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  • The Newbie
    37.4K 1.2K 5

    Meet Gio, isa sa pinakapalakaibigan na taong makikilala mo. Mabait at mabilis makasundo ng ibang tao. Meet May, Derek and Baste. Sila ang mga kabarkada ni Gio. Ilang taon na silang magkakaibigan. Magulo man minsan pero wala na silang gustong ibahin sa barkada nila dahil masaya naman. Meet Chip. Isa siyang transferee n...

  • Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls)
    174M 3.7M 76

    Sa Kingdom High kung saan magkakaaway ang mga lalaki at babae, posible bang may mabuong relasyon at pagkakaibigan? (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    35M 761K 54

    The students of Special Section are dying, one by one. Some say it's a curse, but the transfer student believes that someone is killing her classmates. How can Rhianne stop the killing when anyone can be the killer? Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her? *** When Rhianne transferred schools a...

  • Special Section 2 (Published under Pop Fiction)
    11.6M 324K 45

    Special Section book 2. Hindi mo siya mahahanap. Hindi mo siya matatakbuhan. Available in Bookstores, Convenience Stores, newsstands and online nationwide for only P175! :)

  • Artasia Academy: The seven guardians
    809K 10.3K 7

    Eira Arvelon is just your ordinary teenage girl, but her life takes an extraordinary turn nang mapadpad siya sa isang misteryosong lugar na tinatawag nilang 'Artasia Academy' A place where danger, mystery, powers and magic exists.

  • Bad Boys meet Mean Girls [COMPLETED]
    325K 10.8K 69

    LOVE VS PRIDE Will their love wins over their pride? or let their pride wins over their love? Evo Austin Ashton is a bad boy who loves to get involve in trouble but apparently he's still inlove with her first girlfriend named Nicholle Angela. Nicholle Angela is a mean girl, her favorite hobby is playing dares using ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Masked Murderer
    139K 6.5K 15

    **Currently Extending** **2017 WATTY AWARD WINNER** Olivia Chastain's life was seemingly perfect until she was violently thrust into a nightmare that would haunt her for years to come. Kidnapped by a sadistic murderer, Olivia is subjected to atrocities she'll never be able to erase from her memory. When she's inexplic...

  • Seducing my Gay Boyfriend (PUBLISHED)
    21.7M 361K 54

    Aragon Series #3 : Dianneara Aragon is a goddes of beauty.. while Art is a goddes of ocean? huh? ano daw? in short sya ay mermaid.. in tagalog.. isa syang sirena! bwahaha ito ang istoryang puro kalokohan pero may konting kilig din naman.

  • Trapped (Book 1)
    21M 765K 44

    TIL Series #1 (Book 1 of 2) Chelsea Vellarde is trapped from a hopeless affection for Blaze Abelard. She wants to move on but whenever she tries, she always ends up back to him. This kind of affection is absurd for Ryde Leibniz. That's why whenever they have an encounter, he can't help but tease her. And he has p...

  • Project LOKI ①
    55.7M 983K 33

    Join Lorelei and Loki as they unravel the threads of mystery, unveil the masks of evil intentions and put together the pieces of the puzzle in their adventures. Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 3? Read it here: https://www.wattpad...

  • I'm Bitter With My Exxxxx
    61 5 4

    Just Enjoy

  • In The City Of Ruffians
    285K 9.4K 53

    It takes a bullet and a gun to kill a ruffian, unless, the ruffian pulled the trigger first. Ruffians aren't afraid of anything. They fight for entertainment. They take people's lives as easy as blinking. To make the story short, they love violence. But every human being in the world has the same weaknesses. And that'...

  • Project LOKI ③
    24.4M 1.1M 123

    The third and final volume of Project LOKI. Join Lorelei, Loki, Jamie, and Alistair as they bring down Moriarty's organization. Looking for VOLUME1? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here:

    4.2M 135K 16

    Meet the detectives of the Moriartea Cafe. Cover artwork by @CryAllen

    79M 1.5M 62

    "Drake Palma, humanda ka! I'm going to get you by hook or by crook!" Ito si Alys Perez, may pagka-loner, maingay, madalas bagsak ang grades sa klase, bigo sa pag-ibig, at may malaki siyang problema. Kasi naman, pumayag siyang gawin ang isang bagay na wala talaga siyang kahit anong experience. Ano ba naman ang alam niy...

  • Unlucky I'm In Love with My Best Friend
    58.7M 1M 106

    [Published under Summit Pop Fiction and TV Adaptation under TV5 Wattpad Presents] Si Zandra ay isang babaeng halos perpekto na pero para sa kanya, may kulang pa din. Yun ay ang makita sana sya ng kanyang bestfriend na si Zandrick bilang isang babae. Will her bestfriend notice her and make it into perfection an...

  • DarkWeb (TEASER ONLY)
    1M 6K 7

    Hello lovelies! After a million (!!!) reads, I've taken DarkWeb down. Thank you for all the comments, votes, and reads! UPDATE: DARKWEB IS NOW FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED. A revised, improved, totally portable version of DarkWeb is on sale at Amazon for a couple of bucks if you want your own shiny new copy: https:...

  • The Perverted Vampire
    21.4M 412K 68

    [The Walkers Trilogy #1] Simple at tahimik ang pamumuhay ni Kisha Louise Madrigal hanggang sa makilala niya ang ubod ng manyak na bampira na nangngangalang Van Rei Isaac Fenier Walker. Kung dati pinapangarap niyang sana totoo na lamang si Edward Cullen sa Twilight pwes ngayon totoong-totoo na ito sa katauhan ni Van. M...

  • My Husband Is The Campus Idol (On-Going) #PHTimes2019#WSAwards2018
    1.8K 551 21

    When Erin's Grandparent die Aze's Grandfather took her in the mansion and marry her to Aze