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  • Coconut M.D. (Monkey Doctor)
    80 13 5

    Well, this is very weird. There is a new doctor in town, but nobody knows he's actually a monkey. All because of that coconut that fell on his head.

  • The Limboverse Time Rift - End Of The Saga
    105 11 7

    What happens when there is a hole in space and time that's stuck in Donald Trumps backyard. Well, you just get everybody I've ever put in a book and stop it from destroying the world. Can't be that hard, can it?

  • Evil Custodian At Taco Bell
    18 3 2

    Dr. Butte Aknee had a good life until he accidentally made an illegal sandwich. He now goes on high octane adventures that are evil and revolve around Taco Bell.

  • Conspiracy Theories
    84 5 2

    Random Conspiracy theories...

  • Dum Jokes
    424 24 16

    These are some dumb jokes. Whoever can guess who this guy on the cover is gets bragging rights.

  • Robin Booze And Mighty Marcus: Partners In Crime Fighting
    39 8 6

    You guys never asked for it but I brought it anyways! Limbo's son Marcus and the Drunk hero Robin Booze are now working together to fight crime!

  • Book Of Shoutouts
    226 26 14

    I give shoutouts to anybody who wants them.

  • Calypso Riddle's Poems
    41 2 1

    poems that suck but you should read them anyway!

  • Power Rangers Merica: Origins
    371 20 8

    When America is threatened by a dangerous foe, a scientist must revive some of our greatest leaders to take them down. Individually they were amazing. So let's see how they do together. And I just want to say the only reason Abe Lincoln is the leader is because a lot of people say he was our greatest president. So sor...

  • Fantastic creeps and where to find them Vol:1
    151 18 5

    Do I really need to explain myself. Please follow.

  • Our screwed up world
    1.8K 127 62

    I was giving Dr.Fred some suggestions for his rants book, but he couldn't write them down fast enough. So here I am. Just know that these are my opinions.

  • Limbo And Johnny in.......The Zombie Dimension!
    181 21 10

    Due to some accidental wiring, Limbo, Johnny, Phillip, and Dr.Devin find themselves in the Zombie Dimension. And they'll need Morgan Freeman's help to get back home. Also if you see this cover on Dr.Fred's profile, that's just how he sent me the cover.

  • All the rokkeballs in ROKEMON
    272 18 16

    All rokkeballs in the book all most published called ROKEMON their like poke balls but called rokkeballs

  • Limbo and Johnny vs. the aliens from Uranus
    216 23 11

    Your favorite idiots are back! Limbo, Johnny, Reggie, and Phillip are now having a dumb adventure IN SPACE!

  • Limbo And Johnny: A Tale Of Chocolate
    176 19 8

    Two dummies named Limbo and Johnny go out into the world to sell some chocolate, that's it.