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  • You Two Are Our Final Hope
    2.1K 158 20

    Link and his brother Travis both will over come challenges and fight calamity Gannon...will they save Zelda and all of Hyrule? Or will the evil Finally win... (Link x mipha (Meh oc) Travis x zelda)

  • Hilarious Breath of the Wild Scenerios
    4.2K 123 4

    A bunch of scenarios about BoTW that I either make up, or make some up with my friends! I'll also except suggestions! Hope you enjoy! All BoTW belongs to Nintendo!

  • Before it all
    833 16 7

    The complete past story of Breath of the Wild. Includes all memories and stuff I thought would just fit in. Hope you enjoy! {ON GOING} All belongs to Nintendo :)

  • Poems(by me)
    199 55 9

    Some of these will have a dark meaning, but they will still be good. They are still novice but I am happy To share. All are original and made by me. Please no mean comments. =)

  • Legend of Zelda Randomness
    5.8K 105 53

    Just a book of RANDOM LEGEND OF ZELDA STUFF!!! 😛 Enjoy!! {ON GOING} All Legend of Zelda stuff belongs to nintendo :)

  • Link's Secret
    157K 2.7K 24

    The 4 champions, Revali too, and Zelda are starting to get concerned about Link when he starts zoning out. When they see a certain carving in a tree they decide to investigate it further. What secret is Link hiding? *Currently being edited* Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo

  • The Heroes of Hyrule °Wattys 2017°
    57.9K 1.5K 13

    "It's been too long, hasn't it?" She ran a gloved hand over the diary caked with dust, "Far too long..." Link examined the worn, grey chamber, adorned with cobwebs and fragments of recollection. His fingers trailed along the ravines in the stone, the padding of his boots echoed eerily in the soulless chasm. She smile...