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  • Sold To Be His
    316K 15.1K 24

    (Mafia Series#3) He advanced towards me and grabbed my arm painfully. I hissed under his hold and tried to pull my arm away from him but all in vain. "Who are you?" I asked, sacredly. He squeezed my arm which was causing pain in my arm. It would leave a buries for sure. He chuckled darkly and pulled me to him which...

  • Sister's Surrogate ✔
    4.9K 467 10

    'Falling in Love with his Sister's Surrogate has changed him to a much better person than he was.' That was what he felt when she accepted his love. It was only his Twin sister and her life which mattered to him but HER entering into his life just made him realise he had a life too which he felt can be beautiful just...

  • Mr & Mrs Perfect Kohli ✔️Completed (Editing Slowly)
    362K 13K 65

    A Virushka fanfic. The heartthrob of the nation and an ordinary but not so ordinary girl. What will happen when two people from entirely different world will met in very unusual scenario. When you understand you need to spend whatever remains of your existence with some individual, you need whatever remains of your li...

  • Ragini gadodia X Nikhil khoda FF Broken but beautiful
    21K 1.3K 13

    Used and abandoned by laksh, Ragini was forced into another marriage by her grandmother. still broken, Ragini did not know what to expect from this marriage and her new husband. Nikhil khoda, the captain of the Indian cricket team and the heir of the khoda industries had girls fawning over him for his attention but n...

  • Married to an Indian Billionaire.
    391K 14.3K 18

    Aganya was the only heiress to The Jha Empire. But unlike other heiresses she didn't have boys falling left and right. She was plain, simple and sophisticated. Not many guys from her clique liked her, dating was far enough. But she was surprised when this Indian Billionaire, Mumbai's own Prince Charming, Viren Raiza...

  • Hamida's Hostage (COMPLETE)
    12.2K 564 7

    The 17th century Mughal India. Emperor Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir's Rule. A 16 year old girl is snatched at the dead of the night from her parents and thrown in the emperor's harem to satisfy his lust. Once in the mughal zenana, forever a slave. Is that a dead end for her? This is Hamida's story. Her hostage in the...

  • our cutie bhabi....
    511K 31.1K 44

    what happen if a 18 years old girl got married to the very big family...?where there is no any old ladies.... but she got:- 1) A Father in law(her husband's father), 2) 3 Brother in laws(her husband's brothers) , 3) 2 sister in laws (her husband's sisters)... Let us see the life of the badi bahu in a biggest family...

  • Prearranged Love
    2K 188 4

    Have you heard of love at first sight? Why not? This is just another form of it. Grab a read and divulge in the world of RagSan

  • Her Vision- RagSan
    390 38 1

    A girl has audicty to see future. A girl born with special gift. Will this GOD gift turn her life ? Or, she will loose everything because of it? For knowing- Stay tuned "Her Vision" A RagSan story Silent-writerr

  • Aznabi
    119 5 1


    2.5K 238 8

    A handsome young modern business man Sanskar Falls for a Village girl Ragini short Story Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute...

  • Maaneet OS : Just a Meeting ✅
    1.5K 73 1

    A little piece about Maan and Geet

  • Swaragini- Junooniyat
    7.1K 483 4

    One Update in a Month! SR Track story continued from where ragini truth is disclosed infront of everyone. what if sanskar never loved swara and ragini instead? What if he double crossed Ragini to marry her? what if swara falls in love with sanskar and ends up with Laksh? will ragini accept her defeat easily and will m...

  • All i need is Love
    685 66 2

    A Simple story of Sanskar,Ragini,Laksh and Swara

    2.5K 276 9

    A normal love story of Ragini and Sanskar

    355 54 2

    As the title says it's the season 2 or sequal to the confusing story Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa. If you haven't read KHKN then you might find a bit difficulty to follow the plot or character behaviours. As far as the story is concerned it takes place a bit far in the future lives of our four leads Karan Diya Sanskar Ragini...

    1.1K 168 13

    Hello readers and writers!! we welcome you all to the first edition of STARDUST AWARDS!! OPEN [ ] JUDGING [✔] CLOSED [ ] Welcome!!

  • Those Three Words. (Ragsan) ✔
    9.5K 671 11

    fight between mind and heart of Ragini to accept the fact, her love towards her to be husband, Sanskar... Please don't expect all emotions and stuff.. because it's not. I wrote this a very long time ago on another couple and had this huge urge to post it here on Ragsan... it's simple short story with few parts.. hap...

  • Writing Contest (Closed)
    3.6K 273 18

    You wants to write.. but don't know what to and how to start, than here is a platform for all persons.. this is a contest for everyone ..

  • Tejasswi Fandom
    1.2K 56 5

    The book where Awards are conducted for Tejasswi Fan based Writers!

  • i am the one for whom You Are living
    26.2K 2.2K 38

    What will win anger or care? , love or stubborn? but i definitely say destiny will never fail.

  • My Man Of Steel~ A RagSan Story
    610 81 2

    'Enter your fingerprint' computer says. Professor keep his finger and the green light scan. 'permission granted now you can enter the room' The door wide open and professor along with laksh and shehkar enters. "Let me present you one of my inventions", professor revealed proudly as he pats his white coat and adjuste...

  • James bond ( not me but my wife)
    3.1K 384 6

    sanskar a family man gets afraid of guns and violence and his family was same like him. he wants a traditional and beautiful girl.. ragini Dubai underworld most ruling don. who comes to India for her mother sake and gets married to sanskar, who was unaware of her truth.

    2.2K 167 2

    After Swara's jump from the cliff to save everyone Sanskar had to leave the country in search of solace. Only if he knew it was right beside him. Ragini has been going through a lot of trauma due to the battle of her mind with her self respect. She is in search of an escape from the painful life she has been leading...

  • Arrange marriage love
    26.9K 2.2K 34

    A story of sanskar and Ragini who get married. Can sanskar b perfect husband for her? Or can Ragini b perfect wife for him? Can she b perfect DIL? Let's see Thier journey after marriage. #1 in Ragsan on 30 august 2021

  • The RagSan Club
    4.6K 460 25

    The very interesting book for Ragsanians and i am sure, no Ragsanians would take a chance of missing it. Something very unique!! But wait, what we gonna have in this book? Something like 3 things.. Fun.. Quiz and....... Guess!!

    284K 16.2K 44

    "You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to the garbage. Yeah. You belong to that garbage tin. Just go away. They're craving for your presence there. They'll be really happy to see you" I wonder Why does he hate me to this extent? His hatred for me has neither limits nor boundaries, it...

  • Piece of my heart (ART)
    879 201 17

    Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers..thank u for dropping by this book.. This book contains only arts done by me ..I express my emotions through them..Art has been a part of my life since a very young age and here I will be posting it.Hope you people will like them. So holding back all the excitememen...

    11.1K 1.3K 24

    A confusing story.

  • Ragsan Treasure
    749 45 2

    A treasure of Ragsan stories that need to be part of every Ragsanian's reading list😄