another cover-up for her. The math hid her insecurities. The science hid her brokenness. The history hid her hurt. And the art, well that holds the...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate
    12.1M 47.9K 3

    Haven Mathie's life unexpectedly changes when she shifts into a wolf on her seventeenth birthday. Raised as a human, by humans, neither Haven nor her parents understand what's happening to her. Forced to leave her home, Haven travels across the country to Astoria to live with her Aunt. What she finds is a kind friend...

  • The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series
    228K 4.2K 6

    [EXCERPT!] [BEING PUBLISHED!] [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called The Broken. With the assistance of a young paranormal investigator, she begins to uncover...

    327K 19.7K 29

    What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book? There are people with superpowers flying around, giant monsters attacking downtown, and a secret society determined to take over the world. Mackenzie Reyes never wanted to be a hero but when a cute boy wearing a mask flies up to her window begging for her...

  • Alpha Dominic
    32.1K 397 3

    "Tell me sweet heart..." he said, pulling me closer to him by my waist and putting his head in the crock of my neck "...why are you trying to run away from me every time I come near you when I know that inside your craving my touch..." he started trailing his fingertips over my arm causing small shivers of pleasure t...

  • The Alpha's Angel
    1.4M 61.4K 35

    "Something is different about her." I hear Dana say to Bentley as I play with the baby before me. "How so?" He asks. "I don't know, shes like more vibrant." Dana says, "like a glow." "Oh I get what your saying, but she's always had that glow." Bentley says and I smile. If only they knew. - - - *Sequel to Human Luna...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • Rules To Being Badass
    181K 5K 52

    Meet Blaire Daniels, she is a badass with three cocky brothers and a geeky twin sister and her parents the Alpha and Luna of her pack. 15 and a day to her birthday her sister is rejected. Blaire is there to make her badass and cooler then she was ever before but obviously not as cool and awsome then Blaire her self. B...

  • Big Bad Alpha Mate
    295K 8.7K 48

    No one ever thought he would get a mate from the moon godess because of how horrible and wicked he was. Alpha Luka of the dark sky pack is the cruelest, meanest and most horrible Alpha known to wolf. At the age of just 20 he has taken down many packs just for the fun of it and too keep himself at the top of the chain...

  • My Mate Is a Vampire?!
    18.3K 583 31

    What happens when a 17 year old werewolf named Kelly meets her mate..... But the only problem is....... He's a vampire! What will happen when she feels the connection with him, and he feels it with her, but their love is illegal in both cultures? Will their love triumph the laws or will they both be killed? WARNING:...

  • My Alpha Mate
    222K 6.3K 40

    He made a promise to her that he would never hurt her. With the promise that he broke, Harper finds herself running away up until she finds a new pack. Harper will have to navigate her way to safety as she deals with heartache and romance with each person she meets. What's the next move?

    Completed   Mature
  • His Unmarked Territory
    25.9M 446K 47

    Read the description or watch the trailer :P -> Skylar is a orphaned werewolf, sent from her home in england to North Dakota. when your parents are killed before your eyes by a pack of wolfs, it doesn't really warm her to the idea of becoming a mate to the most powerful we...

  • The Alpha Meets The Rogue
    53.9M 1.1M 41

    Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha, she ends up kidnapped by another one. The exception for this was one: this Alpha was her mate.

  • Why Him?✔️
    102K 3.6K 29

    "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I questioned trying to get out of Tommy's grip as he pulled me down the stairs. "We're leaving." He responded.What no who does he think he is?!?! When we got downstairs everyone was down there minus my brother I never see him anymore. Ash had a suitcase for me and was crying...

    Completed   Mature