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  • Beautiful Misery BxB
    124K 3.6K 22

    "Watch out!" some jock guy ran up to me, catching a football before it hit me in the face. He leered down at me. "Saved you. Guess you owe me a date, huh cutie?" I couldn't help it, I laughed right in his face. "You don't want to date me." I chuckled. "It's cool, I think the whole goth thing is hot on the right girl...

  • His Secret
    1.7M 18K 37

    August Price had grown up and was no longer the little girl too afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. After her fathers' death and split of her Lycan pack August hoped to never see her mother and sisters again. However a invitation to her younger sisters wedding changes everything. August is not only up...

  • My Hot Mechanic
    438K 4.4K 25

    Andre is the hot Quaterback, every girl is in love with him. He gets every girl he wants and he has some thats obsessed. Keisha is the school nobody, her favorite thing to do? Fix cars. Andre is set on getting Keisha to like him. Why? Because shes the only girl that doesnt like him. Seems typical but its not. Espicall...

  • The Kitten Has Claws
    2.3M 30K 47

    Hunters have always been the greatest enemy of the immortals; killing them off for being abominations. Now they have found a new strategy: kill off the females so there will be no offspring to ensure the continuation of the race. Raine, Alpha of the werepanthers, will not allow this, as it is his duty to ensure the co...

  • Just One Night
    27.1M 261K 32

    "Here's what I want you to do," I began, trailing my hands up his muscular body to wrap my arms around his neck. "I want you to do me, and do me hard. Then, I want you to let me go and never mention this to anyone." Taylor Quessie is tired of being a virgin. Everyone tells her she should wait until she meets someone s...

  • The mother
    380 17 4

  • Caine
    16.6M 301K 37

    Caine is the Alpha of the Locus pack. Some say he’s strict, everyone knows he’s unforgiving, and most consider him cruel. After an incident three years ago that marked a very important part of his life, Caine decides to shut himself down from all emotion. Charlotte is a free spirit who relishes in being an easy going...

  • Always and Forever
    338K 7.5K 15

    After a crazy drunken night and marriage to her best friend Nathaniel Holbrook, Peyton Green fled before he had a chance to figure out what happened. Now after 4 years of no contact other than to reject her divorce papers Peyton finally shows back up to confront him herself. With only a small amount of time left, she...

  • One Shots
    3.4K 77 4

  • Oh, So Now You Want Me?
    21.7M 307K 43

    Rainie Harper was like every other wolf who dreamed of finding her mate. A mate who loved her and made her smile with every word he spoke. A mate who would always be there with a hand to brush her tears away and open arms that felt like home. Rainie did not expect to discover that her mate was none other than Mason...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stop Bullying Me! [boyxboy]
    3.7M 109K 16

    (Book 4) ] I must be a really sick person to fall in love with Nick Cooper, the guy who's been bullying me since middle school. But who wouldn't fall in love with Nick Cooper? Tall, dark, and handsome? Popular and strong? There's just one problem... The reason Nick Cooper bullies me.

    Completed   Mature